The website user guide to improve the lower bounce rate conversion techniques

three, access speed is the fatal point out rate and the conversion rate of

, a theme with the introduction of the word is highly unified

web interface is able to retain users on the basis of a more friendly interface, novel more able to love, you can go to my website to see, website interface is very simple, looks very elegant, several colors will render the website a success, so I think the web interface also need to achieve a simple. Too complex website interface than for users to continue to go on tour. But the interface pattern of attention in the form of the web interface used in our country, people have a habit, that is after the first, the first left and right, so I think our best at the top of the column page, important content can be placed on the left side of the website, through the interface display so it can satisfy the users the vision of habit. read more

Webmaster forum share spread we believe that in the end who

to tell the truth the Internet which have so many "yes" or "no", is a lot of time is a matter of degree. The dynamic picture is like our everybody say, we often say that the spider will not crawl on the picture, it will affect the site loading speed, but we want to make your website beautiful without pictures of what to do, especially I do cross stitch, is the total character who will love everyone there? Know the website interactive function will enhance our use.


no article cases and data as the basis to the letter read more

Do the value orientation of seasonal and pandemic keywords

, two popular keyword function

sum up, a good Shanghai dragon er not only to be good at standing outside the optimization, but also to be able to grasp the.

, a seasonal keyword


why I said earlier: the end of Web site keywords optimization to love Shanghai home is not optimal, but just the beginning! An industry, a product which is not immutable and frozen. With the development of the times, there will always be some of the more popular things on the Internet! That includes a wide range, is perhaps a person, perhaps something might be something! You might ask these things related to our website? I can tell you for sure. The relationship and great! If this thing has a relationship with our website, we can also use the object, select the relevant keywords to increase website traffic or improve your brand awareness, but also love Shanghai for fresh things crawl speed is very fast! So selected keywords not only conducive to optimization, more in line with the needs of users, to the site of the benefits it brings very big read more

A5 marketing two different ways of current stage of enterprise website construction of the chain

: the first form of enterprise website chain to obtain the traffic and conversion rate of

chain means according to the enterprise owners, the author roughly divided into two types, one is in the platform of the chain and website promotion products and information services, the second is to do rankings and weight transfer for enterprise website. I do not know how many corporate owners do, but I believe there will be a lot of business owners and this article resonate, the corporate owners who, in the enterprise do optimization is the most know that, now many enterprises to optimize the staff both as optimization and as wide, and the leaders must see the flow and the weight of the site, ranking, and flow is obtained from the chain, there is a very real phenomenon, many companies are doing a lot of the chain in the chain the first form, but the quality of the chain is rubbish, repeat the website every day, as long as you can give website traffic and conversion rate can be issued, and the inside pages with links, or suffer a long time down station. So according to the present stage enterprise two forms of the chain and enterprise Adsense exchange, see how to do the chain to the two ways to do the effect. read more

Love Shanghai bidding unspoken rule you should know

believes that each industry is very competitive, in the love of Shanghai bidding competition intensity here is bigger. Do SEM friends should know, ranking the first conversion rate is not necessarily the best, but it must be the most traffic, many enterprises in the process of brand promotion, but also to fight hard core keywords ranking first. In this case, would have ranked second people to take price engage you, second of the high bid, first click the price rose third, the second place completely indifferent to more rampant, even if the long afternoon, first to the money, also has been shaken. You should know that. read more

n Qingdao as an example to talk about local website of Shanghai Longfeng experience


3, like classification directory submission, weight increment, here to say something, in addition to the classified catalogue may also look like the site navigation before I submit an article said, the specific method is to love Shanghai "site navigation" submitted by the search rankings (of course, if the site is cattle, you can like hao123, although this was submitted) less traffic, but is still there, and you can also add a high quality the chain, Why not?? in addition, part of the navigation station to do Links, our team generally encounter this kind of situation will not submit, because this kind of navigation station as long as do link is included no, what core, and do a lot of navigation station links, will give users this is a dumpster impression. read more

A5 optimization team optimizing the forum what issues need attention

4, the contents of the Forum building, although the freedom of speech, but as the electronic bulletin board BBS, has been vigorously overseeing every word and action. A multiplayer interactive forum, if the speech control is not good, very easy to cause the search engine, the government’s "fatal disaster". So we need to shield the sensitive entries, or by posting limit in authority, avoid vulgar content. But in the above, it is not the original requirements, those valuable content, can lead to the topic is good content. read more

Do the chain Must pay attention to methods

third, select the proper object of

The effect of the

, the first time should not increase the number of short chain

can not be

fourth, released the chain platformThe

The quality of the chain of

we first interpret what is outside the chain? Chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links (i.e. links of page weight) directly determines the weight of our website in search engine. The chain is our website construction and optimization of Shanghai dragon is an important part of good outside chain can improve the search engine to the probability of our site, and through the collection of articles, improve the user visits, we can enhance the website ranking, the weight will be high. The content is the king’s, the chain must pay attention to skills, so how to do the chain read more

By allowing users to help you do the user power Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon

with the strength of the user, it will allow users to fully participate in the construction of the website, the only master of a person capable of things now to allow more users to participate, so the power amplifier, so the effect is more obvious, so as to promote the website optimization effect of Shanghai dragon. We all know that the original content for the unique role of website optimization Shanghai dragon door, apartment layout webmaster can announced by allowing users to contribute actively, with the theme and the location of the web site, the website as a platform for users to publish their works, so that more have the same hobbies users see their work in the works, so that they can leave their contact information, allowing them to make more friends with the same interests. read more

8 site optimization chain construction method most commonly used

forum posting

method five, submit classification information website

has become the soft promotion webmaster is recognized as the most effective way of promotion. We can put the soft Wen delivered to some big industry websites and news websites, the article was reproduced, which add the chain for yourself. Soft outside the chain and a mutually beneficial cooperation, access to the original content, through the soft industry website weight increase, webmasters may also get the chain visibility, traffic growth. read more

Four factors PR Wang Kejiang decided to rise

from the site of internal optimization, the chain is a very important factor, so if you want to make a valid target keywords ranking, the combination of weight stability within the chain, chain operation is the weight of within the page exactly match the keyword link to the page key words accurately, most of the open source CMS have the basic function.

two, the inner chain aggregation

search engine included articles marked with two points: one is the condensed keywords weight; two internet article repeat. read more

How much do you know about Shanghai Longfeng seven common misconceptions

Whether it is

on the contents of the original, do not say that he is not good, but not deliberately pursue blindly, emphasizing content fresh also need to learn to optimize the quality of Shanghai dragon page (such as page layout, illustrations, etc.). For many practitioners of Shanghai Longfeng personnel in emphasizing the original when do not know whether there is not found, have done so much in the original, no web page or in the rankings, but more of the original but also included in order to increase and enhance the home page ranking. read more

From the love of Shanghai removed Shanghai dragon tips on love not artificial intervention in Shangh


today on the A5 search Shanghai dragon column, there are many articles on this topic in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love artificial intervention. Personally think that is alarmist in Shanghai dragon er. Love Shanghai not artificial to interfere with us this group of "Shanghai dragon clown", will have a large population of around it love Shanghai to continue to secretly rejoice.

1, what we got

Er Shanghai dragon?

is the fourth quarter of 2011 China online advertising market quarterly monitoring data "drawing a enfodesk industry database released recently", through the chart we can see that love a Shanghai occupied China Internet advertising operators market share of 30.5%. Apart from Alibaba, Google plus those portals, various other sites add up to 25.7%. The love Shanghai strong profitability. It is true to intervene in large sites, those who have strong competitiveness and its Alibaba such as Taobao, etc.. True to intervention is those who violate the laws and regulations of the site. This minor we Shanghai dragon made out of the site, Shanghai will not care about love. Because of the large site real, some do not necessarily contribute to the Shanghai dragon can play what read more

All enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng have reliable sustenance

enterprise station will hope in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon because of low cost, high value. But in my experience so many years only do optimization palletisers website, advised us not to put all the pressure in Shanghai Longfeng on. Reason has the following points:

1, Shanghai dragon long process

Shanghai dragon this industry was born in 2005, since its birth, more and more people into this position. Now Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology development has reached a mature stage, a large number of talents emerged. The search engine is constantly developing new technology to manipulate the so-called search engine management and pressing. Now optimize Shanghai Longfeng road met a lot of difficulties, love Shanghai in the fight is also growing, enterprises have all their hopes in the Shanghai dragon on reliable read more

AdWords launched a new keyword batch upload function

to upload, navigate to the "Upload" tab of the report, and upload part in the left navigation as shown below. You will find the plus sign next to "create editable report" on the right side of the window. At this time, the keyword report, its expansion is the only choice, but this treatment option to edit the report line.

bulk upload file can be downloaded from the keyword report window, as shown below. When the report effect keyword click the "Edit" box, edit version download. Then, you can modify the report, and ready to upload. read more

85 after the beauty of his spare time to open shop earning 50 thousand off their wealth or inspirati

three for the novice webmaster, don’t hurry, slowly, the network you want to do this thing, not a portal, you have the ability, have the resources to do. Pay yourself first, and live well, go no longer inferior, you can start to get your dream.


1.06 years started on WAP station, century Empire I, some names is not out of the forum, many netizens support. At the forum has been mixed, mixed network mix for a long time, the first blind person know convenient, bullshit, the bubble is also convenient. Make the website, to recognize knows a woman, can chat. read more

Luo Yanyi Shanghai love is the day you can make me happy

excited mood suddenly fell from peak Pacific deep sea, wet. Do not know whether the webmaster friends like me, every little progress on the web site is like this: "pain and happiness"? The pain is afraid of their own in the beautiful stage love Shanghai only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. As they say: pull the higher falls heavily. With a restless mood, write down the side of the log, the memory of their. I do not know whether the webmaster friends like me, the day owners always worry about personal gains and losses? Welcome to communicate with you and I. read more

Adversity webmaster how to give yourself extremely excited

adversity webmaster will inevitably have a variety of negative emotions, like before I depressed for a long time, because of various reasons. Busy time really busy, not even smoke cigarettes, always feel don’t finish writing the word, the chain does not end, do not finish the website, if you were as busy as I. I suggest you learn a busy, tired when you should have a rest, to see the green plants, after all these people at the computer all day. Over time the eye is myopic, waist ache, back pain, we need to relax, the body is not only more important is the heart. With a bad mood not to do things, to write from the article also lost the inspiration. Go to the webmaster group at the nonsense, see the entertainment news and so on, and to improve their work efficiency. In a word: the webmaster must learn to calm, learn to take precautions, learn to adjust their mood. read more

ndependent blog Shanghai dragon can really make a lot of money

we first look at the current situation, it is said that there are now about 3000000 individual owners, or the team together webmaster, this is not limited to online and offline team team, then in such a huge Internet entrepreneurs, the equivalent of 70% of Shanghai dragon and learning, the rest is marketing, network marketing, network promotion, blog promotion, micro-blog marketing and so on, the above data illustrates the Shanghai Dragon Charm and status in the network, this is not only reflected in these data, more is for each site, so in Shanghai Longfeng almost have occupied many positions, Shanghai dragon sweep alone and the Internet it seems that this is the future of the webmaster, webmaster trends. read more

Allows you to quickly improve the ranking method of Google white hat

, a chain of

in 2012 June when administrators are warning to the owners in the management of blog, do not casually in the chain in place no related words and content, this let the webmaster and new challenges, because many articles are collected and pseudo original over, and then insert the key words in the article, a a new article, now Google is the contents of this algorithm can identify spam, so the webmaster don’t do, what to do? I think a good way is to write a short paragraph at the end of his words, which include keywords of your site, and then send in the chain the article only at the end of each, plus you write a little words, these words will probably write readers can read some interesting websites, then describe your site’s theme. This article is not, at least not by Google think you are rubbish, a little word is fixed, it is the author’s brief introduction. read more