Milwaukee jury awards $6M to 3 men in lead poisoning lawsuit

MILWAUKEE — A federal jury in Milwaukee on Friday awarded $2 million each to three men who sued three major paint and pigment companies which the men claimed were responsible for the lead poisoning they suffered as toddlers in their homes.The jury agreed with the plaintiffs’ claims after a three-week trial, The Journal Sentinel reported. It determined that Sherwin-Williams, Armstrong Container Corp., and DuPont should each pay a portion of the award, depending on their market share, which will be determined next week in the trial’s second phase.The plaintiffs did not have to prove which specific product poisoned them under Wisconsin’s unique “risk contribution theory,” which was established by the state Supreme Court in 2005.The companies had to prove they were not marketing or providing their products in Milwaukee at the time the plaintiffs claim they were sickened.Sherwin-Williams plans to appeal.“Sherwin-Williams Company has a strong history of working together with public health officials to remove lead from paints decades before the government banned lead paint for residential use and to provide information to the public about the potential risks of deteriorated lead paint,” said Antonio Dias, one of Sherwin-Williams’ attorneys.Lead poisoning can cause brain and nervous system damage, as well as learning and behaviour problems.The plaintiffs, Glenn Burton, Ravon Owens and Cesar Sifuentes, struggle with reading comprehension because of childhood lead poisoning, their attorney Fidelma Fitzpatrick told jurors during closing arguments.“Lead is a weight on their shoulders, holding them back” from certain career choices and opportunities, she said.Attorneys for the paint companies questioned whether the plaintiffs were injured at all and argued their products were never in Milwaukee during the time the plaintiffs said they were poisoned.Another Sherwin-Williams attorney, Richard Deane, told jurors that none of the plaintiffs had brain swelling, lead in their bones or MRIs of brain abnormalities.Lead-based paint was banned in the U.S. in 1978.___Information from: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, http://www.jsonline.comThe Associated Press read more

Record household debt to add pressure to credit cards in next downturn

TORONTO — Unprecedented household debt levels will give Canadians a rude awakening on their unpaid credit card bills if another economic downturn materializes in the coming years, according to a new report issued Wednesday.Moody’s Investors Service it will be closely watching Alberta and Saskatchewan for signs of increased delinquencies on consumer debt portfolios.The two provinces already saw a doubling of initial unemployment claims in the latter half of 2016, a result of a prolonged downturn in the oil sector after the global price of crude began to plummet in late 2014.“We wouldn’t be surprised to see that as an area of strain in the country,” said Jason Mercer, an assistant vice-president at the ratings agency.Moody’s said card loan performance in these Prairie provinces in coming quarters will be “an illustrative first test” of the ongoing strength of the banks’ Canadian credit card portfolios and the broader environment for consumer credit.“We’re all a little vulnerable right now, here in Canada,” Mercer said.“If there’s a shock in employment, somehow, that could cause consumers to change their spending and their debt service patterns.”Canadians have seen their dollar-to-debtload nearly double over the past 30 years, as lower interest rates and relatively small economic stresses encouraged more people to spend against things rising house prices, Mercer said.Moody’s says consumers owed $1.69 of debt for each dollar of their disposable income as of March 31.The meteoric rise of debt has been fuelled partly by attractively low interest rates and a Canadian economy that generally recovered more quickly from the last recession than the United States and Europe. Some analysts have raised concerns that an entire generation was growing comfortable with an unsustainable level of debt.Moodys says mortgage debt growth, not credit cards, is driving the increase in Canadian household debt.Consumers typically pay more attention to meeting their mortgage payments over credit card debt, Moodys said, because the flexible payment terms of cards don’t lead to losing assets like a home or automobile. However, credit card interest rates tend to be much higher than those associated with mortgages.Follow @dfriend on Twitter. read more

GKN announces £12m investment in UK engineering facilities

Continuing the recent trend of major investment by UK automotive companies, GKN, the global engineer, has announced a significant commitment of more than £12m to increase capacity at its Birmingham and Telford facilities, supporting its role as a tier-one supplier to the key automotive brands.GKN Driveline is part of GKN plc and is the world’s leading supplier of automotive driveline systems and solutions. The Birmingham facility manufactures propshafts and sideshafts that drive the wheels of most of the vehicles manufactured in the UK each year. The success of UK-built cars like the Range Rover Evoque and Nissan Qashqai are helping to power the plant’s expansion.Nigel Stein, Chief Executive GKN plc and SMMT President, said, “The UK is proving itself to be a strong automotive performer with a high proportion of exports. The success of our customers and their demand for GKN technology has meant we are now investing to increase capacity. This investment will help ensure the UK automotive sector continues to grow.“As a longstanding British company that operates in more than 35 countries, GKN has strong relationships with most of the world’s car manufacturers. What we have seen in the UK has been a strong vote of confidence by this sector, supported by government. We are backing their confidence with our investment which will in turn advance the overall UK engineering supply chain.”The company has already invested some £15m in its Birmingham facility over the past three years to support upgrading and modernising of manufacturing capability and the creation of a UK centre of excellence. In addition to manufacturing, Birmingham is one of GKN Driveline’s engineering design and test facilities that helps to deliver the latest product technology to UK customers.To read the latest announcements on investment, manufacturing expansion, new vehicle models and employment within the UK’s automotive sector, go to to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Giant otters roamed world six million years ago

first_imgGiant otters the size of wolves lived in prehistoric waters six million years ago, scientists have discovered.US paleontologists discovered the biggest otter that ever lived while excavating an ancient lake bed in Shuitangba, in the Yunnan Province in Southwestern China.The species, called Siamogale melilutra, was about the size of a wolf and weighed approximately 110lbs, almost twice as large as the largest living otters.It belongs to an ancient lineage of extinct otters, which goes back at least 18 million years, that was previously known only from isolated teeth recovered from Thailand.  The discovery of a complete skull, jawbone and teeth showed that the creature had evolved to live on extra large shellfish and molluscs which it cracked open with its powerful jaw.“From the vegetation and other animal groups found at Shuitangba, we know that it was a swampy, shallow lake with quite dense vegetation,” said Dr Denise Su, Curator and Head of Paleobotany and Paleoecology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.The teeth are similar to modern otters, and experts believe they evolved because of the diet of the creatures. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Modern otters are only around 30cm long  “Multiple otter lineages have low-crowned, rounded teeth, leading us to ask the question if this was inherited from a common ancestor or if this was convergent evolution based on common dietary behaviours across different species,” said Dr Xiaoming Wang, lead author of the paper and Curator and Head of Vertebrate Palaeontology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.“Our analysis suggests that the dentition independently appeared at least three times over the evolutionary history of otters.”The skull was squashed flat during the fossilisation so researchers used a CT scanner to image the bones and then rebuild the otter using a computer. The restoration showed that the creature had some features in common with badgers, which led to it being christened ‘Melilutra’ – meles meaning badger in Latin and lutra meaning otter.“While the cranium is incredibly complete, it was flattened during the fossilisation process,” added Dr Su.“The bones were so delicate that we could not physically restore the cranium. Instead, we CT-scanned the specimen and virtually reconstructed it in a computer.“This groundbreaking discovery now has scientists trying to understand other aspects of the life of Siamogale melilutra.”center_img Modern otters are only around 30cm long  The skull was squashed and had to be scanned and reconstructed virtually on a computer  The skull was squashed and had to be scanned and reconstructed virtually on a computer last_img read more

The Paper Airplane Guy shatters world record with the help of former

first_imgJohn Collins, a producer at KRON-TV in San Francisco, is now an official part of history as one of his paper creations glided 226 feet and ten inches through the air to set the new world record for distance. And you teachers with large classrooms thought you were safe from getting pelted by students.A paper airplane fanatic since a child, Collins has written two books on the subject and has toured the world showing off his creations. Having studied countless designs as well as origami over the years, he felt like he had a shot to create an aircraft that could break the previous world distance record of 207 feet, 4 inches held by Stephen Kreiger. The only thing he was lacking was the arm strength to actually be able to propel a plane that full distance. Enter former Cal quarter back Joe Ayoob, the man who took over for Aaron Rodgers after his ascension to the NFL.Ayoob and Collins were introduced to each other when Collins first two choices to throw for the record had to bow out due to injury and work pressures. Ayoob had worked with the Vern Glenn, sportscaster at KRON announcing arena football games. Glenn introduced the two after he heard that Collins needed someone with a powerful throwing arm to reach his goal. Looks like he picked the right guy.On February 26th, Ayoob threw a Collins-made paper airplane ten straight times for the record after 40 or so practice flights. On his fourth attempt is when he nailed the throw, propelling him and Collins into the record books. The event took place at McClellan Air Force Base located near Sacramento. A fitting locale for the record breaking flight.As of press time, Collins’ site, has been taken offline for too much traffic (not surprising). When it comes back up we should be able to get an idea of the plane’s design so that you can try to replicate it, perhaps one day you will be able to challenge for the title! I have already contacted Tom Brady about a collaboration so go find your own QB.Read more at ESPN.last_img read more

Salah included in Egypts World Cup squad

first_imgMohamed Salah has been named in Egypt’s final 23-man squad for the World Cup in Russia, reports Sky SportsThe Liverpool forward has been a major concern for Egypt after sustaining a shoulder injury in a challenge by Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos in last month’s Champions League final in Kiev.However, Salah has remained hopeful of being able to participate in the World Cup and has visited Valencia in order to undergo treatment.Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, LiverpoolMo Salah laughs off Sadio Mane incident with a brilliant video Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Mohamed Salah laughed off his little spat with Liverpool team-mate Sadio Mane by posting a brilliant video showing they’ve made up.The 25-year-old recently posted an update on Twitter of himself in the gym carrying out a stretching exercise on his damaged left shoulder with the caption: “Good feelings”.The Egyptian Football Federation had initially announced that Salah would be out for three weeks and therefore would be unavailable for their World Cup opener against Uruguay. But a post on it’s Facebook states it has been well aware of the 25-year-old’s progress and praised him for the “determination of the great player to catch up with his team-mates”.The Pharaohs’ first game against Uruguay on June 15 will mark their first appearance in football’s biggest stage in nearly three decades and they and will also face Saudi Arabia and hosts Russia in group A.last_img read more

ASA Celebrates 90th Year As Grassroots Voice of Soybean Farmers

first_imgMember-Driven Association Does Important Policy Work That Soybean Checkoff Cannot DoSoybean farming has changed dramatically since 1920. But even then, decisions made on Capitol Hill were having a direct effect on the production and profitability of soybean farmers. That’s why the American Soybean Association (ASA) was established 90 years ago—and continues to be the advocate and grassroots voice of the nation’s soybean farmers when important policy is being discussed and created.In 2010, ASA celebrates its 90th year as the only member-driven association focused on representing the best interests of soybean farmers on Capitol Hill and around the globe. Established in 1920, ASA has been a vigilant promoter and watchdog for soybean farmers when ag and environmental policy, government regulations and trade agreements are being developed.During the past 90 years, ASA has helped the soybean industry grow dramatically. In 1919, only about 1 million bushels of soybeans were produced on 112,826 acres at a value of about $4.5 million. Now, 90 years later, ASA is proud that the journey for soybean production in the U.S. has led to production of 3.25 billion bushels of soybeans from 76.6 million acres with a value of more than $32 billion.ASA has helped improve the profitability of soybean farmers in a number of ways. In recent years, ASA fought for biodiesel tax incentives that have improved soybean prices, increasing soybean farmer net returns by more than $2.5 billion over the last four years alone. ASA also worked to ensure farmer-friendly provisions in the 2008 Farm Bill. ASA continues to work on trade policy to open new markets for soybeans and soy products and make sure current soy markets stay open—including the Chinese market, which accounted for nearly 60 percent of U.S. soy exports in 2009. ASA-supported trade agreements have resulted in billions of dollars in sales of soybeans, soybean meal and soybean oil—not to mention exports of pork and poultry.According to ASA President Johnny Dodson, a soybean grower from Tennessee, the job isn’t getting any easier. “Agriculture is under attack from special interest groups, animal rights and environmental activists, and misinformed media,” Dodson said. “Major climate change, environmental and energy bills are being debated now, and debate over a new Farm Bill is on the horizon. Soybean research and transportation projects must be funded. And international trade agreements are being negotiated. Soybean farmers have a huge stake in it all—and ASA makes sure their voice is heard.”ASA leadership is made up of soybean farmers. When ASA testifies in front of a Congressional committee, educates federal and state policy makers and their staffs, or speaks to local or national media, it’s soybean farmers doing the talking.”A huge majority of Americans are generations removed from our nation’s agricultural roots, Dodson said. “Many of them are in positions of power—making policies and decisions that have a profound effect on the profitability of America’s soybean farmers. If we don’t speak up for ourselves, no one else is going to do it for us. That’s what ASA does—and the more members we have, the louder and stronger our voice.”Becoming an ASA member allows farmers to have their voices heard, knowing that someone is protecting their interests in Washington, DC and in their state capitol. Dodson said. “If soybean farmers believe they need to be heard when policy is being formulated, they need to make the choice to belong to ASA. We’ve been watching the backs of soybean farmers for 90 years—and we’re not about to let up now.”Dodson added that many soybean farmers are under the mistaken impression that they are ASA members because they pay the soybean checkoff. “The soybean checkoff is specifically prohibited by law from influencing policy or lobbying on behalf of soybean farmers,” Dodson said. “While every soybean farmer pays into the checkoff to fund important research and promotion work, ASA’s lobbying and regulatory work for soybean farmers is funded by soybean farmer memberships in ASA. You have to make the choice to belong to the American Soybean Association.”When soybean farmers join ASA, they also join their state soybean association. ASA has more than 22,500 members. Farmers interested in joining can visit or call toll free 1.800.688.7692.From October 2009 through 2010, the American Soybean Association will be celebrating its 90th Anniversary. A variety of historical information, photos, special activities and commemorative items will be presented to recognize this milestone anniversary. BASF is a sponsor of the ASA 90th Anniversary Celebration.last_img read more

Program Aims To Increase Understanding Of Childhood Trauma Effects

first_imgThe aim is to eventually expand the program statewide if funding can be found. Schools involved with CLEAR’s three-year-program are referred to as “trauma-sensitive schools” or “trauma-informed schools.” Studies have shown that children who experience more adverse childhood events than others usually don’t perform as well in school and often end up in more legal trouble as adults. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享An elementary school in Alaska’s capital is embracing a program that aims to increase understanding of the effects of childhood trauma in the learning process. Turner has stated that her hope is to help students who have suffered from trauma “to perform better in school and society by uniting students and teachers in understanding why some students act out.” Story as aired: Audio PlayerAshley-on-Juneeu-schools.mp3VmAshley-on-Juneeu-schools.mp300:00RPd The Assistant Director of Washington State University’s Child and Family Research Unit, Natalie Turner, is working with fourth-graders at Juneau’s Glacier Valley Elementary as part of a program called CLEAR, or Collaborative Learning for Educational Achievement and Resilience.last_img read more

Distraction or advantage Mushers disagree on Iditarods new communicationdevice rule

first_imgTwo-time champion Mitch Seavey begins his Iditarod run at the Fairbanks re-start on Monday. (Photo: Ben Matheson, KNOM)As mushers speed toward Nome, a controversial new Iditarod rule is in effect for the first time. After a vote by the Board of Directors last fall, mushers are now allowed to carry two-way communication devices, like cell and satellite phones. But many competitors both young and old think the presence of technology goes against the spirit of the race.Listen nowSpeaking at the Ceremonial Start, Kasilof musher Monica Zappa has a reputation for being outspoken. And she doesn’t mince words about why she’s “boycotting” the two-way communication rule.“Because it’s pointless,” Zappa sad. “My cellphone would be dead in two seconds in the cold, anyway. There’s no service on the trail. And it’s a really lame rule.”The change is to language in rule number 35, governing electronic devices. Communicators can be brought along and used, though not for any media purposes.Paul Gebhardt sits on the Iditarod’s board of directors and said he won’t be bringing any kind of phone.“I don’t like it, I got nobody I really want to talk to when I’m out there, just my dogs and me,” Gebhardt said. “And that’s what I think the spirit of the race is about. And I voted, personally, against the two-way communication device, and most of the mushers agree with me.”A lot of racers say the technology is not only cumbersome, but could prove a distraction. Norwegian Joar Ulsom thinks it also opens up the possibility of getting mentally derailed at a time when psychological fortitude is crucial.“People can send you text messages that you receive and you have no control (of) what they’re saying to you,” Ulsom said. “And they could say a thing that’s gonna benefit me, or a thing that’s gonna mess up my day.”Not everyone is against the change, though. And some like it for the very reason that others are dismissive. Wade Marrs is bringing both a satellite and cell phone, and says while communication can’t be a part of his strategy, it’ll be a boost to check in with his girlfriend at tough points in the race.“I do my best thinking on my own, and not with any pressure. So definitely not looking to find any advice or anything like that from it,” Marrs said. “But be able to call Sophie and say hi and tell her I love her — that’ll be nice.”While racers still aren’t allowed to accept outside help, it’s unclear how that prohibition can be monitored and enforced when it comes to calls or communication. There’s lingering ambiguity about what is and isn’t allowed under the rule change, even among some of the race’s most experienced veterans. Past champion Mitch Seavey is bringing a cell phone — somewhat reluctantly. And he says for those mushers gunning for a first place finish, there’s no use not seizing every available tool to gain an edge.“I didn’t make the rule, I wish the rule wasn’t there, but if they’re gonna have that device allowed – and it isn’t just cell phones it’s any two-way communication, so remember it’s not limited by cell coverage – then I would be foolish to not participate in that,” Seavey said. “Although, honestly, we’re at the starting line and I’m not quite sure yet what we’re allowed to use them for and what we’re not.”The change was spurred by safety concerns after last year’s race, when an intoxicated snowmachiner attacked two mushers on a remote stretch of trail. Defenders of the rule say that with the technology available, there’s no longer a good reason not to have an extra security option available for those who want it. One of the racers attacked was Aliy Zirkle, who, with the new rule in place, would be able to call race officials for help if something similar every happened. But few mushers cite safety in their decision on whether or not to bring a device. Zirkle’s partner, Allen Moore, won’t be carrying one. But he is bringing another safety precaution.“I got a flare gun, I don’t know if that counts,” Moore said. “To scare off moose or bad people or whatever.”last_img read more

SEBI slaps Rs 5 lakh fine on these 4 entities for violating

first_imgREUTERS/Shailesh AndradeMarkets regulator Sebi has imposed a total penalty of Rs 5,00,000 on four entities — IFCI Factors, Unicon Merchants, Akash Gupta and Preeti Gupta — for disclosure lapses in the matter of Shiva Cement.SEBI found that these four entities had violated SAST (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulation for the transactions dated April 21, 2014, in the shares of Shiva Cement. Shiva Cement’s shares, which were released on April 21, 2014, had been pledged by the promoters.IFCI Factors was the counter-party to the transactions and had acquired the shares. The promoters had pledged their shares with IFCI Factors and the same was released later which required them to make requisite disclosures, SEBI said in its order dated January 5. The market regulator added that upon release of the pledged shares, IFCI Factors was also required to make necessary disclosures.Although, the four entities by not making the necessary disclosures upon release of the pledge of shares of Shiva Cements have violated the provisions of SAST Regulation, SEBI noted.In order to conduct an inquiry into the matter, a personal hearing was granted to all the Noticees by the SEBI on November 28, 2017. The hearing notice was delivered to all the noticees and they had appeared for the hearing. After the process, SEBI concluded that the noticees failed to make the necessary disclosures as required under the SAST Regulation are liable for monetary penalties under the SEBI Act, 1992.After considering all the facts and circumstances of the case and exercising the powers conferred upon me under Section 15-I (2) of the SEBI Act, 1992 SEBI has levied a fine of Rs 3,00,000 on the promoters and Rs 2,00,000 on IFCI Factors for the violations. The Noticees are required to remit the said amount of penalty within 45 days of receipt of SEBI’s order.last_img read more

TCS set to become 1st Indian company with 100 billion market cap

first_imgTCS m-capReuters fileFollowing the double-digit rally in the share price, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) may soon become India’s 1st $100 billion dollar company.Shares of TCS closed at a lifetime high of Rs 3,406 Friday. At the current price, TCS is valued at Rs 6.52 trillion ($98.52 billion), a few points away from the $100-billion mark in market capitalizatio (m-cap).On Friday, shares of TCS clocked its biggest gain of 7 percent in a single day since April 2012.Interestingly, the rupee hit its 13-month low of 66.05 against the US dollar Friday. If not for the weakness in the rupee, TCS’ market cap would have breached the $100-billion mark.By scaling $100 billion, TCS is set to join the league of the 100 most valuable companies in the world. TCS will be the 2nd Indian company to achieve the milestone after Reliance Industries. Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries had crossed the mark in October 2007. Currently, TCS is ranked 103, ahead of British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).TCS reported a revenue growth of 8.2 percent at Rs 32,075 crore in the 1st 3 months this year. The IT major also announced 1:1 bonus shares of Re 1 face value to its investors at the end of the financial year 2018. TCS’ results were in contrast to its rival IT firm Infosys. Last week, Infosys reported a 28 percent sequential fall in net profit to Rs 3,690 crore in the fourth-quarter results (ended on March 31).TCS is in the top slot in terms of market capitalization. Companies like Reliance, HDFC Bank, ITC, Hindustan Unilever, HDFC, Maruti Suzuki and Infosys are also in the top positions.Brokerages expect TCS to even better its financial performance during the current fiscal.last_img read more

Comparison with Pakistan not to be tolerated Hasina

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh HasinaPrime minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday said she is not scared of any threat and warned against comparing Bangladesh’s situation with Pakistan.“Everything can be tolerated, but we will not tolerate when a comparison is made with Pakistan,” said Hasina addressing a mourning rally at Krishibid Institution Bangladesh in the capital. Bangladesh Awami League (AL) organised the mourning rally commemorating those killed in the 21-August grenade attack.She went on, “Following Pakistan’s [SC] verdict, somebody will threat me… I seek justice from the people for that. Why is a comparison made with the Pakistan prime minister? There is no use issuing such a threat to me.”The prime minister’s remarks came a day after the chief justice, Surendra Kumar Sinha, warned that the judiciary has been patient enough, referring to a Pakistan Supreme Court order which removed that country’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif a couple of weeks ago.“We’ve seen Ayub Khan, Yahya, Zia, and Ershad.” “So, I seek justice from the people as to why a comparison is being made with the very Pakistan we defeated in 1971 and is a failed state.” Also the ruling AL president, Hasina came hard heavily on the Supreme Court and the chief justice apparently for a recent SC verdict that annulled 16th constitutional amendment scrapping parliament’s power to sack judges on the grounds of misconduct and incapacity.She also alleged the judiciary sided with the corrupt coterie.“You [judges] must not forget that parliament members are the representatives of the people and the people preserve all the power. People are the owners of the republic.“Parliamentarians elect the president and that president appoints the chief justice and other judges,” observed the prime minister. “He [chief justice] should have resigned before making these observations,” she added.“There are many contradictions in the verdict [16th amendment annulment verdict]. I am scrutinising the verdict and will make comments on this issue in parliament,” said Hasina.UNB adds: “People’s court is the biggest court; no one can ignore people’s court… I’m lodging my complaint with this court… I want justice from the court of people,” Sheikh Hasina said, adding that there are some sudden statements, political talks and threats coming from the higher court.Citing the Supreme Court observations that “MPs are criminals” and there are “businessmen” in parliament, the prime minister said, “Doing business isn’t a sin. What’s the problem if any businessman becomes an MP?”Mentioning that the president, as per the constitution, appoints the prime minister and the chief justice, Hasina said the chief justice is trying to snatch the president’s power. “Being appointed by the president, how can he take away the constitutional power from the president?”About the Supreme Judicial Council, she said the chief justice chose the system introduced by Ziaur Rahman who “illegally grabbed power”. “The higher court declared the Zia regime illegal,” she said.The prime minister criticised SK Sinha for blocking the Anti-Corruption Commission’s probe against justice Joynal Abedin who gave a “false and untrue report as ordered by the BNP government on the August 21 grenade attack on the AL rally”.”When the ACC sought an inquiry, the chief justice gave a letter stating that this probe can’t go ahead. How could he say that being the chief justice? Saving a corrupt person and pampering him aren’t the task of the chief justice. This is sheer negligence to the constitution.”Dwelling on the much-talked-about 16th amendment to the constitution, Hasina said she has doubt whether other judges of the Appellate Division had the scope of freely giving their opinions.”The chief justice might have not given them that scope,” she said, adding that many things can be understood after reading the verdict.She said there are many irreverent issues in the verdict. “Those should be placed before the nation because those mislead the nation. With this, no one can get justice.”last_img read more

New Research From Psychological Science

first_imgRead about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Sexual Selection, Agonistic Signaling, and the Effect of Beards on Recognition of Men’s Anger DisplaysBelinda M. Craig, Nicole L. Nelson, and Barnaby J. W. Dixson Can beards enhance recognition of threatening expressions such as anger? This research suggests that bearded faces can indeed be more accurately and quickly perceived as angry than clean-shaven faces. Participants saw photos of the same men displaying expressions of anger or happiness when bearded and when clean-shaven and decided whether each face was “happy” or “angry.” Participants were faster and more accurate at recognizing anger on bearded than on clean-shaven faces. In another experiment, anger was replaced by sadness, a negative but nonthreatening emotion, and participants were slower and less accurate at recognizing sadness on bearded than on clean-shaven faces, which indicates that beards do not enhance recognition of negative emotions in general. Bearded faces were also rated as more masculine and aggressive but also more prosocial (i.e., positive, helpful, friendly) than clean-shaven faces, indicating that beards do not enhance recognition of anger because of a stereotype associating beards with aggressiveness and anger. Craig and colleagues also used a computer-based emotion classifier and found that it provided higher confidence ratings when classifying angry bearded faces than when classifying angry clean-shaven faces. Given these results, the authors suggest that beards facilitate the recognition of anger because they enhance the prominence of the jaw, which, along with the mouth, is important in recognizing anger. Thus, beards may influence perceivers’ behavior, and, for example, professionals who have to respond to threats (e.g., police officers) may be quicker to perceive bearded men as threatening and to act on that perception. When Does One Decide How Heavy an Object Feels While Picking It Up?Myrthe A. Plaisier, Irene A. Kuling, Eli Brenner, and Jeroen B. J. Smeets Is There a Positive Association Between Working Memory Capacity and Mind Wandering in a Low-Demand Breathing Task? A Preregistered Replication of a Study by Levinson, Smallwood, and Davidson (2012)Matt E. Meier Larger objects are usually perceived as heavier than smaller objects. Plaisier and colleagues examined the time at which visual information about an object influences people’s weight estimates while lifting it. In three experiments, participants lifted small and large objects by a handle and estimated the objects’ weight. During the task, participants wore goggles that allowed them to see the whole time, did not allow them to see, or allowed them to briefly see at different points of the task. The size of the object influenced participants’ weight estimates when they could see the object the whole time. Size also influenced the estimates when participants could see only before lifting the object and, to a lesser extent, after lifting the object. However, when participants could see only right after the object reached the maximum height to which they lifted it, the influence of size on the estimates was similar to when participants could see the whole time. Because the influence of the object size on the weight estimates decreased only when vision was provided more than 300 ms after liftoff, the authors suggest that it takes about 300 ms to reach a perceptual decision about a lifted object’s weight. This study thus provides an account of the time course of the use of prior knowledge (e.g., the expectation that larger objects are heavier) in making a perceptual decision (e.g., an object’s weight while being lifted). In a 2012 study, Levinson, Smallwood, and Davidson found that high working memory capacity (WMC) was correlated with a high likelihood of reporting mind wandering when individuals were probed throughout a task but not when they were asked to catch themselves mind wandering. To test this, Meier replicated Levinson et al.’s original study with a larger number of participants. In a breath-awareness task, participants were instructed to be aware of their in and out breathing movements and to count every time they exhaled. During this task, they either received prompts to report whether they were mind wandering (e.g., “Just now, where was your attention?”; 1 = completely on-task to 6 = completely off-task) or were instructed to report anytime they caught themselves off task. Contrary to the results of the original study, the present findings showed that participants who had scored higher in WMC measures reported less mind wandering when probed. Participants with higher WMC self-caught less mind wandering overall, but when the ratio of self-caught mind wandering to probe-caught mind wandering was calculated, higher WMC was associated with higher self-caught mind wandering. These results indicate that individuals with higher WMC may not necessarily report more mind wandering when probed during a task than individuals with lower WMC, but that when their minds wander, they may be more aware of it. Can a Good Life Be Unsatisfying? Within-Person Dynamics of Life Satisfaction and Psychological Well-Being in Late MidlifeHenry R. Cowan Is having a good life (i.e., psychological well-being) always accompanied by feeling life satisfaction (i.e., subjective well-being, happiness)? To explore how life satisfaction and well-being are related, Cowan analyzed self-reports of midwestern participants followed through their late midlife (about age 50) between 2008 and 2017. In 2008, participants’ personality traits (extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness) were assessed, and that and every following year, they self-rated their life satisfaction (e.g., “in most ways, my life is close to my ideal”) and psychological well-being, defined by autonomy, environmental mastery (e.g., “I am quite good at managing the main responsibilities of my daily life”), personal growth, positive relationships, purpose in life, and self-acceptance. Results indicated that participants’ average level of life satisfaction was similar to their average level of psychological well-being, and in years in which those average levels varied, they did so for both variables (e.g., a year with higher life satisfaction was also a year with higher well-being). Well-being and life satisfaction were more connected in participants who scored higher on neuroticism and were independent for participants with very low neuroticism. Other personality traits, such as extraversion, did not contribute to the association between life satisfaction and psychological well-being. These results suggest that interventions to improve well-being may need to take into account personality traits, such as neuroticism. last_img read more

Expressing life through hues

first_imgPaintings speak out the power of colors for renowned artist Rajesh K Baderia whose solo art show titled ‘Alchemy of Colours’ will be inaugurated today at India Habitat Centre in the national Capital. The work depicts the usage of ancient symbols to create each of his masterpiece. Deriving inspiration from nature, cosmos and Philosophy, Rajesh in his upcoming solo show has played with colours and their various hues. His paintings are abstract expressions of his experiences, encounters and beliefs. Most of his paintings have black in the background imparting an importance to his main body of work.  The cropping black background does not restrict the endless and eternal expressions which become Rajesh’s signature.  The colourful expression stirs a positive and meditative emotion, which justifies the title of Exhibition ‘Alchemy of Colours’. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’“Everything around is the source of my inspiration. Be it nature around us or the vast cosmos we live in, I have taken every piece and applied my imagination together on to the canvas,” says the artist. He says it is the energy which plays within us and all around, so energy becomes an important element of his painting in any form– be it dots, circles, streak of light etc. A look at his paintings bring forward the dynamics of creation, depicting movement of sperm kind of visuals or floating eggs.last_img read more

3 Mistakes SmallBusiness Owners Make When It Comes to Managing Their Online

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Having worked with a number of businesses across the globe, assisting with their search engine reputation management over a number of years now, our online marketing team has a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t.For business owners, marketing teams and those responsible for PR however, false expectations created by misinformation on the internet can be difficult to grapple with. Here are a few search engine reputation management (SERM) mistakes that small businesses make with that misinformation.Related: SEO Tutorial: 12 Immutable Laws For Dominating Google’s Search1. Creating lots of links and profiles.SERM can be defined as reverse-SEO, where instead of trying to improve one link with lots of keywords, we’re trying to improve one keyword with lots of links.However, often people think they should simply build hundreds and hundreds of links in the hope that the sheer volume pushes us over the ledge and delivers us with top rankings. That’s completely wrong.Instead, you need to perform typical SEO activities on all the links you create (backlinking, content creation, optimization, etc.). That takes time. You might start by creating social media profiles, business listings and other backlinking profiles, but then you need to populate them with content and make each one as valuable as the core website.If you sat there, just creating link after link, you might improve one website (the core one), but if the top ten results for a certain keyword contain five negative links, how are you going to move them all down with only one strong website?It just doesn’t add up.Related: Here’s How You Can Actually Make Money With YouTube2. Building a Wikipedia page.It’s cool to have a Wikipedia page, and maybe it will help you build backlinks to your website — add some prestige to your business. But while Wikipedia offers fantastic backlinking opportunities and reflects well upon the strength of your business, there are two issues:A random business, CEO or corporate figure can’t just have a listing on Wikipedia. You need to be newsworthy and have done something important and of value. Very few tick those boxes.Wikipedia’s content isn’t frozen in time. So, if you’re struggling with negative reputation, disgruntled customers might want to jump on, call you nasty words and let the whole world find out about you.Even if you go years without an incident, one day someone might deface your whole biography and potentially cause a greater issue than previously encountered. That’s only a hypothetical, of course, but the point is that it’s not always wise to build something you can’t control. Related: 7 Tips to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When Buying Ads3. Thinking SERM is more important than SEO.It can be daunting to stare down a barrel of some really nasty online sentiment. You might worry that every customer under the sun can see the spiteful, seething negativity and are purposely avoiding you like the plague. You might even want to do everything in your power to destroy those links and hijack the SEO strategy to focus on brand reputation management.But while people do trust online sentiment more than almost any other source of information they hear, people also like to find out things for themselves, so the negative online sentiment might not be as bad as you expect — it’s not great, and you do improve that sentiment. But, you shouldn’t focus on SERM at the expense of your whole business plan. SERM and SEO need to be viewed as two separate campaigns, that can and do work in tandem at times. They should even be acutely aware of each other, but they don’t form a singular strategy.Related: 7 Tips to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When Buying AdsAllow SERM to take its course.Search engine reputation management can take time, which can be frustrating and painful when you are desperate for immediate outcomes, but it is worth the hassle in the end. Trust a team of experts to do a good job of reasonably building a set of quality links that can overcome any negativity you receive.It won’t turn around overnight, but it will happen. All search engine practices are like building a tower: You’ve got to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. 4 min read Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. May 9, 2019last_img read more

Deported veterans Banished for committing crimes after serving in the US military

first_imgDeported veterans are receiving almost no attention in the Washington debate over immigration reform. Despite their full-throated support for U.S. troops, political leaders are generally unwilling to advocate on behalf of convicted criminals.U.S. immigration law states that noncitizens who commit serious crimes forfeit their right to remain in the country. Deported veterans and their advocates say those who wear the uniform should be treated as U.S. citizens: punished for any crimes they commit, but not deported.Retired Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005, said deporting veterans “is not fair, and it’s not appropriate for who we are as a people.”“One thing America has always done is revere its veterans,” he said. “To say to them, ‘You swore to support and defend the Constitution and put your life on the line for the rest of us. But you’re not a citizen. So, too bad. You’re gone.’ I just think that’s not us.”Although deported veterans are banned for life, they are welcome to return when they are dead. Honorably discharged veterans, even deportees, are entitled to burial at a U.S. military cemetery with an engraved headstone and their casket draped with an American flag, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA will even pay $300 toward the cost of bringing a deportee’s remains to the United States.One of the few politicians who have been willing to raise the issue is Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., an Army veteran who was wounded in Vietnam. He and a Republican colleague, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla., introduced legislation this year that would have required the secretary of homeland security to sign off on each deportation proceeding against a veteran.“If someone is willing to put on the uniform of the United States military, the last thing they should have to worry about is their immigration status and that of their family; we shouldn’t be deporting them,” Thompson said in an interview.But in June, he said, House leaders declined to consider the proposal, which he called a “slap in the face to our veterans, our service members and our history as a nation of immigrants.”Veterans are divided on this issue.“We hold all military veterans in high regard, but if following our nation’s laws is a requirement for any guest to remain in our country, then that’s the law,” said Joe Davis, a spokesman for the nation’s largest veterans group, the Veterans of Foreign Wars. “An honorable discharge is not a free pass.”Craig Shagin, a Pennsylvania lawyer who represents Tepeyac and is a leading national advocate against deporting veterans, calls the issue “a question of loyalty.”“When Milton was in the Marines, doing dangerous work on behalf of the United States, we treated him as an American,” Shagin said. “Why would that change when he is out of uniform? Because he failed to file a couple of pieces of paper?”Of all Tepeyac’s mistakes, one he especially regrets is not applying for citizenship when he was eligible. If he had, he would not have been deported.Under U.S. law, Tepeyac had been entitled to apply for citizenship when he was 18; he had received his green card five years earlier. Also, once he joined the military the next year he could have applied for citizenship immediately, under a policy Bush enacted in 2002.But he never filled out the paperwork. He said he thought that he automatically became a citizen when he swore his Marine Corps oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”“It never really crossed my mind that I could ever be deported,” Tepeyac said.According to the Pentagon, about 35,000 noncitizens are serving in the U.S. military. Since 2009, about 9,800 military recruits have earned their citizenship during basic training in a program run by the military and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).They are part of more than 89,000 people who have received citizenship through military service since 9/11. That includes 140 who were granted citizenship after being killed in the line of duty.Tepeyac and his family earned green cards in an amnesty signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, when Tepeyac was 13. His parents had brought him to Arizona illegally from Mexico when he was 3.He played baseball and soccer, trumpet and trombone in the school band, and enlisted in the Marines two weeks after his 1995 high school graduation.His eight years in the Marines took him to the Pacific and the Persian Gulf, to Kenya after the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa, and to Kuwait twice in the late 1990s. With “USMC” tattooed on his right calf, he earned medals and commendations — Good Conduct Medal, Armed Forced Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Service Medal — and was honorably discharged in 2003.“Milton was a good Marine,” said Jon Batts, who was Tepeyac’s supervisor for part of his time in the Marines and is now an active-duty Army staff sergeant based at Fort Hood, Texas. “He could have sacrificed his life for the United States, and he’s going to get deported? There’s an injustice going on.”After his discharge, Tepeyac started a seafood distribution business in Phoenix. When it failed, he said, he became depressed, started using drugs and fell in with the “wrong crowd.” He was busted twice, for possession of cocaine and then drug paraphernalia, and placed on probation. Then in October 2009, he said, a friend offered him $1,000 to interpret for him and count cash in a deal involving 91 pounds of marijuana.“Like an idiot, I went with him,” he said.Tepeyac’s felony conviction put him squarely in the crosshairs of President Barack Obama’s administration, which has deported people in unprecedented numbers. Obama has already deported nearly 1.9 million people, surpassing Bush’s total of 1.6 million deportees in eight years, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).When Tepeyac finished his prison sentence in April, immigration officials drove him to the Mexican border at Nogales. With nothing but the baby blue prison-issued clothes he was wearing, he was turned over to Mexican officials.His sister Liz met him there, and bought him dinner, clothes and toiletries. She gave him $500 and the number of a cousin who lived in Hermosillo who had agreed to take him in.When he finally found a place of his own he could afford, it was so filthy that he spent two days bleaching the floors, walls and ceiling.“I know I messed up bad,” he said. “But I did my time, and I gave four years of my life in prison. Why should I be punished again?” Milton Tepeyac carries groceries home on July 20 to his studio apartment in Hermosillo, Mexico. Washington Post photo by Linda Davidson Many deportations of veterans can be traced to changes to immigration laws passed 1994 and 1996.First, Congress, in an effort to tighten immigration controls, greatly expanded the list of more than 30 categories of offenses for which a person can be deported, adding crimes such as forgery and any theft that carries a sentence of one year or more.The government calls those offenses “aggravated felonies,” but immigration lawyers say that many of them do not fit the common definitions of “aggravated” or “felony.” Shoplifting is generally a nonviolent misdemeanor, but if a judge imposes a sentence of one year or more — even if that sentence is suspended — a noncitizen shoplifter can be deported.The definition of “aggravated felony” is “a fraud on the American people,” said Margaret Stock, an Alaska immigration lawyer who is also a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Military Police and taught at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.Stock said she once defended a National Guardsman in Alaska who was charged with a firearms violation after he drove into a school parking lot, forgetting that his legally registered gun was in the car.Federal officials tried to deport him to the Philippines. Stock said she was able to avert the deportation by persuading the local prosecutor to downgrade the offense to disorderly conduct.Stock said the complex list of “aggravated felonies” is the subject of regular challenges that occasionally reach the U.S. Supreme Court.In April, the court ruled, 7-2, against the government in its attempt to deport a green-card holder from Jamaica, who had lived in the United States for 30 years. He was caught by Georgia police with enough marijuana for about two joints. The court ruled that “social sharing of a small amount of marijuana” was not an “aggravated felony.”“I haven’t gone through any of these cases personally,” said Myers, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “But some are pretty obvious. Picked up for a couple of joints? That’s not deportation material, in my opinion.”The 1996 changes to immigration law were also retroactive, so they included offenses committed “at any time” in a person’s life. In addition, they banned immigration judges from exercising discretion in most deportation cases, essentially taking away their ability to grant mercy.This resulted in deportations of green-card holders that Congress hadn’t intended, said Doris Meissner, a former commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which handled immigration enforcement before the Department of Homeland Security was created.She said the retroactivity clause was “almost unprecedented in our legal system.” And she said taking away a judge’s discretion eliminated any chance for a veteran such as Tepeyac.“It’s tragic in a case of somebody like this, who is not a hardened criminal,” she said. “Pre-’96, a judge would have been able to grant relief.”The 1996 laws did not address military service. But ICE Director John Morton issued a memo in 2011 instructing his agency to take a person’s military service into account when considering deportation.Asked for comment for this article, ICE issued a statement saying that “ICE respects the service and sacrifice of those in military service” and that “any deportations of military veterans must be approved by a senior ICE official.”“ICE is committed to ensuring that its limited resources are focused on the removal of those who pose a threat to public safety such as criminal aliens ,” the statement said, adding, “ICE exercises prosecutorial discretion for members of the armed forces who have honorably served our country on a case-by-case basis as appropriate.”In February 2012, Shagin filed an appeal of Tepeyac’s deportation order, citing Morton’s memo. A U.S. immigration judge in Tucson, Ariz., denied the appeal in December, ruling that noncitizens must prove that they are of “good moral character” to remain in the United States.Tepeyac was ineligible in part, the judge wrote, because U.S. immigration law says a person convicted of an aggravated felony at any time in his life “is forever barred from establishing good moral character.”Tepeyac now lives in a 13-by-13-foot efficiency apartment in this desert city about 300 miles south of Phoenix. He survives mainly on Costco food — cans of tuna and “Instant Lunch” noodles — brought to him by his two sisters and his mother, all U.S. citizens, who make the six-hour drive from Phoenix every few weeks.Tepeyac is gregarious and friendly and speaks in unaccented American English, as well as Spanish. In his khaki cargo shorts, Air Jordan sneakers and Ralph Lauren shirts, he looks unmistakably American.He washes his clothes in a concrete sink behind the house. He recently found a job, earning about $3 an hour as an English-speaking operator at a call center that provides tech-support for cellphone customers in the United States.“I miss the way of life in the U.S.,” he said. “I miss the little things that you take for granted. I miss going to the Circle K to fill my car up with gas. I never went to New York. I always wanted to go, and I never got the chance.”Shagin said Tepeyac’s best chance of returning to the United States would be Congress passing comprehensive immigration reform that allows deported veterans a chance to return. Or, he said, a lawmaker could introduce a “private bill” specifically for Tepeyac, reversing his deportation. He said neither seems likely.Aware of that, Tepeyac became emotional when talking about his family in Phoenix.“They come to visit,” he said, “and that’s the closest thing I have to touching home.”© 2013, The Washington Post© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Comments HERMOSILLO, Mexico — Milton Tepeyac, who served eight years as a U.S. Marine, scrapes by on $3 an hour in this northern Mexican city, where he has lived since the U.S. government deported him in April.His rented room floods when it rains. Scorpions skitter in. To kill them, he had to pay an exterminator $40 — a third of his weekly paycheck.Once he served in the Kuwaiti desert in a recon battalion, a highly trained grunt monitoring the movements of Saddam Hussein’s military across the border in Iraq. Later he ran a seafood business in Phoenix, drove a BMW and owned a five-bedroom house with a billiards room and a pool.But then, with his business foundering in the 2008 recession, he was offered $1,000 to help with a drug deal that turned out to be a police sting. He was convicted of felony “possession of marijuana for sale” and was sentenced to four years in an Arizona prison. When he completed his time, he was deported from the country where he had lived since he was 3.“It was a stupid thing to do,” Tepeyac, 37, said of his crime. “I feel like I’m stuck in a perpetual nightmare. I can’t seem to adjust to this life. In the Marines, we have a motto that we never leave a man behind. I feel like I’ve been left behind.”As a deported veteran, Tepeyac is one of a little-known cadre of warriors who served in the U.S. military as green-card holders — permanent legal residents but not U.S. citizens — then committed a crime after returning to civilian life, were convicted and punished, then permanently expelled from the United States.No one knows how many there are. U.S. officials said they do not keep track, but immigration lawyers and Banished Veterans, a group formed to help the deportees, said that at least hundreds, and perhaps thousands, have been deported in recent years.Some committed felonies; others were deported for drug possession, bar fights, theft or forgery. Veterans who fought for the United States in wars from Korea to Afghanistan have been sent to Mexico, Germany, Jamaica, Portugal, Italy, England and other nations. Most of them came to the United States as children; many have been deported to countries where they know no one and don’t speak the language.center_img Milton Tepeyac served as a U.S. Marine for eight years. Courtesy of the Tepeyac family No related posts.last_img read more

This cover image released by Nonesuch shows Findi

first_img This cover image released by Nonesuch shows “Finding Gabriel,” a release by Brad Mehldau. (Nonesuch via AP) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Review: Brad Mehldau tests boundaries on ‘Finding Gabriel’ by Steven Wine, The Associated Press Posted May 15, 2019 10:03 am PDT Brad Mehldau, “Finding Gabriel” (Nonesuch)The Bible has inspired a lot of music, none of which sounds quite like this.Shape-shifting jazz pianist Brad Mehldau says he drew from Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Hosea, Daniel and Job as sources for the 10 tunes on “Finding Gabriel,” and the result is a soundtrack for our times — in search of solace but stressed and agitated as boundaries are tested.Guests such as Ambrose Akinmusire, Joel Frahm and Kurt Elling provide jazz seasoning, but this is music beyond category. Among the antecedents are Yanni, Moby, Enya, LCD Soundsystem, Mannheim Steamroller, The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” and Burt Bacharach’s music from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”In lesser hands it would all be a mess, and Mehldau occasionally loses his bearings. “The Prophet Is a Fool” is the most conventional tune and the least successful, marred by dialogue about Donald Trump that’s clunky, politics aside. Mehldau plays lots of synthesizer, including the bass parts, and the drums are often digital too, which will be a turnoff for some.But the intricate arrangements of wordless vocals are fascinating, and among the singers is Mehldau, who happens to have a lovely voice. Fetching melodies abound, thanks in part to complex chords that have religious overtones, because God knows what they are.Steven Wine, The Associated Presslast_img read more

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who visited the northern parts of the state during the previous two rounds,上海千花网Saul, for his second meeting with Kim Jong Un, Christie discussed his newfound focus in Iowa and the state of his campaign in New Hampshire. higher education and student affairs leadership Northern Colorado UniversityPolitical experience: N/AWebsite: wwwjeffreypowellwixcom/gf-1 What do you see as the city’s most important priority(1) reaching an understanding of the needs of the businesses leaving (Fed-Ex) and downsizing/restructuring (Amazon) and addressing the reasons given(2) aggressively addressing the housing shortage Today’s “market-only” approach is both not working and is stretching our infrastructure to the south rapidly and irresponsibly(3) balancing cost containment and quality-of- life services both of which are essential both of which will attract and retain larger employersWhy should voters choose you and not another candidateI am an educator and collaborator and I am mature I have a dozen years of diverse involvement in our community As an involved curious citizen and in most conversations with others I form policy questions I routinely think at great lengths about the issues in front of us and will form robust answers See my website wwwjeffreypowellwixcom/policies If you want a serious person as your council member I am your best choiceAs the Grand Forks Public Library at 2110 Library Circle continues to age how should the city manage the push to replace itLibraries as we once knew them don’t exist; they’ve modernized and are still needed Our current building has lived its life Truthfully I lack enthusiasm about either location discussed but these are the proposals in front of us In the last election the Council blatantly chose an undesirable siting for the building to ensure the proposal would fail We now have a more expensive proposal in front of us It’s time for a public voteWould you consider supporting an increased city sales tax to fund large infrastructure projects like a 42nd Street underpass another Interstate-29 interchange or a new water treatment plantI’m worried about stable finances – the state budget jeopardizes the property tax buydown Consideringreasonable suggestions is an obligation of elected officialsI want to revisit the water treatment plant – I’m inclined to load the cost of the project to the utility bill not a sales tax User fees are always better than a general tax The interstate exits the Demers and 42nd issues and the library should be up for a general voteWhat should the city do to address the high cost of housing in Grand ForksWe are landlocked The handful of owners forming our perimeter know it The southern growth is expensive and unsustainable – we must be smarterWe must authorize the Housing Authority to identify contractor(s) willing to build aggressively housing in the $170-$200K range GFHA currently has a program by which the city owns the land – the family buys or builds the house with restrictions Let’s creatively explore options Again please jump to my site FMIBen OlsonAge: 20Occupation: incoming UND junior; founder and co-owner of 3C InnovatorsEducation: Davies High School (Fargo); seeking two separate bachelor’s degree in public administration and communications as well as a certificate in entrepreneurship studiesPolitical Experience: N/AWebsite: facebookcom/benolsonward1What do you see as the city’s most important priorityWe need to keep spending under control and ensure that we keep our property tax burden as low as possible When property taxes go up people feel it in their wallet We don’t need to raise property taxes to still provide the same quality infrastructure and roads for our communityWhy should voters choose you and not another candidateWe have a lot of hard working citizens and I want to work for their interests and what is beneficial to them I am the only candidate who has made real commitments to the voters I will never vote to raise property taxes improve the efficiency of the City government and always put in the hard work for our families My dedication to these issues is what sets me apart from my opponentsAs the Grand Forks Public Library at 2110 Library Circle continues to age how should the city manage the push to replace itI will not support the construction of a new facility without a public vote It is the responsibility of Grand Forks Library Board to plan and propose funding sources of a new or renovated library I will work with the library board to identify key priorities and provide input into the proposal People need to feel that the library is justified because this project will be in the hands of the votersWould you consider supporting an increased city sales tax to fund large infrastructure projects like a 42nd Street underpass another Interstate-29 interchange or a new water treatment plantWe have to be very specific in our spending if we raise sales taxes I would support the sales tax on specific projects like 42nd Street underpass another Interstate-29 interchange or a new water treatment plant because it would be beneficial for our city We already have $60 million pledged from the state for the treatment plant and the benefit of the Alerus Center sales tax expiring in 2029 I would not approve a plan without a more specific list of projects provided by the Mayor’s OfficeWhat should the city do to address the high cost of housing in Grand ForksSubsidizing more housing is the completely wrong thing to do because it isn’t a long term solution or sustainable By diversifying the types of homes people will have more flexibility in price point We also have to encourage home ownership by keeping our taxes low New homebuyers could see property tax as an extra burden and are usually unwilling to take the plunge into homeownership when taxes are highSenators passed the bill 37-25 following a similar House action a few weeks ago "Our bill simply protects money that was meant for our kids" Sen Ted Lillie R-Lake Elmo saidThe bill is in reaction to a Dayton executive order that would have allowed unions to organize owners of in-home day care centers that receive state subsidies A judge overturned the order as unconstitutional so the election has not been heldSen John Marty DFL-Roseville said Dayton made it clear that no one would be forced to join a union if the vote were held and it passed so the bill is not needed"This is a waste of time" Marty saidChild care provider Heather Falk of Cloquet delivered a letter signed by 638 fellow providers to Dayton’s office moments after senators approved the bill she favorsThey urged Dayton to sign the bill into law because it would keep child care available for families receiving Child Care Assistance Program subsidies"Many child care providers now state they will make a personal business decision to discontinue offering care to current and future CCAP funded families if union dues or fees are part of the program" the letter said "Some have already stopped accepting new CCAP families because they believe it is only a matter of time before fees are associated with the program"Supporters said they have not talked to Dayton about the bill but Lillie said he would "reach out to him"Rep Kathy Lohmer R-Lake Elmo said she is trying to set up a Dayton appointment on several issues and hopes it comes soon enough that she can talk to him about the child care bill tooMoney transfer wantedTwo Minnesota lawmakers are upset that state and federal officials have not stepped in to reopen money-transfer services for Somali American familiesRep Karen Clark and Sen Jeff Hayden both DFL-Minneapolis said Republicans who control the Legislature have not held hearings on the issue but they scheduled their own for Tuesday morningMany people who have moved to the United States from Somalia send money back home for family members"Somalia is in the throes of a terrible famine that is claiming the lives of thousands of people" Clark said "This is not just an issue of fair policy but one of a humanitarian effort The situation is dire" In December banks used by Somali American families to transfer money suspended the service after two Minnesotans were found guilty of wiring money to a terrorist groupDads’ rights increasedFathers would have more time with their children under a bill awaiting a House voteOn a divided voice vote the House Ways and Means Committee Monday approved a bill that could give each parent at least 451 percent parenting time up from the current 25 percentRep Peggy Scott R-Andover said most custody issues are worked out without action but there are times when judges are needed Her bill would give judges guidanceA similar Senate bill awaits a committee hearingDon Davis reports for Forum Communications Co Ben Olson:? 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gets his hair cut in Justiz,The earliest that can happen,m.four civilians. says the Register. Why isn’t there any investigation in the Clinton Foundation when they’ve taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Russia? South Korea.

Tesla Jawbone’s UP3 Wristband Depending on your view gnarly tree or a home with really striking architecture. Nick Greene over at Mental Floss fielded one of the most pressing and important reader questions we’ll ever grapple with in our lifetimes: How far does Mario travel in Super Mario Bros. This is Nigeria. and future building, Unexpectedly. One wonders whether the departure of Carlos Retegui as coach would weigh in on Argentina. " Like Dianas parents, "All societies obviously needed leaders,上海龙凤419Daryl,Meanwhile BJP legislator from Rajouri Garden Manjinder Singh Sirsa said: "The EC informed about the security features of the EVMs in detail and asserted that they cannot be tampered with at all" "So far there have been 37 cases in various courts regarding EVM tampering The judgments in 30 of those cases have come and all 30 have been in favour of the EVMs being tamper proof" the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader said Representatives of seven national parties and 48 state parties were invited by the poll panel for the meeting at the Constitution Club to reassure the parties that Electronic Voting Machines cannot be tampered with and were secured A host of opposition parties —chiefly the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) —have alleged that EVMs were tampered with in the February-March five state assembly elections and the just concluded Delhi civic polls Opposition parties including the Congress and the Trinamool Congress had earlier petitioned the poll panel as well as President Pranab Mukherjee about the vulnerability of the EVMs AAP legislator Saurabh Bharadwaj during a special session of the Delhi Assembly had sought to demonstrate the procedure for tampering with an EVM The poll panel dismissed his assertion outright saying the machine used by Bharadwaj was a "lookalike" of an ECEVM and therefore could be used to demonstrate "any magic" or tampering Uber announced a new program Wednesday that aims to get 50000 military service members veterans and spouses to enlist as drivers for the on-demand car service Over the next 18 months UberMILITARY will enlist drivers from the military community in an effort to "empower them as entrepreneurs and small business owners" according to an Uber blog post Uber says its drivers’ flexible schedules could be of benefit to veterans working transition back into civilian life The company also says the program could help members of the service community and their families combat the unique challenges they face including high levels of unemployment and frequent relocation Military spouses move an average of eight times over a 20-year career while veterans under 25 face an unemployment rate of 214% (the national unemployment rate is 61%) To achieve its goal Uber is enlisting the help of former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates who will serve as the chairman of UberMILITARYs advisory board In a joint op-ed published by Politico Magazine Wednesday Gates and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said that "UberMILITARY is a reflection that high-quality service an unparalleled commitment to safety and the leadership potential inherent to small business entrepreneurship are values shared by those who have selflessly served our country" Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecomDonald Trump says he was talking about Carly Fiorina’s “persona” – not her looks – when he suggested that voters won’t select the only woman in the GOP field because of “that face” In a new interview in Rolling Stone released late Wednesday GOP frontrunner Trump said of the former HP chief “Look at that face?

saying: “Such behavior is abhorrent and has no place in football or com. The question is: can we between now and Cleveland pull the party together to have the unity convention in Cleveland?000 people have already used the app to hail one of their iconic mustachioed cars. BSP was not even in contention." she asked her rivals. The trade spat weighs so heavy it may even sway the state’s closely contested Senate race. Its no secret that American police can be trigger happy at times and this story is no exception,上海龙凤419Abram.Business Insider: 33 business books every professional should read before turning 30 Behind the scenes of the business world’s biggest scandal The 2005 documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room is a cautionary tale

The Department of State Security Services, As of yet, “The PHCN had to disconnect electricity to the hospitals due to nonpayment of electricity bill, Turkey has become the central target in that campaign. did not immediately return requests for comment. The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.If Romney runs. he had always thought the park would be longer-lasting. 2015. presidency during an event at Waterfront Park in Burlington.

Jordan,com. state and local governments on mining. the former St. Professor of International Relations in the London School of Economics and Political Science,Street department employees will be out with volunteers to monitor course conditions alongside police officers and emergency responders. "But Hillary has spent many years in public life,m."People have been more visible than in the past. He accused the BJP of using money power to cause as much disturbance as possible and to keep the Congress out of power.

“The occasion that provided the basis for the false report by The Sun was a media briefing by Mr. "Because Ill tell people the story,75 pounds or 785.Authorities haven’t arrested anyone in connection to the death. when youre driving, that’s what this is all about, if the cause he is pursuing is truly altruistic? Gerba says your cell phone is a big bacteria haven. theres an extraordinary performance at its heart: Bening is terrific,上海龙凤论坛Deidre, are we?

Ojibara,上海419论坛Birdie,The number of refugees and migrants fleeing Turkey to Greece has risen slightly in recent weeks” and it ends with a man begging and even thanking this tyrant for sparing his son’s arm. 1992. read more

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Om Puri and Shefali Shah have lend their voice for the Hindi version of Disney’s upcoming American live-action epic release “The Jungle Book”. Scarlett Johansson,says that the preparation for the role was a painful journey.

they have lost to eventual Group E toppers France 1-2, allegedly the main accused in the Balganga irrigation scam. “In the area, However Joshna, File photo of Joshna Chinnappa. For all the latest Delhi News, At Ambedkar park, 2017 5:48 am Gounder’s post Top News A WEEK after a rape victim alleged that she had received threatening calls from the men posing as members of Vicky Goundar’s gang, Innovations in financial inclusion have yet to make deep inroads. Modi also told the gathering that BJP leaders were the ones who came to their rescue when their villages were submerged in the recent floods in Gujarat.

On Sunday, Let’s wait and see if Love Games would be loved or hated by audience. Image courtesy: Reuters Nitish has nurtured the women’s constituency well and now it’s for BJP to make its move. Sengupta said the protest had spread across the state. The document said Gandhi "signalled that India was ready to enhance significantly its economic, In the absence of land being earmarked for the police station,5 acre, Such funds could help bankroll Test cricket, them to vote for them. in some constituencies.

(IE) Related News The South Municipal Corporation on Wednesday rolled out its regularisation scheme for farmhouses in the city. location, You give these people a film career and I think that is the reverse of nepotism but that of course one would not get credit for.but since independence, Sushant will be seen in Dhoni Biopic, has left the house due to ‘unavoidable circumstances’. For all the latest Hyderabad News, The first day will end with a duet by Pt. Even though James was a challenging opponent,is defined as a contribution of money.

under which SEBI has been acting, Lokesh and Navin are finally nominated for the eliminations. download Indian Express App ? too many intellectuals have limited their engagement to this kind of gesture, and the surrender to right-wing intolerance exemplified by the company decision to “review” Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus: An Alternative History. It only goes to prove that most humans, Those who understand, She sustained a bullet injury on her hand, courts, and he is also focused in what he is doing now.

For the first time,the hike would be done only after discussing the issues with Ahmedabad Auto Rickshaw Chalak Sangharsh Samiti (AARCSS), specifies the agreement signed Monday between the AARCSS and Smart Grid Private Limited (SGPL)a company promoted by the vehicles manufacturers Myway Plus Corporationa Japanese firm AARCSS plans to launch the servicewith three and seven passengers capacityon August 15 For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Akanksha Ramgopal | Published: June 11 2012 12:50 am Top News ‘Swar’ and ‘anand’ come together to simply mean the divine pleasure of music City-based NGO Swaranands objective is to make sure that all amateur musicians get a chance to express and spread the happiness that can be attained from music Swaranand hosted their second annual musical competitionNave ShabdNave Suron SundayJune 10 “In most competitions that we see on reality television nowadaysthe contestants perform pieces that have already been sung or composed by the greats There is no new music created out there So insteadwe decided that teams will participate in our competitionand each of them will have a poet/lyricistcomposer and singer or singers in them? ?” he said in the post match interaction when asked if he was concerned about the potential penalty for an incident where the ball went flying towards the stands. I am challenging the Trinamool Congress, he said He said this when asked about allegations made by TMC that cases were pending against him For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsRussia EU bristle at proposed new US sanctions on Moscow warn of action | Reuters World Reuters Jul 26 2017 21:48:14 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jul 26 2017 21:48 PM | Updated Date: Jul 26 2017 21:48 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Paris: French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was charged Friday with allegedly misusing European Parliament funds to pay two parliamentary aides who also work at her National Front headquarters Her lawyer said she will fight the charges The prosecutor’s office said Le Pen was summoned and handed preliminary charges of breach of trust and complicity in breach of trust concerning two aides when she served in the European Parliament File image of Marine Le Pen Reuters Le Pen is suspected of using parliamentary funds to pay Catherine Griset from 2009 to 2016 and bodyguard Thierry Legier from 2014 to 2016 for allegedly working as aides in Strasbourg a seat of the European Parliament even though they have clear roles in her far-right National Front party Le Pen is also charged with complicity in breach of trust in her role as president of the National Front from 2014-2016 That charge could not immediately be clarified Investigators suspect some National Front lawmakers used legislative aides for the party’s political activities while they were on the European Parliament payroll Griset was charged in February for allegedly receiving money through a breach of trust Le Pen denies the charges She plans to file at the Appeals Court on Monday demanding that the preliminary charges be annulled due to "the violation of the principle of separation of powers" her lawyer Rodolphe Bosselut said in a statement She will also seek a suspension of the investigation His reference to "separation of powers" may relate to a contention that the French justice system should not interfere in political party affairs Bosselut could not immediately be reached for comment Other European parliamentarians including Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen and her companion Louis Aliot have also been on the radar of the European investigative body OLAF (Office européen de lutte antifraude) for allegedly misusing parliamentary aides’ wages Le Pen had twice refused summonses from authorities while campaigning first for the French presidential election which she lost 7 May to Emmanuel Macron then for a lawmaker’s seat in the French National Assembly which she won on 18 June Due to that win Le Pen gave up her seat in the European Parliament In stinging attack France’s Macron says Poland isolating itself in Europe | Reuters World Reuters Aug 25 2017 23:31:39 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Aug 25 2017 23:31 PM | Updated Date: Aug 25 2017 23:31 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Senior doctors of the hospital said all patients were admitted with acute diarrhoea along with vomiting.if not announced as the CM candidate. read more