Smart Finish workshop takes worry out of graduating

Graduating students must understand what employers are looking for when they review resumes and interview candidates.Smart Finish is a one-day conference that will help them with that, taking the stress and worry out of life after graduation.The event, set for Saturday, Feb. 1, will include speakers who will provide an insider’s view on creating your own personal brand, resume and interviewing strategies, and graduate studies.Participants can attend pre-conference workshops about career decision making, adventures abroad, graduate program information and OSAP repayment information.The brand kick-off presentation is by Brock alumna Allie Hughes, owner of Hughes & Co. She will speak about the personal brand (on and off-line) and its importance in your employment journey. Her presentation will discuss the progression from university to work and will highlight the following:• How technology can provide you with a leg up in the employment market• Powerful personal branding as a success model• Your personal branding on and off-line• Discussing the “extras” that set you apart in the job market• Understanding life beyond the job boards• Being realistic about goal setting and understanding the time invested is related to the results• How an entrepreneurial spirit creates great business owners, but also ladder climbing employeesThe cost is $20 and includes lunch. The deadline to register is Friday, Jan. 17 at 4 p.m.View the agenda, pre-session and session details online.Smart Finish is offered by Career Services in partnership with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Financial Aid Office, the Goodman School of Business Career Development Office and MBA Program, Faculty of Education and the Alumni Relations Office. read more