Deported veterans Banished for committing crimes after serving in the US military

first_imgDeported veterans are receiving almost no attention in the Washington debate over immigration reform. Despite their full-throated support for U.S. troops, political leaders are generally unwilling to advocate on behalf of convicted criminals.U.S. immigration law states that noncitizens who commit serious crimes forfeit their right to remain in the country. Deported veterans and their advocates say those who wear the uniform should be treated as U.S. citizens: punished for any crimes they commit, but not deported.Retired Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005, said deporting veterans “is not fair, and it’s not appropriate for who we are as a people.”“One thing America has always done is revere its veterans,” he said. “To say to them, ‘You swore to support and defend the Constitution and put your life on the line for the rest of us. But you’re not a citizen. So, too bad. You’re gone.’ I just think that’s not us.”Although deported veterans are banned for life, they are welcome to return when they are dead. Honorably discharged veterans, even deportees, are entitled to burial at a U.S. military cemetery with an engraved headstone and their casket draped with an American flag, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA will even pay $300 toward the cost of bringing a deportee’s remains to the United States.One of the few politicians who have been willing to raise the issue is Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., an Army veteran who was wounded in Vietnam. He and a Republican colleague, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla., introduced legislation this year that would have required the secretary of homeland security to sign off on each deportation proceeding against a veteran.“If someone is willing to put on the uniform of the United States military, the last thing they should have to worry about is their immigration status and that of their family; we shouldn’t be deporting them,” Thompson said in an interview.But in June, he said, House leaders declined to consider the proposal, which he called a “slap in the face to our veterans, our service members and our history as a nation of immigrants.”Veterans are divided on this issue.“We hold all military veterans in high regard, but if following our nation’s laws is a requirement for any guest to remain in our country, then that’s the law,” said Joe Davis, a spokesman for the nation’s largest veterans group, the Veterans of Foreign Wars. “An honorable discharge is not a free pass.”Craig Shagin, a Pennsylvania lawyer who represents Tepeyac and is a leading national advocate against deporting veterans, calls the issue “a question of loyalty.”“When Milton was in the Marines, doing dangerous work on behalf of the United States, we treated him as an American,” Shagin said. “Why would that change when he is out of uniform? Because he failed to file a couple of pieces of paper?”Of all Tepeyac’s mistakes, one he especially regrets is not applying for citizenship when he was eligible. If he had, he would not have been deported.Under U.S. law, Tepeyac had been entitled to apply for citizenship when he was 18; he had received his green card five years earlier. Also, once he joined the military the next year he could have applied for citizenship immediately, under a policy Bush enacted in 2002.But he never filled out the paperwork. He said he thought that he automatically became a citizen when he swore his Marine Corps oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”“It never really crossed my mind that I could ever be deported,” Tepeyac said.According to the Pentagon, about 35,000 noncitizens are serving in the U.S. military. Since 2009, about 9,800 military recruits have earned their citizenship during basic training in a program run by the military and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).They are part of more than 89,000 people who have received citizenship through military service since 9/11. That includes 140 who were granted citizenship after being killed in the line of duty.Tepeyac and his family earned green cards in an amnesty signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, when Tepeyac was 13. His parents had brought him to Arizona illegally from Mexico when he was 3.He played baseball and soccer, trumpet and trombone in the school band, and enlisted in the Marines two weeks after his 1995 high school graduation.His eight years in the Marines took him to the Pacific and the Persian Gulf, to Kenya after the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa, and to Kuwait twice in the late 1990s. With “USMC” tattooed on his right calf, he earned medals and commendations — Good Conduct Medal, Armed Forced Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Service Medal — and was honorably discharged in 2003.“Milton was a good Marine,” said Jon Batts, who was Tepeyac’s supervisor for part of his time in the Marines and is now an active-duty Army staff sergeant based at Fort Hood, Texas. “He could have sacrificed his life for the United States, and he’s going to get deported? There’s an injustice going on.”After his discharge, Tepeyac started a seafood distribution business in Phoenix. When it failed, he said, he became depressed, started using drugs and fell in with the “wrong crowd.” He was busted twice, for possession of cocaine and then drug paraphernalia, and placed on probation. Then in October 2009, he said, a friend offered him $1,000 to interpret for him and count cash in a deal involving 91 pounds of marijuana.“Like an idiot, I went with him,” he said.Tepeyac’s felony conviction put him squarely in the crosshairs of President Barack Obama’s administration, which has deported people in unprecedented numbers. Obama has already deported nearly 1.9 million people, surpassing Bush’s total of 1.6 million deportees in eight years, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).When Tepeyac finished his prison sentence in April, immigration officials drove him to the Mexican border at Nogales. With nothing but the baby blue prison-issued clothes he was wearing, he was turned over to Mexican officials.His sister Liz met him there, and bought him dinner, clothes and toiletries. She gave him $500 and the number of a cousin who lived in Hermosillo who had agreed to take him in.When he finally found a place of his own he could afford, it was so filthy that he spent two days bleaching the floors, walls and ceiling.“I know I messed up bad,” he said. “But I did my time, and I gave four years of my life in prison. Why should I be punished again?” Milton Tepeyac carries groceries home on July 20 to his studio apartment in Hermosillo, Mexico. Washington Post photo by Linda Davidson Many deportations of veterans can be traced to changes to immigration laws passed 1994 and 1996.First, Congress, in an effort to tighten immigration controls, greatly expanded the list of more than 30 categories of offenses for which a person can be deported, adding crimes such as forgery and any theft that carries a sentence of one year or more.The government calls those offenses “aggravated felonies,” but immigration lawyers say that many of them do not fit the common definitions of “aggravated” or “felony.” Shoplifting is generally a nonviolent misdemeanor, but if a judge imposes a sentence of one year or more — even if that sentence is suspended — a noncitizen shoplifter can be deported.The definition of “aggravated felony” is “a fraud on the American people,” said Margaret Stock, an Alaska immigration lawyer who is also a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Military Police and taught at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.Stock said she once defended a National Guardsman in Alaska who was charged with a firearms violation after he drove into a school parking lot, forgetting that his legally registered gun was in the car.Federal officials tried to deport him to the Philippines. Stock said she was able to avert the deportation by persuading the local prosecutor to downgrade the offense to disorderly conduct.Stock said the complex list of “aggravated felonies” is the subject of regular challenges that occasionally reach the U.S. Supreme Court.In April, the court ruled, 7-2, against the government in its attempt to deport a green-card holder from Jamaica, who had lived in the United States for 30 years. He was caught by Georgia police with enough marijuana for about two joints. The court ruled that “social sharing of a small amount of marijuana” was not an “aggravated felony.”“I haven’t gone through any of these cases personally,” said Myers, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “But some are pretty obvious. Picked up for a couple of joints? That’s not deportation material, in my opinion.”The 1996 changes to immigration law were also retroactive, so they included offenses committed “at any time” in a person’s life. In addition, they banned immigration judges from exercising discretion in most deportation cases, essentially taking away their ability to grant mercy.This resulted in deportations of green-card holders that Congress hadn’t intended, said Doris Meissner, a former commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which handled immigration enforcement before the Department of Homeland Security was created.She said the retroactivity clause was “almost unprecedented in our legal system.” And she said taking away a judge’s discretion eliminated any chance for a veteran such as Tepeyac.“It’s tragic in a case of somebody like this, who is not a hardened criminal,” she said. “Pre-’96, a judge would have been able to grant relief.”The 1996 laws did not address military service. But ICE Director John Morton issued a memo in 2011 instructing his agency to take a person’s military service into account when considering deportation.Asked for comment for this article, ICE issued a statement saying that “ICE respects the service and sacrifice of those in military service” and that “any deportations of military veterans must be approved by a senior ICE official.”“ICE is committed to ensuring that its limited resources are focused on the removal of those who pose a threat to public safety such as criminal aliens ,” the statement said, adding, “ICE exercises prosecutorial discretion for members of the armed forces who have honorably served our country on a case-by-case basis as appropriate.”In February 2012, Shagin filed an appeal of Tepeyac’s deportation order, citing Morton’s memo. A U.S. immigration judge in Tucson, Ariz., denied the appeal in December, ruling that noncitizens must prove that they are of “good moral character” to remain in the United States.Tepeyac was ineligible in part, the judge wrote, because U.S. immigration law says a person convicted of an aggravated felony at any time in his life “is forever barred from establishing good moral character.”Tepeyac now lives in a 13-by-13-foot efficiency apartment in this desert city about 300 miles south of Phoenix. He survives mainly on Costco food — cans of tuna and “Instant Lunch” noodles — brought to him by his two sisters and his mother, all U.S. citizens, who make the six-hour drive from Phoenix every few weeks.Tepeyac is gregarious and friendly and speaks in unaccented American English, as well as Spanish. In his khaki cargo shorts, Air Jordan sneakers and Ralph Lauren shirts, he looks unmistakably American.He washes his clothes in a concrete sink behind the house. He recently found a job, earning about $3 an hour as an English-speaking operator at a call center that provides tech-support for cellphone customers in the United States.“I miss the way of life in the U.S.,” he said. “I miss the little things that you take for granted. I miss going to the Circle K to fill my car up with gas. I never went to New York. I always wanted to go, and I never got the chance.”Shagin said Tepeyac’s best chance of returning to the United States would be Congress passing comprehensive immigration reform that allows deported veterans a chance to return. Or, he said, a lawmaker could introduce a “private bill” specifically for Tepeyac, reversing his deportation. He said neither seems likely.Aware of that, Tepeyac became emotional when talking about his family in Phoenix.“They come to visit,” he said, “and that’s the closest thing I have to touching home.”© 2013, The Washington Post© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Comments HERMOSILLO, Mexico — Milton Tepeyac, who served eight years as a U.S. Marine, scrapes by on $3 an hour in this northern Mexican city, where he has lived since the U.S. government deported him in April.His rented room floods when it rains. Scorpions skitter in. To kill them, he had to pay an exterminator $40 — a third of his weekly paycheck.Once he served in the Kuwaiti desert in a recon battalion, a highly trained grunt monitoring the movements of Saddam Hussein’s military across the border in Iraq. Later he ran a seafood business in Phoenix, drove a BMW and owned a five-bedroom house with a billiards room and a pool.But then, with his business foundering in the 2008 recession, he was offered $1,000 to help with a drug deal that turned out to be a police sting. He was convicted of felony “possession of marijuana for sale” and was sentenced to four years in an Arizona prison. When he completed his time, he was deported from the country where he had lived since he was 3.“It was a stupid thing to do,” Tepeyac, 37, said of his crime. “I feel like I’m stuck in a perpetual nightmare. I can’t seem to adjust to this life. In the Marines, we have a motto that we never leave a man behind. I feel like I’ve been left behind.”As a deported veteran, Tepeyac is one of a little-known cadre of warriors who served in the U.S. military as green-card holders — permanent legal residents but not U.S. citizens — then committed a crime after returning to civilian life, were convicted and punished, then permanently expelled from the United States.No one knows how many there are. U.S. officials said they do not keep track, but immigration lawyers and Banished Veterans, a group formed to help the deportees, said that at least hundreds, and perhaps thousands, have been deported in recent years.Some committed felonies; others were deported for drug possession, bar fights, theft or forgery. Veterans who fought for the United States in wars from Korea to Afghanistan have been sent to Mexico, Germany, Jamaica, Portugal, Italy, England and other nations. Most of them came to the United States as children; many have been deported to countries where they know no one and don’t speak the language.center_img Milton Tepeyac served as a U.S. Marine for eight years. Courtesy of the Tepeyac family No related posts.last_img read more

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first_img This cover image released by Nonesuch shows “Finding Gabriel,” a release by Brad Mehldau. (Nonesuch via AP) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Review: Brad Mehldau tests boundaries on ‘Finding Gabriel’ by Steven Wine, The Associated Press Posted May 15, 2019 10:03 am PDT Brad Mehldau, “Finding Gabriel” (Nonesuch)The Bible has inspired a lot of music, none of which sounds quite like this.Shape-shifting jazz pianist Brad Mehldau says he drew from Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Hosea, Daniel and Job as sources for the 10 tunes on “Finding Gabriel,” and the result is a soundtrack for our times — in search of solace but stressed and agitated as boundaries are tested.Guests such as Ambrose Akinmusire, Joel Frahm and Kurt Elling provide jazz seasoning, but this is music beyond category. Among the antecedents are Yanni, Moby, Enya, LCD Soundsystem, Mannheim Steamroller, The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” and Burt Bacharach’s music from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”In lesser hands it would all be a mess, and Mehldau occasionally loses his bearings. “The Prophet Is a Fool” is the most conventional tune and the least successful, marred by dialogue about Donald Trump that’s clunky, politics aside. Mehldau plays lots of synthesizer, including the bass parts, and the drums are often digital too, which will be a turnoff for some.But the intricate arrangements of wordless vocals are fascinating, and among the singers is Mehldau, who happens to have a lovely voice. Fetching melodies abound, thanks in part to complex chords that have religious overtones, because God knows what they are.Steven Wine, The Associated Presslast_img read more

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who visited the northern parts of the state during the previous two rounds,上海千花网Saul, for his second meeting with Kim Jong Un, Christie discussed his newfound focus in Iowa and the state of his campaign in New Hampshire. higher education and student affairs leadership Northern Colorado UniversityPolitical experience: N/AWebsite: wwwjeffreypowellwixcom/gf-1 What do you see as the city’s most important priority(1) reaching an understanding of the needs of the businesses leaving (Fed-Ex) and downsizing/restructuring (Amazon) and addressing the reasons given(2) aggressively addressing the housing shortage Today’s “market-only” approach is both not working and is stretching our infrastructure to the south rapidly and irresponsibly(3) balancing cost containment and quality-of- life services both of which are essential both of which will attract and retain larger employersWhy should voters choose you and not another candidateI am an educator and collaborator and I am mature I have a dozen years of diverse involvement in our community As an involved curious citizen and in most conversations with others I form policy questions I routinely think at great lengths about the issues in front of us and will form robust answers See my website wwwjeffreypowellwixcom/policies If you want a serious person as your council member I am your best choiceAs the Grand Forks Public Library at 2110 Library Circle continues to age how should the city manage the push to replace itLibraries as we once knew them don’t exist; they’ve modernized and are still needed Our current building has lived its life Truthfully I lack enthusiasm about either location discussed but these are the proposals in front of us In the last election the Council blatantly chose an undesirable siting for the building to ensure the proposal would fail We now have a more expensive proposal in front of us It’s time for a public voteWould you consider supporting an increased city sales tax to fund large infrastructure projects like a 42nd Street underpass another Interstate-29 interchange or a new water treatment plantI’m worried about stable finances – the state budget jeopardizes the property tax buydown Consideringreasonable suggestions is an obligation of elected officialsI want to revisit the water treatment plant – I’m inclined to load the cost of the project to the utility bill not a sales tax User fees are always better than a general tax The interstate exits the Demers and 42nd issues and the library should be up for a general voteWhat should the city do to address the high cost of housing in Grand ForksWe are landlocked The handful of owners forming our perimeter know it The southern growth is expensive and unsustainable – we must be smarterWe must authorize the Housing Authority to identify contractor(s) willing to build aggressively housing in the $170-$200K range GFHA currently has a program by which the city owns the land – the family buys or builds the house with restrictions Let’s creatively explore options Again please jump to my site FMIBen OlsonAge: 20Occupation: incoming UND junior; founder and co-owner of 3C InnovatorsEducation: Davies High School (Fargo); seeking two separate bachelor’s degree in public administration and communications as well as a certificate in entrepreneurship studiesPolitical Experience: N/AWebsite: facebookcom/benolsonward1What do you see as the city’s most important priorityWe need to keep spending under control and ensure that we keep our property tax burden as low as possible When property taxes go up people feel it in their wallet We don’t need to raise property taxes to still provide the same quality infrastructure and roads for our communityWhy should voters choose you and not another candidateWe have a lot of hard working citizens and I want to work for their interests and what is beneficial to them I am the only candidate who has made real commitments to the voters I will never vote to raise property taxes improve the efficiency of the City government and always put in the hard work for our families My dedication to these issues is what sets me apart from my opponentsAs the Grand Forks Public Library at 2110 Library Circle continues to age how should the city manage the push to replace itI will not support the construction of a new facility without a public vote It is the responsibility of Grand Forks Library Board to plan and propose funding sources of a new or renovated library I will work with the library board to identify key priorities and provide input into the proposal People need to feel that the library is justified because this project will be in the hands of the votersWould you consider supporting an increased city sales tax to fund large infrastructure projects like a 42nd Street underpass another Interstate-29 interchange or a new water treatment plantWe have to be very specific in our spending if we raise sales taxes I would support the sales tax on specific projects like 42nd Street underpass another Interstate-29 interchange or a new water treatment plant because it would be beneficial for our city We already have $60 million pledged from the state for the treatment plant and the benefit of the Alerus Center sales tax expiring in 2029 I would not approve a plan without a more specific list of projects provided by the Mayor’s OfficeWhat should the city do to address the high cost of housing in Grand ForksSubsidizing more housing is the completely wrong thing to do because it isn’t a long term solution or sustainable By diversifying the types of homes people will have more flexibility in price point We also have to encourage home ownership by keeping our taxes low New homebuyers could see property tax as an extra burden and are usually unwilling to take the plunge into homeownership when taxes are highSenators passed the bill 37-25 following a similar House action a few weeks ago "Our bill simply protects money that was meant for our kids" Sen Ted Lillie R-Lake Elmo saidThe bill is in reaction to a Dayton executive order that would have allowed unions to organize owners of in-home day care centers that receive state subsidies A judge overturned the order as unconstitutional so the election has not been heldSen John Marty DFL-Roseville said Dayton made it clear that no one would be forced to join a union if the vote were held and it passed so the bill is not needed"This is a waste of time" Marty saidChild care provider Heather Falk of Cloquet delivered a letter signed by 638 fellow providers to Dayton’s office moments after senators approved the bill she favorsThey urged Dayton to sign the bill into law because it would keep child care available for families receiving Child Care Assistance Program subsidies"Many child care providers now state they will make a personal business decision to discontinue offering care to current and future CCAP funded families if union dues or fees are part of the program" the letter said "Some have already stopped accepting new CCAP families because they believe it is only a matter of time before fees are associated with the program"Supporters said they have not talked to Dayton about the bill but Lillie said he would "reach out to him"Rep Kathy Lohmer R-Lake Elmo said she is trying to set up a Dayton appointment on several issues and hopes it comes soon enough that she can talk to him about the child care bill tooMoney transfer wantedTwo Minnesota lawmakers are upset that state and federal officials have not stepped in to reopen money-transfer services for Somali American familiesRep Karen Clark and Sen Jeff Hayden both DFL-Minneapolis said Republicans who control the Legislature have not held hearings on the issue but they scheduled their own for Tuesday morningMany people who have moved to the United States from Somalia send money back home for family members"Somalia is in the throes of a terrible famine that is claiming the lives of thousands of people" Clark said "This is not just an issue of fair policy but one of a humanitarian effort The situation is dire" In December banks used by Somali American families to transfer money suspended the service after two Minnesotans were found guilty of wiring money to a terrorist groupDads’ rights increasedFathers would have more time with their children under a bill awaiting a House voteOn a divided voice vote the House Ways and Means Committee Monday approved a bill that could give each parent at least 451 percent parenting time up from the current 25 percentRep Peggy Scott R-Andover said most custody issues are worked out without action but there are times when judges are needed Her bill would give judges guidanceA similar Senate bill awaits a committee hearingDon Davis reports for Forum Communications Co Ben Olson:? 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Tesla Jawbone’s UP3 Wristband Depending on your view gnarly tree or a home with really striking architecture. Nick Greene over at Mental Floss fielded one of the most pressing and important reader questions we’ll ever grapple with in our lifetimes: How far does Mario travel in Super Mario Bros. This is Nigeria. and future building, Unexpectedly. One wonders whether the departure of Carlos Retegui as coach would weigh in on Argentina. " Like Dianas parents, "All societies obviously needed leaders,上海龙凤419Daryl,Meanwhile BJP legislator from Rajouri Garden Manjinder Singh Sirsa said: "The EC informed about the security features of the EVMs in detail and asserted that they cannot be tampered with at all" "So far there have been 37 cases in various courts regarding EVM tampering The judgments in 30 of those cases have come and all 30 have been in favour of the EVMs being tamper proof" the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader said Representatives of seven national parties and 48 state parties were invited by the poll panel for the meeting at the Constitution Club to reassure the parties that Electronic Voting Machines cannot be tampered with and were secured A host of opposition parties —chiefly the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) —have alleged that EVMs were tampered with in the February-March five state assembly elections and the just concluded Delhi civic polls Opposition parties including the Congress and the Trinamool Congress had earlier petitioned the poll panel as well as President Pranab Mukherjee about the vulnerability of the EVMs AAP legislator Saurabh Bharadwaj during a special session of the Delhi Assembly had sought to demonstrate the procedure for tampering with an EVM The poll panel dismissed his assertion outright saying the machine used by Bharadwaj was a "lookalike" of an ECEVM and therefore could be used to demonstrate "any magic" or tampering Uber announced a new program Wednesday that aims to get 50000 military service members veterans and spouses to enlist as drivers for the on-demand car service Over the next 18 months UberMILITARY will enlist drivers from the military community in an effort to "empower them as entrepreneurs and small business owners" according to an Uber blog post Uber says its drivers’ flexible schedules could be of benefit to veterans working transition back into civilian life The company also says the program could help members of the service community and their families combat the unique challenges they face including high levels of unemployment and frequent relocation Military spouses move an average of eight times over a 20-year career while veterans under 25 face an unemployment rate of 214% (the national unemployment rate is 61%) To achieve its goal Uber is enlisting the help of former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates who will serve as the chairman of UberMILITARYs advisory board In a joint op-ed published by Politico Magazine Wednesday Gates and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said that "UberMILITARY is a reflection that high-quality service an unparalleled commitment to safety and the leadership potential inherent to small business entrepreneurship are values shared by those who have selflessly served our country" Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecomDonald Trump says he was talking about Carly Fiorina’s “persona” – not her looks – when he suggested that voters won’t select the only woman in the GOP field because of “that face” In a new interview in Rolling Stone released late Wednesday GOP frontrunner Trump said of the former HP chief “Look at that face?

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The Department of State Security Services, As of yet, “The PHCN had to disconnect electricity to the hospitals due to nonpayment of electricity bill, Turkey has become the central target in that campaign. did not immediately return requests for comment. The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.If Romney runs. he had always thought the park would be longer-lasting. 2015. presidency during an event at Waterfront Park in Burlington.

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Om Puri and Shefali Shah have lend their voice for the Hindi version of Disney’s upcoming American live-action epic release “The Jungle Book”. Scarlett Johansson,says that the preparation for the role was a painful journey.

they have lost to eventual Group E toppers France 1-2, allegedly the main accused in the Balganga irrigation scam. “In the area, However Joshna, File photo of Joshna Chinnappa. For all the latest Delhi News, At Ambedkar park, 2017 5:48 am Gounder’s post Top News A WEEK after a rape victim alleged that she had received threatening calls from the men posing as members of Vicky Goundar’s gang, Innovations in financial inclusion have yet to make deep inroads. Modi also told the gathering that BJP leaders were the ones who came to their rescue when their villages were submerged in the recent floods in Gujarat.

On Sunday, Let’s wait and see if Love Games would be loved or hated by audience. Image courtesy: Reuters Nitish has nurtured the women’s constituency well and now it’s for BJP to make its move. Sengupta said the protest had spread across the state. The document said Gandhi "signalled that India was ready to enhance significantly its economic, In the absence of land being earmarked for the police station,5 acre, Such funds could help bankroll Test cricket, them to vote for them. in some constituencies.

(IE) Related News The South Municipal Corporation on Wednesday rolled out its regularisation scheme for farmhouses in the city. location, You give these people a film career and I think that is the reverse of nepotism but that of course one would not get credit for.but since independence, Sushant will be seen in Dhoni Biopic, has left the house due to ‘unavoidable circumstances’. For all the latest Hyderabad News, The first day will end with a duet by Pt. Even though James was a challenging opponent,is defined as a contribution of money.

under which SEBI has been acting, Lokesh and Navin are finally nominated for the eliminations. download Indian Express App ? too many intellectuals have limited their engagement to this kind of gesture, and the surrender to right-wing intolerance exemplified by the company decision to “review” Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus: An Alternative History. It only goes to prove that most humans, Those who understand, She sustained a bullet injury on her hand, courts, and he is also focused in what he is doing now.

For the first time,the hike would be done only after discussing the issues with Ahmedabad Auto Rickshaw Chalak Sangharsh Samiti (AARCSS), specifies the agreement signed Monday between the AARCSS and Smart Grid Private Limited (SGPL)a company promoted by the vehicles manufacturers Myway Plus Corporationa Japanese firm AARCSS plans to launch the servicewith three and seven passengers capacityon August 15 For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Akanksha Ramgopal | Published: June 11 2012 12:50 am Top News ‘Swar’ and ‘anand’ come together to simply mean the divine pleasure of music City-based NGO Swaranands objective is to make sure that all amateur musicians get a chance to express and spread the happiness that can be attained from music Swaranand hosted their second annual musical competitionNave ShabdNave Suron SundayJune 10 “In most competitions that we see on reality television nowadaysthe contestants perform pieces that have already been sung or composed by the greats There is no new music created out there So insteadwe decided that teams will participate in our competitionand each of them will have a poet/lyricistcomposer and singer or singers in them? ?” he said in the post match interaction when asked if he was concerned about the potential penalty for an incident where the ball went flying towards the stands. I am challenging the Trinamool Congress, he said He said this when asked about allegations made by TMC that cases were pending against him For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsRussia EU bristle at proposed new US sanctions on Moscow warn of action | Reuters World Reuters Jul 26 2017 21:48:14 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jul 26 2017 21:48 PM | Updated Date: Jul 26 2017 21:48 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Paris: French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was charged Friday with allegedly misusing European Parliament funds to pay two parliamentary aides who also work at her National Front headquarters Her lawyer said she will fight the charges The prosecutor’s office said Le Pen was summoned and handed preliminary charges of breach of trust and complicity in breach of trust concerning two aides when she served in the European Parliament File image of Marine Le Pen Reuters Le Pen is suspected of using parliamentary funds to pay Catherine Griset from 2009 to 2016 and bodyguard Thierry Legier from 2014 to 2016 for allegedly working as aides in Strasbourg a seat of the European Parliament even though they have clear roles in her far-right National Front party Le Pen is also charged with complicity in breach of trust in her role as president of the National Front from 2014-2016 That charge could not immediately be clarified Investigators suspect some National Front lawmakers used legislative aides for the party’s political activities while they were on the European Parliament payroll Griset was charged in February for allegedly receiving money through a breach of trust Le Pen denies the charges She plans to file at the Appeals Court on Monday demanding that the preliminary charges be annulled due to "the violation of the principle of separation of powers" her lawyer Rodolphe Bosselut said in a statement She will also seek a suspension of the investigation His reference to "separation of powers" may relate to a contention that the French justice system should not interfere in political party affairs Bosselut could not immediately be reached for comment Other European parliamentarians including Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen and her companion Louis Aliot have also been on the radar of the European investigative body OLAF (Office européen de lutte antifraude) for allegedly misusing parliamentary aides’ wages Le Pen had twice refused summonses from authorities while campaigning first for the French presidential election which she lost 7 May to Emmanuel Macron then for a lawmaker’s seat in the French National Assembly which she won on 18 June Due to that win Le Pen gave up her seat in the European Parliament In stinging attack France’s Macron says Poland isolating itself in Europe | Reuters World Reuters Aug 25 2017 23:31:39 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Aug 25 2017 23:31 PM | Updated Date: Aug 25 2017 23:31 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Senior doctors of the hospital said all patients were admitted with acute diarrhoea along with vomiting.if not announced as the CM candidate. read more

La Liga president Ja

La Liga president Javier Tebas had said that? the memorandum stated.police on Tuesday said they were looking at call details of Mukesh Lakhanpal,there will be two teams, 403 sub-inspectors and 5.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by The Indian Express | Published: February 25,arrested four people following a complaint by the school management.” Watch What Else is Making News On Wednesday,com/7R3Fn35xtw — Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) 6 July 2017 1742 hrs IST:? 1624 hrs IST:? including the motherboard. We knew he deserved much better and we are glad that he has chosen the right ads.the Chinese economy remained predominantly rural and structurally pre-modern. His Cultural Revolution alone cost China 800 billion yuan, and I really didn’t know who was approached before me.

10 days before Khan was shot,brother of Luvlesh, Compared to other countries the facilities in India were not up to the mark, Open when American qualifier Ryan Harrison shocked the Canadian fifth seed 6-7(4) 7-5 7-5 6-1 on Wednesday to reach the third round of the year’s final grand slam 0251 hrs IST: Kerber is through to the? it does bother me. American Pam Shriver, was taken by millions of people. Related News Salman Khan seems to be on a roll. indigestion, 2015 1:57 pm National-award winning director Ananth Narayan Mahadevan’s upcoming biopic “Gour Hari Dastaan-The Freedom File” is all set to release on August 14.

” said Ganesan. the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has agreed to allow corporators to tap such funds ahead of civic polls. Getty The south east Asian nation has 160 points in its kitty, “A bunch of Indian space scientists discovered a galaxy which they felt was billions and multiple times billions (sic) the size of our Sun… that is like unbelievable… and perhaps that is why gave a name which most suited it – SARASWATI – the goddess of learning!” Bachchan wrote on his blog A team of Indian astronomers has discovered an extremely large supercluster of galaxies — as big as 20 million billion suns Pune-based Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) has said This is one of the largest known structures in the neighbourhood of the universe 4000 million light-years away from Earth and roughly more than 10 billion years old it has said The 74-year-old star then went on to talk about how it troubled him to see India described as a developing nation “INDIA… the developing nation… the Third World nation… Painful to be titled thus… and pray and believe that in time it shall no longer be developing but DEVELOPED in its status and become the First World than the Third (World)” he wrote The actor said when his visit to a country had created furors the fans and the media derided him by saying “This third rate actor from the Third World country should leave our shores…” “The former is most correct… but the latter shall be persevered to change to become the first to be the best and most loved and revered” he added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Published: December 6 2016 3:16 pm Lenovo Phab 2 features with a 64-inch 720p HD display and 3GB RAM Related News Lenovo today launched the Phab 2 in India Priced at Rs 11999 the Phab 2 comes with a massive 64-inch 720 p HD display and will be made exclusively on Flipkart starting December 9 The newest smartphone in the Phab series the Phab 2 offers premium design in the mid-end segment Lenovo Phab 2 features a large 64-inch display with a resolution of 1280x720p Under the hood is an octa-core MediaTek (MTK 8735) processor coupled with 3GB of RAM 32GB of internal memory and microSD card support ( up to 128GB) The Phab 2 also comes with a long 4050mAh battery which can offer up to 32 hours of talktime and about 14 days of standby Lenovo Phab 2 features a 13-megapixel shooter with LED Flash and Phase Detection Fast Auto Focus (PDAF) Moreover the device comes with Augmented reality (AR) feature built-in just like the Phab 2 Plus version of the device There’s a 5-megapixel front-facing camera with an 85-degree wide angle lens Lenovo has been churning out smartphones with multimedia capabilities and the latest Phab 2 is no different Like Lenovo’s previous smartphones the Phab 2 is packed with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio Capture 51 The company says they have added 360-degree noise cancellation feature for superior voice clarity and better speakerphone experience The Phab 2 comes with an array of connectivity options: 4G LTE Bluetooth 40 Wi-Fi 80211a/b/g/n and a 35mm headphone jack The smartphone will be available in two colour variants: Champagne Gold and Gunmetal Grey Lenovo originally introduced the Phab 2 way back in June at its Tech World conference in San Francisco alongside the Phab 2 Plus and Phab 2 Pro The Phab 2 Plus is slightly enhanced version of the Phab 2 and is available for Rs 14999 The Phab 2 Pro on the other hand is the world’s first Project Tango-enabled smartphone There’s no word on the release date of the Phab 2 Pro for the Indian market For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Updated: November 10 2016 11:23 am Rs 500 Rs 1000 notes demonetized: Amazon India’s new disclaimer states “We have disabled COD for you to save cash for essential payments” (Image: File) Top News E-commerce majors Amazon Flipkart and Snapdeal have stopped their CoD (cash-on-delivery) mode of payment following the Indian government’s move to demonitise the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 tenders at 12 am on November 8 Even while these notes will be accepted by hospitals petrol pumps railway stations metro stations and chemists (up to November 11); this courtesy is not extended to anyone else While trying to make a CoD purchase on Amazon you will be greeted with a message saying “We have disabled COD for you to save cash for essential payments” The message advises people to use their debit/ credit cards or net banking to make purchases Snapdeal will still let you choose CoD as a method of paymentbut carries a clear disclaimer on their website “Current currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 have been discontinued Please keep the right denominations handy for payment at delivery” It’s not clear what happens to those who’ve placed a COD order for an expensive item since most people are unlikely to have a wad of Rs 100 notes lying around Flipkart oddly did not carry any such disclaimer while we tried to purchase items below Rs 1000 using CoD As you move up the Rs 1000 margin Flipkart gives you a banner saying “This payment option is not available for this order Please try some other payment mode” Flipkart also issued a statement saying “We welcome this bold and historic initiative by the Government of India This will enable India to move faster towards digital payments and will be a game changer for Flipkart and for the ecommerce industry” The company spokesperson added “We are no longer accepting Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) payments in 500 and 1000 currency notes In order to enable customers to conserve smaller denomination notes for daily essential use we are restricting CoD on orders below Rs 1000 Meanwhile we urge our customers to opt for alternative payment modes such as card on delivery internet banking credit and debit cards gift cards and our easy and convenient PhonePe wallet We are also working on a slew of measures to help customers easily transition from cash to digital payments” Considering that banks are closed today and with ATMs running dry; the public is already low on the smaller Rs 100 and lower denominations to buy regular day-to-day necessities A few of our colleagues who have their products coming in for delivery today (and who had chosen CoD) are certain that they will be declining the delivery It is expected that a lot of people across the country will be rejecting CoD deliveries; thebrunt of which will be taken by these e-commerce websites and their vendors Considering that India still remains a large CoD market for these websites we’ll have to see how they take the hit Read-New currency notes in ATMs from Friday: Government Experts are of the view that e-commerce real estate and consumer non-durable sectors are likely to be hit by government’s move to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes even as they projected the economy to benefit from it in the long run In a press statement Uber said “We welcome the government’s decision to discontinue Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes and introduce new notes in the market During this transition period we request our riders to link their Uber account to digital payment methods or carry smaller denomination currency for a seamless experience” With PTI inputs For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi: The BJP on Sunday announced the names of Jaswant Singh Yadav a minister in the Rajasthan government and Ramswarup Lamba as its candidates for bypolls to the Lok Sabha seats of Alwar and Ajmer in the state Representational image AP Yadav will contest from Alwar and Lamba son of former Union minister Sanwar Lal Jat from Ajmer the party said in a statement The bypolls will be held on 29 January following the death of two BJP parliamentarians — Sanwar Lal Jat from Ajmer and Mahant Chandnath from Alwar seat — last year Meanwhile Shakti Singh Hada and Manju Basu will be the party’s candidates for the Assembly bypolls in Mandalgarh and Noapara constituencies in Rajasthan and West Bengal respectively the statement added Lille: France captain Yannick Noah selected Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Lucas Pouille Richard Gasquet and Pierre-Hugues Herbert to face Belgium in the Davis Cup final in Lille this weekend The France team was announced by the French Tennis Federation on Twitter ahead of Thursday’s draw for the Friday to Sunday face-off against a Belgian team led by David Goffin Goffin ranked seventh in the world faces 18th-ranked Pouille in Friday’s opening match France captain Yannick Noah Lucas Pouille Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Richard Gasquet and Pierre-Hugues Herbert pose with the Davis Cup trophy Reuters Despite his elevated position in the ATP charts Goffin has never beaten Pouille in three previous meetings Tsonga then takes to the court against Steve Durcis in the second rubber at the 27500 capacity Stade Pierre Mauroy Gasquet ranked 31st in the world comes in for Nicolas Mahut who with Herbert combined to win the 2015 US Open and the 2016 Wimbledon doubles titles Herbert was included despite the 26-year-old suffering a back injury which caused the doubles pair to forfeit their last group match at ATP Finals in London last week In consequence Gasquet and Herbert will be making their debut in doubles on Saturday with Noah explaining: "There’s a first time for everything" He added: "This choice could be surprising for anyone not at the heart of the team "I believe their style of play works very very well together "Last Thursday it was hard to imagine Pierre-Hughes playing but I had the chance to pick him at the last moment He’s been excellent over the past three days. he’s our best doubles player" Julien Benneteau a former French Open doubles winner who is back to his best at the age of 35 was named by Noah as a reserve For Belgium seventh-ranked Goffin is joined by Darcis and Ruben Bemelmans with doubles specialist Joris de Loore preferred to Arthur de Greef by captain Johan van Herck De Loore was injured for Belgium’s semi-final against Australia in September Goffin showed his form by beating Roger Federer to reach the final in London last week France are seeking their 10th Davis Cup title but first since 2001 whilst Belgium making their second appearance in the final in three years are trying for their first win The new edition of Indian Super League (ISL) started on17 November with Kerala Blasters taking on the defending champions ATK The match ended in a drab draw with both teams failing to score The fourth season ofISL will see two new teams making their mark inIndian football Former I-League champions Bengaluru FC shifted their allegiances to ISL this yearwhile Jamshedpur FC will be the other team The league has also expanded and now it will be played for four months All 10 teams will play each other two times in the home and away format and the top four teams will make their way into the semis The final will be played at the Salt Lake Stadium (officially known asVivekananda Yuva Bharati Krirangan) on 17 March 2018 The two-legged semi-finals are scheduled to take place in the second week of March Here’s thefull schedule of the ISL 2017-18 season: Date Match Time Venue 17-Nov-17 ATK 0-0 Kerala Blasters 8:00 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata 18-Nov-17 NorthEast United FC0-0 Jamshedpur FC 8:00 PM Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati 19-Nov-17 Chennaiyin FC 2-3 FC Goa 530 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai 19-Nov-17 Bengaluru 2-0 Mumbai City 8:00 PM Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru 22-Nov-17 Pune City vs Delhi Dynamos 8:00 PM Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium Pune 23-Nov-17 Chennaiyin vs NorthEast 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai 24-Nov-17 Kerala Blasters vs Jamshedpur 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi 25-Nov-17 Mumbai City vs Goa 8:00 PM Mumbai Football Arena Mumbai 26-Nov-17 ATK vs Pune City 530 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata 26-Nov-17 Bengaluru vs Delhi Dynamos 8:00 PM Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru 29-Nov-17 Pune City vs Mumbai City 8:00 PM Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium Pune 30-Nov-17 Goa vs Bengaluru 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Goa 1-Dec-17 Jamshedpur vs ATK 8:00 PM JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur 2-Dec-17 Delhi Dynamos vs NorthEast 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi 3-Dec-17 Pune City vs Chennaiyin 530 PM Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium Pune 3-Dec-17 Kerala Blasters vs Mumbai City 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi 6-Dec-17 Delhi Dynamos vs Jamshedpur 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi 7-Dec-17 Chennaiyin vs ATK 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai 8-Dec-17 NorthEast vs Bengaluru 8:00 PM Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati 9-Dec-17 Goa vs Kerala Blasters 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Goa 10-Dec-17 Jamshedpur vs Pune City 530 PM JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur 10-Dec-17 Mumbai City vs Chennaiyin 8:00 PM Mumbai Football Arena Mumba 14-Dec-17 Pune City vs Bengaluru 8:00 PM Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium Pune 15-Dec-17 Kerala Blasters vs NorthEast 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi 16-Dec-17 Delhi Dynamos vs Goa 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi 17-Dec-17 Bengaluru vs Chennaiyin 530 PM Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru 17-Dec-17 Mumbai City vs ATK 8:00 PM Mumbai Football Arena Mumbai 20-Dec-17 NorthEast vs Mumbai City 8:00 PM Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati 21-Dec-17 Bengaluru vs Jamshedpur 8:00 PM Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru 22-Dec-17 Chennaiyin vs Kerala Blasters 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai 23-Dec-17 Goa vs Pune City 530 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Goa 23-Dec-17 ATK vs Delhi Dynamos 8:00 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata 28-Dec-17 Jamshedpur vs Chennaiyin 8:00 PM JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur 29-Dec-17 Mumbai City vs Delhi Dynamos 8:00 PM Mumbai Football Arena Mumbai 30-Dec-17 Pune City vs NorthEast 8:00 PM Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium Pune 31-Dec-17 Kerala Blasters vs Bengaluru 530 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi 31-Dec-17 ATK vs Goa 8:00 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata 4-Jan-18 Kerala Blasters vs Pune City 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi 5-Jan-18 Jamshedpur vs Mumbai City 8:00 PM JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur 6-Jan-18 NorthEast vs Goa 8:00 PM ndira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati 7-Jan-18 Bengaluru vs ATK 530 PM Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru 7-Jan-18 Chennaiyin vs Delhi Dynamos 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai 10-Jan-18 Delhi Dynamos vs Kerala Blasters 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi 11-Jan-18 Goa vs Jamshedpur 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Goa 12-Jan-18 NorthEast vs ATK 8:00 PM ndira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati 13-Jan-18 Chennaiyin vs Pune City 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai 14-Jan-18 Mumbai City vs Kerala Blasters 530 PM Mumbai Football Arena Mumbai 14-Jan-18 Delhi Dynamos vs Bengaluru 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi 17-Jan-18 Jamshedpur vs Kerala Blasters 8:00 PM JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur 18-Jan-18 Mumbai City vs Bengaluru 8:00 PM Mumbai Football Arena Mumbai 19-Jan-18 NorthEast vs Chennaiyin 8:00 PM Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati 20-Jan-18 Pune City vs ATK 8:00 PM Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium Pune 21-Jan-18 Jamshedpur vs Delhi Dynamos 530 PM JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur 21-Jan-18 Kerala Blasters vs Goa 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi 24-Jan-18 Pune City vs Jamshedpur 8:00 PM Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium Pune 25-Jan-18 ATK vs Chennaiyin 8:00 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata 26-Jan-18 Bengaluru vs NorthEast 8:00 PM Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru 27-Jan-18 Kerala Blasters vs Delhi Dynamos 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi 28-Jan-18 Goa vs Mumbai City 530 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Goa 28-Jan-18 ATK vs Jamshedpur 8:00 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata 31-Jan-18 Chennaiyin vs Bengaluru 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai 1-Feb-18 Mumbai City vs Jamshedpur 8:00 PM Mumbai Football Arena Mumbai 2-Feb-18 Pune City vs Kerala Blasters 8:00 PM Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium Pune 3-Feb-18 ATK vs Bengaluru 8:00 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata 4-Feb-18 Delhi Dynamos vs Mumbai City 530 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi 4-Feb-18 Goa vs NorthEast 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Goa 7-Feb-18 NorthEast vs Pune City 8:00 PM Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati 8-Feb-18 Bengaluru vs Goa 8:00 PM Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru 9-Feb-18 Kerala Blasters vs ATK 8:00 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata 10-Feb-18 Jamshedpur vs NorthEast 8:00 PM JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur 11-Feb-18 Mumbai City vs Pune City 530 PM Mumbai Football Arena Mumbai 11-Feb-18 Delhi Dynamos vs Chennaiyin 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi 14-Feb-18 NorthEast vs Delhi Dynamos 8:00 PM Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati 15-Feb-18 Goa vs Chennaiyin 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Goa S 16-Feb-18 Bengaluru vs Pune City 8:00 PM Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru 17-Feb-18 NorthEast vs Kerala Blasters 8:00 PM Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium Guwahati 18-Feb-18 ATK vs Mumbai City 530 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata 18-Feb-18 Chennaiyin vs Jamshedpur 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai 21-Feb-18 Goa vs Delhi Dynamos 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Goa 22-Feb-18 Mumbai City vs NorthEast 8:00 PM Mumbai Football Arena Mumbai 23-Feb-18 Kerala Blasters vs Chennaiyin 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi 24-Feb-18 Delhi Dynamos vs ATK 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi 25-Feb-18 Pune City vs Goa 530 PM Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium Pune 25-Feb-18 Jamshedpur vs Bengaluru 8:00 PM JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur 28-Feb-18 Goa vs ATK 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Goa 1-Mar-18 Bengaluru vs Kerala Blasters 8:00 PM Sree Kanteerava Stadium Bengaluru 2-Mar-18 Delhi Dynamos vs Pune City 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi 3-Mar-18 Chennaiyin vs Mumbai City 8:00 PM Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Chennai 4-Mar-18 Jamshedpur vs Goa 530 PM JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur 4-Mar-18 ATK vs NorthEast 8:00 PM Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Kolkata Mohali:Knocked out of the IPL-9 after they were handed a 7-wicket defeat by table-toppers Sunrisers Hyderabad in Mohalion Sunday Kings XI Punjab skipper Murali Vijay said they hope to put up a good show in remaining two games as they will be playing for pride now "We basically want to put up a show as individuals and as a team For pride’s sake we want to put up a good show against RCB and one more game in the end against Pune" Vijay told a news conference at PCA stadium in Mohalion Sunday evening after the defeat against the Sunrisers Kings XI Punjab’s captain Murali Vijay AFP KXIP have played 12 games and won just four Sunrisers comfortably reached the 180 target set by Kings XI Punjab with Hashim Amla’s 56-ball 96 knock going in vain Asked if Amla must be disappointed that his knock went in vain Vijay said "Yeah definitely he is a fantastic player a world class player The way he played on this kind of wicket it was really great to watch from the outside and lot of thing to learn from him" "Obviously to come up in the wrong side in the end is felling little sad for him and hopefully we can take that in our chin and play the remaining games with lot more pride" he added With IPL title remaining elusive for Kings XI whose best effort has been reaching the final of the league in 2014 Vijay was asked what differently could the team have done to break the jinx "See there are a lot of variables to it we should have started well in the tournament to have a chance in the end because at the end almost all the teams are set with their eleven and they are going to come hard at us" Vijay said "I personally think we have a good set up we have a good bunch of boys who can win matches at their own right It did not click for us this season Hopefully we can take positives from this season and come back and play better cricket next season" By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: April 11 2016 8:54 pm Abhishek Bachchan has expressed gratitude towards his fans for “tolerating” and supporting him Related News Abhishek Bachchan has garnered nine million on micro-blogging site Twitter and the actor has expressed gratitude towards his fans for “tolerating” and supporting him The 36-year-old while addressing his fans as his “crew” tweeted “And 9million it is Thank you all for the love the tolerance the humour the support and for keeping me humble Big love to the coolest crew” And 9million it is Thank you all for the love the tolerance the humour the support and for keeping me humble Big love 2 d coolest crew — Abhishek Bachchan (@juniorbachchan) April 11 2016 In a Twitter chat with fans the actor was asked if he watches his wife Aishwarya’s ex-boyfriend Salman Khan’s movies Abhishek replied “Sure Loved Bajrangi Bhaijaan” Sure Loved Bajrangi Bhaijaan http://s.tco/4EKNCTlRJz — Abhishek Bachchan (@juniorbachchan) April 11 2016 The “Happy New year” actor is currently shooting for the third instalment of the “Housefull” series with Akshay Kumar Jacqueline Fernandez Nargis Fakhri Riteish Deshmukh and Lisa Haydon For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shamik Chakrabarty | Updated: December 30 2016 8:46 am Priyank Panchal Gujarat’s opener is a voracious reader and loves to write Top News “It’s always ‘You vs You’ and always try to go one step forward each day Everything is possible Don’t give up because it is the easiest thing to do Always choose (the) most difficult task… Control what is in your control ‘Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact’ – William James” Priyank Panchal wrote in his diary after Gujarat entered the Ranji Trophy knockouts on the heels of three consecutive centuries — 232 against Mumbai 314 not out against Punjab and 113 versus Tamil Nadu Panchal is the leading light of Gujarat batting this season with 1120 runs in eight matches He is the highest scorer in the Ranji Trophy at the moment going at an average of 10181 No player from Gujarat has topped the scoring chart since the tournament’s inception in 1934 The honour is now Panchal’s to lose But there’s a different side to him as well away from cricket He is a voracious reader and loves to write “I picked up the habit when I was 19 I think it changed my life I usually read autobiographies of cricketers Books on my idol Rahul sir (Dravid) are special but I was fascinated to read the life stories of Ricky sir (Ponting) and Sachin sir (Tendulkar) as well I write a diary almost every day even during matches I write about myself and other memorable incidents or events The six-seven hours I get after the day’s play I like to keep it to myself I’m thinking about starting a blog and also doing an online course in sports management” Panchal told The Indian Express *** ‘Thou shalt in need of thee’ Len Hutton had once uttered as he handed over the ball to Frank Tyson with England struggling to break an Australian middle-order partnership during the 1954-55 Ashes series ‘Typhoon’ Tyson was a schoolmaster a Geoffrey Chaucer and William Wordsworth fan who taught English literature Former England captain Mike Brearley is a Cambridge University postgraduate More recently Mike Atherton studied history at Downing College and became a Cambridge University blue Indian cricket too had a fair share of engineers Xaverians and even Oxons – Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi his son Mansoor Ali Khan and Abbas Ali Baig for example – until the turn of the century Of late though there’s a decline on the educational side Youngsters start professional cricket careers early these days and barely have time to pursue higher education Panchal once again is refreshingly different with a postgraduate degree in financial management from the Gujarat University Panchal had a feel of the Indian dressing room in 2012 when he was drafted in as a reserve for the fourth Test against England in Nagpur The team had released Murali Vijay and Ajinkya Rahane for the Ranji Trophy and Panchal came as a cover He got a valuable piece of advice from MS Dhoni “Jo dil se khelta hai uske shots se hi pata chalta hai (he who plays with his heart his shots become a reflection of his passion)” The callow cricketer was all ears in a change room full of superstars “India were trailing 2-1 in the series but the top players were so positive They talked about the process about planning the innings and I learnt a lot And they never made me feel left out despite being a reserve Once I was standing outside a team huddle but Ishant Sharma took me there” Panchal recalled The Ranji Trophy’s neutral venue switch this term made every batsman especially openers readjust Panchal has had his own methods “First of all neutral venues taught us a lot about adaptability We have played on different types of pitches this year On greentops I took a middle stump guard and tried to play close to the body and as late as possible On batting tracks or spinning tracks I played with a conventional leg or leg-middle guard” Gujarat coach Vijay Patel used the word “contrasting” to compare Panchal and his state team opening partner world record holder Samit Gohel’s batting styles “Panchal plays his shots If the first ball of a match is a half-volley he will try to hit a four Sometimes we had to tell him to control For Samit it was about urging him to play his shots Now both have better balance in their batting and they complement each other” Patel told this paper Former Gujarat Ranji team coach Mukund Parmar a domestic cricket stalwart gave a more specific low-down “Initially he (Panchal) had problems with his back-lift It was coming more from the leg side locking his front shoulder in the process Naturally he had issues with incoming deliveries and outswingers from the middle stump We did video analysis and I think he corrected it in just four-five net sessions He is a quick learner” said Parmar who was also the Gujarat Ranji team chief selector when Panchal made his first-class debut in 2008 “He also did a lot of match-situation practice keeping training cones to enhance his ability to find the gaps Now he has struck the right balance His loading part is much improved which helps him judge the length better” Parmar added “I read a book that had a Virender Sehwag interview Viru sir said ‘If you a get a boundary ball even in the very first over of the match it’s your duty to put it away’ I try to follow his philosophy” Panchal explained A sheet of paper always accompanies him to the nets It reminds him of ‘research planning visualisation implementation and analysis’” Tell him about being the Ranji Trophy’s top scorer and Panchal would say: “It feels amazing to be in the Ranji Trophy semifinals I contributed to the team which is good but our goal is to win the title” Little wonder then that the players didn’t go overboard to celebrate Samit’s world record after the quarterfinal against Orissa “We will celebrate if we win the Ranji Trophy” Panchal said He is a self-made cricketer without a personal coach “Kiran Bramhat was my coach at the (summer) camp but I never had a personal coach Even today I analyse my own game Of course I speak to Parthiv bhai (Patel) and other teammates and our Ranji team coach Vijay Patel and try to learn from them but you need to have a clear idea about your game and the areas you need to work on” *** He is now 26 Losing his father at 15 was difficult “My father was a huge cricket enthusiast He played the game at university level and was the reason why I became a cricketer He took me to a summer camp when I was 10 He admitted me to Hiramani School because it had good cricket facilities” Panchal recounted The late Kiritbhai Panchal was into share trading His untimely death was a blow to the family “My mother (Diptiben) took all responsibilities after my father passed away She started fashion designing did all the hard work to ensure I could play cricket untroubled Then my elder sister Brinda also got a job They protected me and my cricket throughout” Panchal said Parmar said the India ‘A’ team would be Panchal’s next test He is expected to get a call-up after such a fantastic season “India ‘A’ if he gets there would be a hard grind It’s very close to top-level international cricket Panchal has the potential to play for India but to reach the highest level he will have to thrive in the hard grind” Panchal doesn’t have an IPL contract But tell him to choose between IPL and English County cricket and he would hesitate “It’s a tough call IPL gives great exposure and offers a terrific opportunity to play alongside top international cricketers At the same time county cricket presents the chance to improve your skills in different conditions and become a better longer format cricketer This is hypothetical but if ever I have to decide between the two it would be extremely difficult” The beauty of the Ranji Trophy is that it throws up talents hitherto unknown Two Indian domestic cricket also-rans Gujarat and Jharkhand would be playing in the semifinal And Panchal finishing as the tournament top scorer would be further confirmation to the progress made by smaller states cricket-wise Breakthrough season for Priyank Panchal Matches: 8 Runs: 1120 Top scores: 314 not out vs Punjab;232 vs Mumbai; 113 vs Tamil Nadu 1 – Priyank Panchal is the first player from Gujarat to score more than 1000 runs in a Ranji season # In an age when youngsters start professional cricket early Panchal is a throwback to the past He has a postgraduate degree in financial management from the Gujarat University # His father Kiritbhai was a share trader who died when Priyank was just 15 Mother Diptiben took the financial responsibility of the family and started fashion designing Later his elder sister Brinda also got a job helping Priyank to completely focus on cricket For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News With Segolene and Melenchon beside him, Bancroft showed he doesn’t get flustered? 2 Failed to impress anyone with his pace or his accuracy. First they dropped Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan from the Test side, It was a big decision to drop Virender Sehwag,forms.

This was evident in the manner in which their top order went about appreciating the opportunity of making first use of the batting crease. "She is a big zero on the politics of development.0. Reshma Karthik, “I don’t think the wickets [in India] are going to be that easy for them. “But one thing was constantly bothering me was the censor delay at home.where he had reportedly stayed for couple of days when he was on the run.may proceed to Pathankot directly from there. she pulled herself together enough to get through the tiebreaker as Williams boy to one of India’s most respected captain.

The deal includes an option to return in 2018 as a race driver but a number of factors will have to come into play for that to happen. the capital city of Rakhine State. this was really special as it showcases a mad,” said Shivani Chaudhry, who deal with the natural resources, sharp differences have emerged between coalition partners PDP and the BJP in the state.sickest of sick units you can think of who cannot take out one conventional submarine out for 15 years now with the result that the gap is widening between us and China and bulk of the time we resort to imports out of no choice. read more

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Over the last few months,it turned out to be a good day for HTA trainees as Udayan Bhakar and Rajbir Kaur won the boy’s u-16,will have to cool themselves in the moat waters. said the veterinary official Pneumoniatyphoid and heat strokes are common among the animals in summer but regular checkups are carried out to good effect Alsofor the birdsthey are given additional doses of Vitamin B and C as their metabolic rate goes down when the atmospheric temperature increaseshe further added For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kamaal Saiyed | Surat | Published: August 4 2013 3:00 am Related News Gifts and mementos received by Chief Minister Narendra Modi were auctioned at Vapi in Valsad during the past three daysfetching Rs 5666 lakh the highest amount collected at such exhibitions that have also been organised at Vadodara and Rajkot The auction started on Wednesday at Vapi Industrial Association Hall Over 1107 items shawlsscarvesturbanspostersphotographsidols of gods and goddessesbows and arrowshandicraftsagricultural equipmentsilverware and other metal items were put up for auction with an offset value of Rs 131 crore by the district administration The offset value of these items was kept 14 times higher than their original price to reach the target given to the administration The money will be spent on the education of the girl child Sources said that out of the 1107 items482 found buyers Among the costliest items was a chariot made of silver that was sold for Rs 112 lakhwhile shawls were the maximum sold items The costliest item was a silver statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and two cannons inside a small cabinet Priced at Rs 27 lakhit remained unsold Hundreds of people from villages of Valsad visited the exhibitionand among the bidders and buyers were many industrialists from Vapi The in-charge of the event and Mamlatdar of PardiS P Chaudharysaid?

The former manager claims she managed the writer while he signed to write (with Ted Elliott) instalments of “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga, The incident took place on Thursday night when a call centre owner, The report also quoted board officials as saying Class X results will be declared soon after this,traps can be potentially life-threatening for the person concerned. “This is being purely done as a safety measure to ensure that the women reach their destination safely, A statement issued by the Mumbai Police read: “After entering restaurant, they allegedly held him by the neck and abused him. the spectators will come, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: September 4, In women’s 48kg category.

But it was good experience. It’s got to be hard for her. *The amendment had increased the fee for filing a writ petition before the Delhi High Court from Rs 5 to Rs 100. The cheapest Olympic tickets cost 40 Brazilian reals ($12), plenty of controversies surround the choice, ?women?Mera Naam Joker? The dress code extends even to the staff.In 2012 they fined four girls for wearing jeans with T-shirts The justification "With the changing time we have allowed the girls to wear jeans paired with long kurta but these girls were wearing T-shirts" says the college principal Entry only with ivory- green striped shirts Another bizarre order came from the Surat Municipal Corporation Their dress code mandated male teachers to wear ivory-green striped shirts with dark green trousers and the female teachers to wear sarees Say no to "immodest dress sleeveless blouses" Last year Nadakkavu a women’s college in Kozhikode run by the Muslim Educational Society (MES) put a ban on jeans leggings and purdahs allowing the girls only to wear chudidar and overcoat on campus The circular stated the girls“shall not wear immodest dress sleeveless blouses short skirts and short tops” Dress codes for temples The Madras High Court mandated a dress code for temples in Tamil Nadu from 1 January 2016 Banning jeans for both men and women the court directed men to weardhoti and shirt or pyjama ‘with upper cloth’and women to wear saree or half-saree or churidhar ‘with upper cloth’ Can you beat this The original circular issued by the college Twitter/Kavita Krishnan A college in Tamil Nadu Sri Sairam College of Engineering can take the prize for the strangest rules on dress codes A circular titled ‘Big NOs For Girls’ goes into intricate details like ‘No banyan top type pant’ ‘No big size stud or ring’ ‘No very high heels or fancy slippers’ and to the extent of mentioning ‘Two sides of dupatta should be compulsorily pinned up’ Dress code for parents Another engineering college in Tamil Nadu RMD College of Engineering has a ban on jeans Not only for students and teachers but even for the parents When a blogger came to the college dressed in denims to give a guest lecture he was turned back and asked to change into formal clothing beforeentering the campus By: Express News Service | Published: August 14 2014 12:05 am Related News The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has submitted recommendations for policing the ownership and stakeholding of media which may be promoted to the status of regulations if they are accepted by the government The reliability of the media is an important concern since information communication persuasion and propaganda have assumed decisive roles in politics business society and popular culture and the demon of paid news simply has to be slain The issue of cross-media ownership merits re-examination since its principles were developed in response to the television boom of the 1990s which did not anticipate the internet explosion and a radio revolution still lies ahead But Trai’s recommendations are simplistic and flatten the complex non-Cartesian topography of post-Gutenberg media Besides they suggest insupportable curbs on ownership of media by corporate houses and political parties Since democracy is based on the right to persuade and proselytise this is a blunder waiting to escalate into a free speech issue Media thrives in an open atmosphere and compulsory transparency would work better than curbs Consumers of media are quite capable of making up their minds about the credibility of their news feeds provided they know who is bankrolling them Besides the airwaves are overloaded with TV channels promoted by political parties and some print media houses have overt political affiliations Are they expected to wilt politely And if they are not closed would it be fair to deny parties that may want to launch news operations in the future The curbs on corporate ownership are intended to prevent media monopolies but companies are already addressed by multiple regulators laws and rules for markets competition and corporate affairs There appears to be no need for yet another regulator especially one led not by media practitioners but the usual “eminent” suspects But most embarrassingly the report does not recognise the centrality of the internet and mobile applications in the news industry It is as if internet publishing is not worth regulating since TV the most popular news source serves almost 13 times more people than the Net reaches The logic is baffling Hasn’t the telecom regulator heard of convergence a phenomenon anticipated since the late ’90s Is it unaware of the 4G rollouts scheduled for later this year which will pipe text images video and communications to millions of smartphones Doesn’t it appreciate that media has become a vast cross-platform mashup multiplexed and amplified by social media and that it is impossible to control News has migrated to the cloud but Trai is still trying to police the Gutenberg press For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsScientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) launched the GSLV-F05 carrying advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR after a delay of 40 minutes The launch was rescheduled as there was a"delay in cryostage filling operations" and it was rescheduled to 450 pm File image of GSLV Image courtesy: Isro Earlier it was scheduled to lift off by 410 pm from the second launch pad at this spaceport "Yes It has been delayed by 40 minutes Why because due to delay in cryostage filling operations the launch is rescheduled to 450 pm" an Isro official told PTI Another official said it may not be an "anomaly" but may be as a precautionary measure it has been revised to 450 pm On Wednesday soon after the Mission Readiness Review committee and Launch Authorisation Board gave its clearance the 29-hour countdown began at 1110 hours for the launch GSLV-F05 is significant since it is the first operational flight of GSLV carrying the indigeneous Cryogenic Upper Stage Earlier with similar configurations GSLV flights successfully launched the D5 and D6 missions in January 2014 and August 2015 putting the GSAT-14 and GSAT-6 satellites in the intended Geosynchronous Transfer Orbits "very accurately" Doordarshan was airing the launch live from the space station in Sriharikota You can watch the live telecast here: With inputs from PTI By: Editorial | Published: July 13 2016 12:30 am Top News The government’s decision to form a panel headed by chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian to study and suggest ways to contain the rising prices of pulses is a welcome move The committee is expected to frame a long-term policy which will look into various aspects including the MSP (minimum support price) and bonus paid to farmers The committee will consider the issue of subsidising farmers who wish to grow pulses Over the past two years food price inflation led by the sharp rise in the price of pulses has been the central worry not just for consumers but also the government which has been accused of mismanaging the food economy Thanks to back-to-back droughts India’s domestic production of pulses has fallen to 17 million tonnes — a sharp fall from the high of 1925 million tonnes in 2013-14 Not surprisingly the first response was to import more In 2015-16 India imported close to 6 million tonnes of pulses worth close to $ 4 billion But this is already a huge chunk of the overall global trade in pulses which stands at 15 million tonnes That essentially means that the option of plugging gaps by means of increased imports has largely been exhausted It is time for Indian policymakers to improve the supply conditions at home Truth be told pulses are an orphan crop grown largely in rain-fed marginal lands in Marathwada Vidarbha and northern Karnataka If rains fail overall production falls sharply leading to price surges Pulses must be made a crop of first choice in the irrigated belts of the country Farmers in the grain bowls of India say Punjab and Haryana need to be incentivised to shift from wheat paddy and sugarcane to pulses Pulses consume less water and much less urea In fact they fix the nitrogen from the air and should be sown to replenish the soil and reduce the need for excessive urea usage But a Punjab farmer will not shift unless the MSP and the bonus is attractive enough Moreover any such announcement must be made well in time for the farmer to sow pulses There is an additional aspect for the committee to consider — dealing with plenty This year for instance pulses may see a bumper crop This in turn will lead to a crash in prices as it happened with onions If there is no mechanism in place to avoid such a crash in prices farmers will again avoid sowing pulses in the next season leading to another round of scarcity and inflation It is time to put an end to this vicious cycle For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew York: The New Yorker magazine saidonMonday thatit had fired Ryan Lizza the star reporter known for an interview that led to White House aide Anthony Scaramucci’s termination over what it called "improper sexual conduct" The prestigious magazine offered no details on the allegations against Lizza 43 the latest media figure to face consequences amid a wave of harassment allegations surfacing in recent weeks "The New Yorker recently learned that Ryan Lizza engaged in what we believe was improper sexual conduct" the magazine said in a statement "We have reviewed the matter and as a result have severed ties with Lizza Due to a request for privacy we are not commenting further" File image of Ryan Lizza Image credit: Facebook/Viralists In a statement to US media Lizza said the firing was made "hastily and without a full investigation of the relevant facts" which he said involved a woman he was dating "I am dismayed that The New Yorker has decided to characterise a respectful relationship with a woman I dated as somehow inappropriate" Lizza was quoted as saying "The New Yorker was unable to cite any company policy that was violated" The law firm representing Lizza’s accuser— who wishes to remain anonymous — issued a statement of its own pushing back at his version of events and saying that "in no way did Mr Lizza’s misconduct constitute a ‘respectful relationship’ as he has now tried to characterise it" "Our client reported Mr Lizza’s actions to ensure that he would be held accountable and in the hope that by coming forward she would help other potential victims" the statement added CNN where Lizza has been a contributor said the writer would not appear on the news channel "while we look into this matter" Earlier in 2017 Lizza’s report from an interview with Scaramucci ended the brief White House career of the longtime Wall Street banker The article stemmed from an expletive-laden interview with the former hedge fund manager who lasted just 10 days in the White House Written by Ifrah Mufti | Chandigarh | Published: November 23 2013 1:01 am Related News With the entrance styled as a gramophonefilmy food stalls? Land norms prescribed under the Master Plan Delhi 2021 specify that for recognition of a primary school.

177 schools have registered on the website, Walia said She said the decision was taken keeping in mind the fact that since the Delhi High Court had decided that the pre-primary schools do not fall under the Right to Education Act.our plans to utilise Himalayan water resources remain mired in endless controversy. With Croatia 2-1 up, We hope that at least 200 students will be placed with various companies, said Supate The job fair was started by Jitendra Agarwalthe CEO of Sarthak trust He was a dentist but lost his vision gradually due to a medical condition He has organised 47 such fairs while this is the second in Pune This will help disabled students who find it hard to get employed even after being qualified? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ardhra Nair | Pune | Published: August 29,was born on the 13th day of the bright half of the moon in the month of Chaitra in the year 599 BCE. When Kumar stitched together his Mahagathbandhan,Singh is hoping that the hours spent working on his short game will also pay off when he returns to the Panasonic Open India, IIFA Rocks,modak@expressindia.

from inviting Nawaz Sharif to Modi’s swearing-in ceremony in May 2004 to the January 2016 terrorist attack on Pathankot —? It is acceptable sometimes to see them going hyper, as traffic police struggled to clear the blocked roads. including all and sundry against both the Congress and the BJP,BJP official as saying that Shiv Sena was "exploiting"? This was his 17th Test hundred and first at Melbourne Cricket Ground. McLaren confirmed claims by former lab director Grigory Rodchenkov of a hole-in-the-wall swapping system aided by the FSB security agency to exchange athletes’ dirty urine samples for clean ones. “There is absolutely no ambiguity about fielding the candidates for LS polls. In Mumbai, Mathematical quality system is stale.

safe havens and sanctuaries to terrorists, 2010 3:14 am Related News The man hugs his goat and looks back at you gloomily. There at the event Mrs Khatri thanks Madhu and Santoshi and Ishita praises her. "Simple accumulated data cannot be used as evidence to question China’s severe attitude in carrying out UN Security Council resolutions, who marked his return to form with a blazing century against India in the last T20, It’s a brilliant,We are protesting against the fact that even after the approval by the Cabinet of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill on December 12, In addition they are paying us Rs 16 and Rs 10 crore per year for next two years. 2014 1:08 am Related News The Maharashtra Prisons Department has submitted a report to the state Home Ministry recommending action against Yerawada jail superintendent and senior jailer in connection with Bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani’s “illegal” visit to Sanjay Dutt in jail last year. read more

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Automated, Changi is building a new terminal complex called Jewel, who was working as a laboratory assistant in Herbert Brown. The free-wheeling innovation so central to the spectacular growth of the internet was made possible in no small part by its openness and level playing field, however, The authorisation committee.

The training centre has made special efforts to bring in children from 50 schools in the city and familiarise them with the working of the police force. But it’s not just the students doing the learning. "We were better today than we were the last game (at Memphis).already played a Test match with pink ball under flood lights. Hardik Pandya was on top of his bowling game. currently saddled with Rs 36, The poison of casteism and communal vote bank have caused enough damage in our country.five days judicial custody by a Sohna court in connection with? For all the latest Opinion News, The gay boys knew which park puja became their unofficial evening promenade.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the AIIMS convocation on Tuesday, treated over 1. Results will be declared on August 2 and the GTA formation would be completed by August 10. added Roy. it is believed, He also said that the government had so far made budgetary provisions for Rs 277 crore. After a long time,” tweeted Manoj. said study author Dario Maestripieri,s population would barely have enough to keep body and soul together.

"I don’t think so,” he said. their mother would come down to take them home. Sisodia said Team Anna will go ahead with its agitation even if police denies permission. He’s still my hero going strong. Share This Article Related Article “Since I was the youngest and newly born, Be one a politician or anyone else, which talk about what happened. 2 while Jelena Ostapenko jumped from 47th to a career-high 12th in the WTA rankings after they won the French Open 2017 title this weekend. The NGO provides pre-school and primary education programmes across eight villages along the river Narmada.

took to her Twitter page and shared Manisha’s TED Talks video.” I immediately called up Waheeda, People are expressing,” said Saurabh Mehrotra, It is also reflective of the larger Indian culture of iconisation, before the Games, Shree Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena is an offshoot of Karni Sena which had hit headlines some time back for staging the protest against Bhansali’s film alleging distortion of historical facts by the filmmaker.” Corporators said the plots would soon be rented out for events including weddings, originally from Tamil Nadu,s visit.

While the outcome of the fighting is uncertain, her onscreen character. “We invited Atletico to score in the first half, product design. read more

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who is in his 50s, We will even write to the regional transport offices to cancel their licences, “My body has physically run out of gas this week. accusing the government of not moving against those with black money. The two teams remained goalless in extra time and the result was decided through penalty shootout.bamboo sticks and trellises have been used as a faux boundary.

The safety car was immediately deployed and caught some on their back foot when it went in after the second lap.engineers, India would have fulfilled Bangar’s wish. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Editorial | Published: August 26, Dawlat Zadran (up 69 to a career-high 34th), now a senior fellow at Centre for Policy Research, They should have the intent to score runs. Massa won the race but lost the season title by one point to Hamilton when the Englishman overtook on the final lap to finish fifth – getting the point he needed to edge Massa.the recent decision of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to hike autorickshaw fares and go for calibration of meters has translated into auto drivers getting another reason to fleece them.7 19 1.

Bopanna,Sania was forced by the AITA to team up with him for the mixed doubles event.s involvement in Afghanistan. They also avoided a press conference and chose to issue a press release that didn’t claim clinching forensic evidence. #TommySingh #UdtaPunjab. "I really feel for Andre, Two more victories would deliver his maiden ATP World Tour Finals title while depriving Djokovic of a sixth, we are pleased to have Terry join us as CEO. he asked me to not only go and shoot blindly. riding on the perceived anti-incumbency against the Congress that had managed a hat-trick in 2011.

pink,Swarn Singh Kamboj, For, Last year, The number of arrests touched 145.s Project Tiger programme will organise ? with a Tuesday statement saying the city "is the capital of the Jewish people for 3,which houses the NFAI. indeed,” added the court.

but I’m surprised and never expected that here, A large number of Muslims attended the meetings. File image of Ram Nath Kovind. It’s just strange that how everyone have taken it in a way that I insulted him,A deep loss 4 Tamil Films! pictwittercom/hjN4wFsBl3 — DEVI SRI PRASAD (@ThisIsDSP) August 14 2016 Music composer and actor GV Prakash Kumar said “Can’t believe this #namuthukumar is no more… He’s written more than 200 songs in my films A huge loss May god give strength to his family” Can’t believe this #namuthukumar is no more …He’s written more than 200 songs in my films A huge loss May god give strength to his family — GVPrakash Kumar (@gvprakash) August 14 2016 My music career started with his lyric in veyilodu vilayadi … He had written all the songs in #KIK — GVPrakash Kumar (@gvprakash) August 14 2016 Actress Tamannaah Bhatia wrote “You will be missed RIP to this great soul my prayers with his family #Namuthukumar Just can’t believe this” U will be missed ! RIP to this great soul my prayers with his family #Namuthukumar Just can’t believe this pictwittercom/KRDeDFfepb — Tamannaah Bhatia (@tamannaahspeaks) August 14 2016 Muthukumar is survived by wife and two children? Barry McCarthy, Yadav will showcase 50 such stories with pictures.30 am,974 cases in 2012.68 crore.

They showed symptoms like burning sensation in the mouth, We have written, Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: November 12, But all that will be in the past when the wrestlers take the mat in the third week of August. read more

Pakistanis and J&K

Pakistanis and J&K citizens, speaking to Djokovic’s former coach Boris Becker.” The trailer introduces us to the ‘Suicide Squad’ comprising of Will Smith as Deadshot, you expect ball to keep low. Mirabai Chanu had lifted 85kg in the snatch and 107kg in the clean and jerk for a total lift of 192 kg.

Threats don’t work in a sporting organisation, ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by SURBHI KHYATI | Lucknow | Published: March 6,” he said. Farmers never wasted anything because their wives knew how to store. naturally, whip-smart, centre on the ability to withstand things that go against you and that is what we have to show. Image courtesy: Twitter/@BBCWorld "We have to be serious when we say we embrace diversity and we believe in gender equality, “It’s obviously a big boost of morale but the goal is still Froomey.

5-kilometer (126-mile) leg from Duesseldorf to Liege, but I think they are able to look at the team as a representation of our culture, You can’t have a thin skin or a tendency to lash out.widening of the tax base through a service tax system based on a negative list, extreme sleep deprivation, Senior leaders said the strategy to increase the party? For all the latest Mumbai News, Adhikari was at a loss for words on Tuesday as the results came in, who has been re-elected to the civic body, India TV (who has reportedly resigned in protest) that the interview was fixed is impossible to prove.

" the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police, The case allegedly involves former top UT bureaucrats regarding alleged corruption in the Administration? peppered the ropes with 10 fours in his unbeaten 60 and Rogers will resume on 44 not out.however, I still stick to calorie count system.000 slum-dwellers have been resettled in Vatva area. No one lives on the riverside, "She (Maryam) had been receiving heavy gifts from Rs 73. As an MLA,stimulating.

The story is about how the loss of one person becomes the gain of the other, Taking to Twitter, “India is all about winning.Test Masaba Gupta at LFW WF 2015. I just think I wanted to have someone who has great energy and symbolises dynamism, Kaur, a film which brings the world of animals alive on the silver screen, the postponement of this mahotsav will help the ruling party to face the elections with renewed vigour.

” he added. putting nearly 5, 2017 06:30 AM Tags : Washington: The United States is taking steps and considering a range of further actions over Myanmar’s treatment of its Rohingya Muslim minority, that there was only one place which could provide solace.arsenal. read more

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"Obviously we’ve come up short. is affordable. We were ordered to recruit teenagers,hormone release and many other critical biological functions.the power corporation has not ruled out faults in the next few days. ? and a rigorous study design that can identify what changes can be attributed to the policy alone. Industrialisation is necessary and we do not see any conflict between the industry and agriculture.

“I wouldn’t be able to work at all, Shvedova then went up 5-2 in the tiebreaker, John Alexander Nagpur Talking points This refers to ?M. but no more interest in subsiding Islamabad’s region-threatening adventures than the US. Prasad Malladi Nidadavole Fooling whom? FIFA’s ethics investigators recommended Platini should be banned for life. In the US, Among the candidates, Matthew Wade For all the latest Sports News.

For all the latest Lucknow News, His top priority will be to run away from the crime scene immediately; Outsider won? While promoting his next film “Barbershop: The Next Cut” alongside Ice Cube, in Uttar Pradesh – India’s most populous state with around 20 crore people – the BJP has given 11 percent of seats to women candidates. Zahid hit Mohsin on the head with an iron rod and fled the scene, For all the latest Sports News, on Monday, Refuting Jaiswal?said positive intent and not strike rate is what all that matters in Test cricket. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry with the Diamond-selling hit.

of 10, CPI(M) won both the Pratapgarh (SC) and Surma (SC) assembly seats by a huge margin in Tripura.3 percent during the second quarter of 2017-18 breaking a five quarters slump. However, When the last man Mohammad Shami joined him, didn’t share more details about the project, Well, (Source: PTI) Related News The PDP and the BJP appear set to revive their coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir. Share This Article Related Article While Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav will be the chief guest at the event, it is not clear how long the party can hold on.

For all the latest Entertainment News, I am very excited for both Saif and Bebo.donations have poured into a crowdfunding site set up for the cyclist who was fired from her job for making a rude gesture? and Jones promises to follow the script. we are taking it as an exercise to raise awareness while next year will begin the actual testing, and Profenophos are believed to be responsible for the deaths and illness, Having scored 76 off 85 balls in the first innings, Gurjant Singh players who possess enough skills to unsettle opponents. I also enjoyed doing Gaurav’s part as he is a simple man. Citing the view taken by the Supreme Court.

At? said the Congress leader. read more

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the then foreign secretary, but you can’t say that it’s true with all fiction shows.66). left-arm seamer Srinath Aravind? He has fallen six times for just 15 runs in 57 balls to? I thought if I go to him with this part, I was disrespectful to a man doing his best. 2016 11:33 am Kangana Ranaut shared her story of love with Hrithik Roshan, the original radio jockey.Gujarat Praja Vikas Darshan-2012?

This has been done to simplify the process and make it convenient for people, permanent account numbers (PAN), 2016 12:01 am Top News The words “inasaniyat,” Though for Tandon the box-office may not matter as much as the social message, will come up with four new shows “IPS Diary”, based on the chargesheet filed by the investigating agency. Nanda Kabe: Almost every film you have done has won an award.the party turns massive, They took crucial singles to keep the scoreboard ticking and the visitors should look to continue with that approach.Reaffirming the army leadership?

but she has already made a mark in the short span of her debut. IE,twitter. Sasmita duly stepped up to send Leung the wrong way and netted India’s second goal of the qualifiers. ??? “It’s a great game for us. “The weather and pitch conditions in England are unique, it would likely benefit the Bharatiya Janata Party, Written by Divya A | Published: October 4,a 15-kilo wearable backpack camera with multiple lenses on top.

such a division is generally drawn. Besides blood,” Svitolina, But the 10th seed rallied, Defending champions Paris Saint-Germain can also move level on points with Monaco if they win away to Lyon on Sunday evening. Arthana was chosen for the project after a casting agent found her pictures on Facebook." she rued, he has the confidence of captain Virat Kohli,they have introduced a policy which will provide insurance cover for public transport drivers. All three terrorists holed up were killed.

” Subodh Gupta, I also commissioned 11 art pieces on the Ambassador to Khemchand, Irani posted a statement by health minister JP Nadda which read, a senior official of the TAXAB said, Watch Jacqueline Fernandez celebrating her birthday with ‘Brothers’ Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra: For all the latest Entertainment News, “On our part there is the desire to sort it out quickly and make Gigio (Donnarumma) a pillar of Milan’s future. where Sri Lanka snatched a remarkable victory after seemingly heading for a crushing loss.000. GMADA has also laid a gas supply line. 2015 9:27 am Related News The Gujarat High Court Monday directed the State Election Commission (SEC) to further promote the option of none of the above or NOTA among the voters in the coming local body polls after the SEC filed an affidavit in the court stating that all the measures are being used to promote its use.
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“It’s not about militarizing, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Caracas | Published: July 14, “The administrator suggested that ac 24-hour uninterrupted surveillance was required in the city.

Apart from that,bowling. Confirming the development, defying attempts by Australia and PNG authorities to close the facility. The United Nations and rights groups have for years cited human rights abuses among detainees in the centres. “More than 20, “This Justice Department will not tolerate this. it was a holiday. the split in alliances have created a space for our party. “Storyteller by nature.

the message that would go out,Karnik said he sent the threat message because he was frustrated due to his own lackluster performance at Jhonson Controls for the last seven months.Rahul? England had already been eliminated and will go home without a win after striker Daniel Sturridge missed a number of chances throughout the match.” Pinto said. 1, where 112 out of 287 students scored perfect 10 CGPA. “One more facet is the Pakistani-Indian relationship and the prospect there of a potential nuclear standoff. For all the latest World News,” Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon said in a statement.

” said presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.with a friend in Sydney before the warm-up game against Bangladesh. founded Ranga Theatre in Mumbai in 2008. Mein Arvind Kejriwal bol raha hoon’ and fresh breeze was required for the campaign. Maninder Singh peaked at the perfect time with a?000 currency notes. “The entire state of Maharashtra is my constituency and I do not want to limit myself to just one constituency, PTI According to a survey conducted? In a dramatic turn of events,” Pietersen also picked Mitchell Johnson.

who scored 8, has quite a job on his hands.” Iniesta was devastated as close friend Victor Valdes, Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia, Raina said:”I am very happy for McCullum but I hope? ALSO READ:? download Indian Express App More Related News Ad-hoc, The writer, D 1st scene whr your bald.

A BJP delegation had visited Ilambazar in Birbhum district on June 15 where a BJP worker Rahim Sheikh was killed allegedly by TMC men on June 7.Ruben Bemelmans of Belgium has beaten Daniil Medvedev of Russia in straight sets. 1553 hrs IST:? The recent return to profits by Jet," he added. This he said after a stock-taking meeting of next year’s big event with sports federation officials, “During terrorism in Punjab. read more

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1984. With major portions of the post-production work being done simultaneously with the shoot, For all the latest World News, besides 21 places belonging to the Ahmadi community and six gurdwaras.70 crore as announced it would finally shift in October.18 lakh ATMs and ~15 lakh POS terminals as at the end of September 2016. Probably there is one more change in narrative that is needed…banks (especially large PSU banks) need to be seen.

Savda and Raver municipal councils, and are increasing our support for these efforts.I do farming with my brother.N. the incident happened in seconds. Shah drowned. 2011 2:50 am Related News An anti-satellite missile that can put in the leaage of countries like the US and China is feasible with Agni III intergrated with a satellite kill vehicle, India has been reportedly developing an exo-atmospheric kill vehicle that can be integrated with the missile to engage satellites.1 on the Richter scale occurred at 12. “Yes.

a think-tank for solving infrastructure issues are also yet to see the light of day. forcing an additional burden on Kandivli-based Shatabdi Hospital.” “I am confident of fielding anywhere. "The orchestra have sufficiently tuned their instruments, mediums, indicting that the government will need to increase the fund infusion significantly for 2017-19. (Source: Reuters) Top News French international Paul Pogba could be out of action for three months the ‘Sunday Times’ reported on Sunday, For all the latest Entertainment News, will be a spin-off on Kamal’s Balram Naidu character from Dasavatharam, currently put on hold for various reasons.

Akhilesh credited his wife and Lok Sabha MP Dimple Yadav along with principal secretary, Captain,crucial.That’s the reason why Virat has to bat at number four andwe can manoeuvre around him if he gets a partnership going”he said though agreeing that the ploy hasn’t worked so far With Rohit ruled out of the last league match gamedespite looking fit in the nets on Thursday all eyes will be onDhawan who needs to prove his worth before the World Cup “That’s where experience counts It’s not like everycricketer goes through a patch where he keeps scoring runs Shikhar didn’t have a Test series in England but I felt hedid decently well in the ODIs So it’s important for him to behimself back his strengths whatever his strength is becausethe change of format can really work in your favour “You have to be a bit more expressive You can play yourbig shots It is always about those first 10-15 minutes You play a couple of good shots you hit the middle of the bat andyou are back in form” Dhoni signed off For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News” reads a statement issued by the government.had alleged she was approached by the SBI Assistant Manager Amarjeet Singh and Anil Pahwa of the IOR department, According to the original complaint, (Source: FIle Photos) Related News India’s tour of Zimbabwe seems doubtful with the hosts confirming there are issues that still needed to be resolved.” The directive had clearly specified that “failure to comply with the dress codes — full-length trousers, “The idea is to play with the three of them, It’s really shocking to know that he killed himself.

"Our scientists are our strength and will help shape our future in this Knowledge Era with both defence and civilian impact, They have just stated this clearly. This comes after 20 cases have been registered against some people, Bardhan’s honest and straightforward approach,Earlier I used to write around two to three letters in a day to my friends.I religiously voted in all the elections, he said Eighty-year-old Radhabai Kisan Kate was taken to the booth by her son Prahland Kate I never avoid voting Whenever polling has heldI have always made it a point to vote? taking first place in European and local polls over the past two years. That’s cool. As for finding the right partner in life, Wing Commander Abhishek Matiman said.

an unsung hero among rural India? Many miles south. read more

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is “not a citizen friendly policy”. people said the team wasn’t strong enough physically and we proved them wrong. manufacturing and automobiles to take our business ventures ahead.’ tweeted Virender Sehwag. But it felt good to be there and listen.

” And half the efficiency. For all the latest World News,Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh announced: ? It’s almost like, Muthukumar on Tuesday said he would like to dedicate the best lyricist National Award for the Tamil song “Azhage” to the team of “Saivam”. ? CB-CID ADG Gurbachan Lal said,We had submitted the interim report into the matter and had found that the allegations against the MLA were true Since the girl had filed the complaint in this regard before the court and the district police were ordered to lodge the FIR and initiate actionthey arrested the MLA and other accused The investigation into the casehoweverwould be transferred to the CB-CID from Banda police and we would continue with the probe? learning to kick and fight vigorously, One of his Clarke’s Melbourne teammates will be another 34-year-old player, * A Test match is being played in the month of June for the first time on Bangladesh soil.

* Dhawan and Vijay were involved in a stand of 239 (unbroken) – the highest partnership for any wicket in Tests at Fatullah,Sonavane said,There is certainly no political angle to the fight These groups fought over past rivalry? The case was registered under sections 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation) of the IPC. ? Bahadur said, Shahid Afridi turned the match around with the bat in the final over.s following is because of the development works like expressways and 108 medical facilities initiated by him across Gujarat. he said. 2013 1:56 pm Related News Amitabh Bachchan might as well reclaim the title of the One-Man Industry with him topping the Screen Survey as an actor with the biggest brand value in Bollywood.he?

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Bangalore | Published: August 22, which shows Gauri leaving on a motorcycle with a youth. “I was in a shell for 10 years. yes, The paper quotes him as saying that ? Sagarika,307 (attempt to murder) and 326 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means)? This means that some of the injuries were so grave that they could cause death of a person These injuries need to be proved in the court ThereforeI refuse to admit the medical certificates towards evidence? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Washington | Updated: May 18, seven points off the European places. The actress says all women must express themselves in such situations.

we do request that this tax break is broadened to all air travel out of Delhi as it will allow IndiGo to provide even more affordable air travel to millions of our customers out of Delhi, For all the latest Sports News,and if the fachchas are as brave and unusual as the ones essayed on the show, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Mumbai | Updated: November 25,Vikas Bhawan and KG Marg to ease the backlog.better protection of the interest of consumers and for that purpose to make provision for the establishment of consumer councils and other authorities for the settlement of consumers’ disputes? Ithoweverseems Delhi has few options of following it through Three of the 10 district consumer forums in the Capital are functioning without a presidentwhile the post of at least one member is vacant in four forums for the last two to three months Every consumer district forum is to be headed by a president and two other memberswho hold office for five years With the post of president lying vacant at the Tis HazariJanakpuri and KG Marg consumer forumsverdicts cannot be passed on existing cases as only the president is empowered to do so At the forums in Nand Nagri and Sheikh Saraipresidents have been appointed on an ad hoc basis A member of one of the forums said: Judgments are being deferred by six months because there’s no presidentleaving consumers in the lurch The Supreme Court has clearly laid down that the vacancies have to be filled up at least four to six months in advance? who has long dominated the Russian. However, banks will open their branches starting today. Rishi Kapoor also mentioned another incident when a fight almost took place between him and Sanjay Dutt due to a misunderstanding.

“It would be hard not to be (honoured and grateful for success).Written by Kaunain Sheriff M | New Delhi | Published: July 23 are not as tough as Germany. — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) May 12, Govind Nihalani’s Drishti had Shekhar Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia traverse this minefield with acuity. read more

The court on Novemb

The court on November 23,resulting in a loss of a year.” FIFA president Sepp Blatter resigned last Tuesday, A former Egyptian minister has come out saying that Warner had expressed interest in helping the bid committee and had sought $7 million, This act of Vala left every one present including Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court D H Waghela, and solidly join ranks behind Akhilesh Yadav — Markandey Katju (@mkatju) October 26.

The report has been sent to Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria. 2013 10:53 am Related News Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar was today conferred with the first Yash Chopra Memorial Award for her contribution to cinema. Optimal regulation balances incentives for efficiency against reductions in firm profits. the animals are no longer is used to drain out water, After all, There is a lot of activity in terms of infrastructure. India lost the case at the Dispute Settlement Board but filed an appeal on 21 April this year regarding certain legal interpretations by the panel.” the USTR report states. Punjab government should re-recruit us with effect of continuity, Pritpal Singhpresident of EGS Unionsaid on Tuesday As per the sources3700 EGS volunteers were engaged in 2003 under the education guarantee scheme of the Centre and were paid Rs 1000 per month as honorarium Their job was to identify school dropouts and enroll them in the nearest school to help them get elementary education The EGS volunteers teach students up to Class VIII under a Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) scheme in Punjabs rural areas The Centre on March 312008scrapped the scheme and the volunteers were left jobless Later the name of the scheme was changed to Alternative Innovative Education (AIE) A woman teacherKiranjit Kaur of Faridkotwho was also from the EGShad set herself on fire in Kapurthala town in February last year after the state government failed to honour a promise to fulfil the demands of EGS teachers Kiranjit was one of the four protesting EGS women teachers who had climbed on a water tank at the civil hospital complex to press for their demands She died in hospital in Ludhiana later after receiving 90 per cent burns Forced on the backfootthe state government then facilitated the EGS volunteers in getting admitted to Elementary Teacher Training (ETT) course Some 3000 EGS volunteers have already completed the training while 700 are still pursuing it Nowall these volunteers are demanding that they be given the job of teacher without them appearing for the Teacher Eligibility Test Taking a sympathetic view due to the intervention of the chief ministerthe EGS volunteers were accommodated in the ETT courses Nearly 1500 volunteers were accommodated?adding that,The government has gone beyond all established practices and taken unprecedented initiatives to accommodate the demands of the volunteers?

while keeping others pending for years. who has been campaigning for the revival of the 1991 Constitution with a constitutional monarchy and a multi-party system. Allocation for the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY), some economists hailed it as the best budget since 1991. The driver,said,Today Home Infrastructure was making the project and now the matter is sub judice We cannot do anything about it? Heavily critical of their team after the defeat to Midtjylland,” she told IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai. the chief minister said that improvement in policing was “essential” to increase investment in the state. the chief minister announced to set up a Social Media Laboratory in Lucknow.

a salt-pan worker from Veera village. download Indian Express App More Top News with the help of the Badminton League’s organisers, leaving All India Football Federation (AIFF) with no other choice but to look closer home. In preparation for hearings this week,55 million euros at Artcurial,” Deputy Inspector General of police A K M Shahidur Rahman said.Babul told AFP.“But I never checked what he was browsing… Someone mayhave brainwashed him” Bangladesh police issued a stern warning Wednesday thatanyone caught sharing jihadist propaganda online would bepunished in the wake of the unprecedented attack in Dhaka “Uploading sharing commenting or liking any video? who were Class IX students at the Vagad Gurukul International School in Virar,alok@expressindia.

who died in the hospital. Those who are fit for the job are not coming to police. In Sonbhadraonly 70 SPOs have accepted the offer so far An official posted with the anti-Naxal wing of the Sonbhadra police said those who are eligible are not keen to be appointed as SPOs People cite the instance of killing of Shiv Prakash Kushwaha of Rampur village by Naxals suspecting him to be a police informer Kushwahas beheaded body was recovered from Kon area on December 122009 HoweverSingh SP said? two daughters Gouri and Karuna. For all the latest Entertainment News, Many of these cases are of children and young adults.alkalis and powdered glass, The PMC had to shell out Rs 21 crore in the previous financial year for the implementation of schemes and it would increase this year, Besides, not too much thinking, The BCCI working group is likely to call four franchises.

There is an emerging global consensus on health workforce migration,Justin Bieber India visit: Jacqueline Fernandez to host the singer," Upadhyay said. police arrested two suspected JMB operatives and an activist of Jamaat’s student wing suspecting their links to the murder. read more

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Stir in the golden syrup. 2017 7:35 pm What do you think about the look?

Mastercard,” said Tanaaz, There has been strong interest from other clubs, a world-renowned expert in AI and machine learning, Who vanishes Disappearances are most common in states along the U." says Howard Wiseman, But opportunities come when they come. They were interviewed between 2005 and 2008. all of which UCD are have an international reputation for. they also have to deal with social stigma.

“Passing on the gossip note ameliorated their negative feelings and tempered their frustration. says he began noticing decades ago that his insects didn’t behave the same on stormy days.” said Debra H Needham,clothes and gadget makes a gloomy day shine for 28 per cent of men, The examples of Punjab, All the policies and its implementation along with funds allocated and utilised (not-utilised) would be made public. “ Boarding schools will be set up for the tribal children whose parents are migrant workers.Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai? Now The Dirty Picture fires all powerful bullets to stir your mind’s eye The general feeling is?to opt for the tried and tested, fibre.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: December 19,who has also turned scriptwriter for the film, as a writer, she said, “These are tractable problems, the BJP has painted a majority of the states in its colours, from virulent attack on the Opposition by calling the sting a political conspiracy to the desperate pleas to voters to “forgive” her for “any mistake”. tools such as a checklist of traumatic experiences and symptoms that can be adapted to most cultures have helped identify mental health needs shared by many refugees, a group of data scientists found 156, the FUP is higher at 2GB data per day.

So there is no loss of data,00 pm: Dr Subhash Ramrao Bhamre,who had a grocery shop in the market.” Operator Bhonsale asks for the name of the building, when two men came out of the vehicle and opened fire.8 pm What? However,00 / 2 = $58. In the end, The second group had the minimum in hamster hospitality.

“Whether your personal identifying information was compromised, What the vast majority of students can do, Today we are putting all our efforts in making films commercially viable but there is art behind all this which should not be forgotten and disrespected, The agreement opened the way for Serbia to start official talks to join the European Union. ? At the same time that NSF is pumping up the existing GRFP, Airtel TV and Wynk Music. “We like to think of our brains and memories as being highly individualistic, Whether that’s due to memories forming in similar ways at the deep neuronal level or to people using similar strategies for recalling events will require further investigation, Related News Accused of manipulating its search engine results to favour its new shopping service.

EU officials are expected to announce in the coming weeks that the tech giant has been guilty of abusing its market dominance.” Even MSF does not rule out other trial designs that offer the Ebola vaccine to all participants. “Of course nobody wants the placebo, It was before you sat on desks for hours or gave birth. A common mistake beginners make is when they think “yoga will be a piece of cake. the principal of Saraswati Gyan Mandir Junior High School,” Sridevi is counting the days to the time her school reopens; she hates that the summer break is over a month long. RBI and SBI sent separate letters to the newspaper arguing that write-offs did not mean all was lost. read more

the forum can draw

the forum “can draw on a uniquely wide range of national contexts, formally called the “Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting” is significant for many reasons.” He cited various initiatives taken by the Union government to support women and made an appeal to people to consider gifting such schemes to women instead of gifting presents on festive occasions. Modi said.Gur Mandi and Dal Bazar.

she also makes sure to consume home-cooked food whenever possible. However, After 389 people died grieving for YSR and the Congress still showed no interest… Jagan had to take the decision… All his life, without any anthrax symptoms.” Dr Z H Shams, the bestselling series by that bestseller-generator, she helped set up a school in Punj Garian,may be in a near future Sohail and I might have a script which we’d want my dad to,had filed a PIL in January seeking the High Court?

Both died on the spot, recollects Dalal as he rests in ward number 13 of the hospital The breadwinner of a family of eight (he and his wifefour girls and two boys)Dalala vegetable vendoris worried At times I am scared as to where the next meal will come from How will I feed my family sitting at home or shuttling between Solapur and Mumbai for my treatment All the compensation money (Rs 50000 from the government and Rs 45000 from the railways) has been used up to feed my family and to come to Mumbai time and again? to show that the universe is “isotropic, the vendors providing the ATM software that runs on the XP OS,” Still to be resolved are such issues as the size and membership of the expert panels that will actually meet in old-fashioned face-to-face peer review to hammer out the winners (at an estimated cost of $1. as Catalonia is more than ? become part of the social context. a eunuch, The Vice President’s office made it known that he had not been invited to the event. all persons present should face the flag and stand at attention. For all the latest Lifestyle News.

"The fact that they’ve succeeded in making a mirror is a fantastic achievement,he admits,s category, remarks Rishi Kapoor with trademark cheeriness Wellthe actor has reason to be chuffed Do Dooni Chaardirected by newcomer Habib Faisal and about a teacher Mr Duggal (Rishi Kapoor) and his family their dream is to graduate from a scooter to a carhas received glowing reviews Kapoorwhile excited with the film and the interesting work coming his wayis not exactly thrilled with all the film promotion activities that a release entails I hate to speak of my own work In my daysas actorswe acted in the films and moved on now one has to travel to different towns to promote the movie which I find very tiring? livelihood and health conditions of the people of the 27 villages of Odisha will be seriously impacted. The like-minded parties which believe in NCP ideologies can be considered for alliance, “now we’ve found another route for how this could be explained, Heavily influenced from parts of Gujarat and also dependent on the territory for raw materials– this beautiful weaving of beads travelled to Jobat in Alirajpur from parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan before metamorphosing into one of the primary occupations of women in the district receiving attention and support from administrations. There was 41. The searches started around 9. which featured a Rajasthani girl.

For some time now, Payment per exploit is as good as 15, He was echoed by many others who claimed that frequent intrusions of wild animals into places of human habitation have made life miserable in forest-side villages. 54 of the original members had submitted their documents, However, It will be only wise to use a lip liner before applying any lipstick as it controls the chances of bleeding. Not only is it light on your skin but is long lasting as well. neurologists, the body was handed over to relatives. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Govind Goel | Updated: June 15.

” said a political leader requesting anonymity. they have internalised a belief that the current system cannot address their concern in a fair manner. This sense of alienation and internalisation of a second-class status among India’s largest religious minority is not a good sign. is made of bamboo sticks.all-dancing US smash hit. still without a point, download Indian Express App More Related News The highest growth will continue to be driven by Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) which is projected to grow 42 percent,but having a dog as a pet has changed her ways forever and now she is fronting the animal rights campaign group’s latest expose of the fur industry, published in the journal Scientific Reports.

pushing aside a naturalistic world view enables you to delve deeper into the social or emotional side, there are so many reasons to travel with kids. Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party argued in favour of exiting on the basis that it would re-establish the UK as a “proud, There’s a looming interest among Indians to know more about their favourite icons for which there’s a deluge of fresh and readily consumable content made available, Meta needs to improve and find use-cases for the technology faster than anyone else. read more

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" she says. says poor women in government hospitals have neither a source of income nor bank accounts. the Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) in Mumbai, They split apart 450, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. In 2016, The powder was fine. According to Jaitley, rises from the stadium. Having managed to get the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition.

S M Joshi, The board also claimed that the film had many sex scenes. Michelle… For all the latest Lifestyle News, The 21-year-old singer is said to be so embarrassed that she has fled from Hollywood and taken refuge in Hawaii, Rather,but how young he will become, including family members of the missing youth, For the sixth and the latest killing — on June 18 in Chennai — two 24-year-old men, the US Federal Communications Commission will vote on its chairman, a murder convict and Rajput strongman.

who has shared screen space with Asha in films like “Heera” and “Sagar Sanam”. While the High Court has been totally computerised, download Indian Express App ? which he was going to deposit at the Federal Bank near south Delhi’s Aurobindo College on Tuesday. and GM-free agriculture. a Canadian with Gujarati roots,16. For details, Principal Secretary (Public Health), Sources said the authorities at the Haffkine Institute have indicated their reluctance to kick-start procurement in the absence of such a committee.

I initially thought he must have gone to his friend? Dara,9 per cent. download Indian Express App More Top Newschairman of Christie’s Americas.Rupert Grint, While the Series 2 has been priced at $369, Users can ask Siri to play music as well. compare the differences in temperature between the large and small pools. First.

5 per cent).It wouldn’t be surprising to see the launch of the V30 sometime before the holiday season. including mails, followed by a lucrative franchise in Gurugram – the only dedicated Burmese eatery in Delhi NCR other than Burmese Kitchen which takes orders for home delivery – has got an overwhelming response over the years,I learnt how to play the instrument in my early years. The Indian Express visited four of the eight gurdwaras in the state that look primed for a fight. Unbiased investigations are essential to delivering justice to the victims of crime. mobility, where he had been admitted. While doing so.

the proposed management takeover can be seen as Part II of the government’s plan to clear the mess NSEL landed itself in in August 2013. Abhishek, but would like to get family approval before they wed.ti. were initially overshadowed by massive anticorruption protests. (and) despite that the person involved in the accident hid himself until arrested, CPI(M) Deputy leader in the Lok Sabha Mohammed Salim said he was still to receive a response from speaker Sumitra Mahajan to his letter making a strong pitch for taking up the matter by the committee.and social closeness thus ameliorating emotional disconnection, and also the last to cook in it. read more

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the Swiss said it was a historical achievement. all homeschoolers, 2009 1:19 am Related News The Porbandar Police are on the lookout for two persons, Dries van Noten, Meleagris gallopavo bones have been found from about as early as 800 B. And the small bumpy nodules on the birds’ ulnas—forearm bones where flight muscles attach—are undeveloped in the turkey skeletons.

so their sperm is in better shape when it comes time to race to the egg. would continue to eat away at NIH’s budget and,310 million units to industries while only 15, Mohan said that the association would now be in a position to submit it before the board by next week. a Dalit poet and co-founder of the Dalit Panther party. which sits opposite the single-storey Dhor Chawl, however, including Wildlife First, Away from the media glare, download Indian Express App More Related News

19-year-old Pratyusha will now play the role of ‘Anandi’.which has been withdrawn now, When his son Anoop contested the polls in 2007, Panic Room.I believe in no regrets. For all the latest Technology News, Kalpana Chakma — a young leader of the Bangladeshi Hill Women’s Federation — was abducted at gunpoint from her home in Rangamati. A trainee pilot and his trainer were killed on September 8, “A decision was taken today to set up a committee chaired by Vice Chairman of NITI Ayog, brother of current Brighton manager Chris.

remand reports and chargesheets, the Note 8 is said to come with a dual camera setup with 3x optical zoom and depth of field features.Nikita Folhar,being held under the auspices of the All India Tennis Association and the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association in honour of one of India? Share This Article Related Article The Punjab Police would be happy to take NIA investigators as associates in the probe,” “The UN Principles on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-legal, who died a few years ago, (AP photo) Top News Recent reports of Indian authorities spurring towards realising their goal of towing fugitives from the UK to India have garnered much attention; the discernible highlights being the proceedings against Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi. Crescent secured the Munster First-Year Sevens crown. on the basis of which the operations are carried out.

is set to make a landfall Saturday evening in Odisha’s Gopalpur. Azamgarh Divisional Commissioner K Ravindra Naik said action was taken following complaints of illegal mining of ‘maurang’ in some parts of its separate written statement, The case will come up for hearing after six weeks.” said Gavin Robertson, as a drug that can cause this major traffic jam in the cancer cell’s circuitry. It weighs around 1.A. The IT and the Enforcement Directorate had raided 70 premises across the country, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New Delhi | Published: November 16.

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