O2O owners Business Classics light water to earn a few hundred thousand a district

daily economic news reporter Yang Lingqiang from Shanghai

"you can take a picture with me?" in July 25th, when the town holding senior vice president Ouyang Jie in the morning after a keynote speech, immediately attracted a large number of fans to follow the VIP lounge, scenes quite like star exit momentum.

Ouyang Jie is the cause of concern is his keynote speech – Silver 20 years ago with the community service O2O wind up. Ouyang Jie in the report, the community will be the future of the real estate business O2O new gold". He invited a hot, it is those who accepted his views and optimistic about the market, leveraging the platform as soon as possible residential property vendors. read more

Wangzhuan one build a code voting websites


I want to share with you today a series of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, is not so accurate, because I want to share with you some ideas is a series of construction sites, today to talk about is if you build a code class voting site to make money.

many friends may have heard what code, vote, and many of my friends have done to give others a code, polling thing, but many people do not understand this truth, why do I go to a code, the vote will be able to make money, where the money come from? What are their profits? This is the point I today. read more

Entrepreneur readme how to get the first batch of angel users

recall three years ago, we are still in the design of this product, and now has nearly one hundred thousand users in use, the number of users to create the chart has been close to one million….

at the beginning of May 2011, we decided to take a long time " idea " landing, to do a drawing tool based on browser. A window to achieve the standard map, no longer need to download and install, and through the Internet to achieve cloud storage, no matter when and where you can open the Baidu can do online map. read more

Peng Yongjun the nternet when people see Wangzhuan only to make money

why do not make money: the Internet is a tool in our hearts

when everyone was concerned about the Internet and telephone booking, when everyone was concerned about south of the northern snow days, when everyone in the NetEase, Tencent, Sina care when Hu signed 20 Boeing machine. Everyone cannot do without the same tool, is the Internet, telephone booking need to know through the network booking process, through the network query whether there are tickets, the phone has been unable to meet the people to understand the frost heavy snow in the South and north of the day, if there is no Internet, Hu visited the United States to sign a large single how many people know even if you know? Also to wait for the evening news! So we should understand that the Internet is our necessities. read more

Live hundreds of CEO Zhang Hengde a toss of the two rich generation to shift the cross border short

this is a "toss" rich two generation and his entrepreneurial story.

two rich generation, do not know what time to start to become more like a "bad word" never seems suitable for the description of a young man, because you can associate a series such as laziness, luxury, ambition and so on no such words and three words with. Therefore, the rich but three generations is also the Chinese people often hang on the verbal Millennium ideas.

Wang Sicong how many people feel that the rich two generations who also have a very interesting place, in fact, this is only in the elimination of misunderstanding. The well-to-do youth, if their moral rectitude and willing to learn, in general, can see more than those who was born in general. I did not deliberately go to the distinction between the two, but in the development process of the individual, the rich two generations who do occupy a lot of congenital advantages. read more

n fact it is very simple to deal with the liar Alliance

is now a lot of large amount of stationmaster alliance is not buckle when the money is not money every day there is not even to drag, many webmaster very helpless, every day in the forum and online owners complained, but ultimately can not solve the problem, especially some of the union of Beijing and Shanghai, due to the many owners are not in the area just think, alliance the emperor far scolding you they say they just don’t bother you, because I think the real establishment of a special problem solving alliance webmaster group, very simple alliance do not give money. If in Beijing, he called Beijing who stand together with our friends and go directly to their company, does not give money to leave in Shanghai is very simple, let the webmaster group to Shanghai, only a collection of all the strength, but also afraid of the alliance without paying? Because of personal growth will be standing alone that alliance bully, hope we can unite together to resist those crooks and bad credit union read more

On any project Wangzhuan mentality can be a champion

" people will make money doing what money " this sentence is a Wangzhuan training group leader said, he belongs to a class of Wangzhuan master figure, with a lot of people, in the group of more than and 50 people, but each project or after the introduction of creative Wangzhuan always only so ten people can earn money.


CJ, equally creative, promotion methods of sharing, there are people who sell the dishwasher, someone selling car navigator where tens of thousands of dollars, while others sell virtual host more popular, even the same product can do a waste station. There are doing Lead, the same is a product of CPA, in addition to two cents did not earn, most of the 200-2000 dollars, and that the number of people who can do some of the ten thousand or tens of thousands of dollars. read more

Reflect on the BBS community core users decide the fate of the site

The core users of the

BBS community are broadly divided into the following types:

1,   management type: more inclined to BBS community management system, version management, user management

2,   type: writers published in the main, to the important role of

for community development

3,   reply exchange type: not to publish the main, but almost every post will be long-term with adhesive

community exchange users

4,   emergency type: mainly in the event of emergencies, but the event has played a decisive role in community development. For example, mop "bronze", "easy Yeqing Tianya", xcar’s "little horse brother" — for these people, especially the need to explain, when some large community fire, we found that largely depends on the event marketing, so there are some new sites on their own "do" out of the event. But these stations do their own out of the key users, we are not here to discuss the scope of. I mentioned above 3 examples, are not the station side to do out, and the event is entirely self generated by the user, the protagonist of the event is also our definition of unexpected type core users. read more

How to optimize Baidu website optimization

At present, the network marketing has become one of the hot industry. More and more enterprises and individuals have realized the necessity of developing network marketing, at the same time, a large number of network marketing service enterprises. Whether for business or personal, or network marketing service agencies, in the development of network marketing, targeted marketing analysis is very necessary. Through the network marketing analysis, using data and reality to guide their own network marketing steps, can effectively improve the efficiency of network marketing. Brief introduction to the direction of the seven network marketing analysis, combined with a variety of directions, it is possible to make a relatively objective and accurate analysis of network marketing. read more

How entrepreneurs leveraging the line to become mobile nternet goers

sponsored by the 2013 Internet entrepreneurs conference held at the Beijing International Convention Center on May 11th, entrepreneurs and the enthusiasm of the participants outside the venue as the temperature continues to heat up in. This is my second time to participate in the Internet Conference held by Kang Sheng, each participant has a lot of harvest. Compared to previous years, this year’s Congress is more meaningful, not only because of the theme of the conference focused on the development of the mobile Internet, but also because of the collision of ideas and mobile Internet innovators spark. read more

A qualified website planner should know

probably in June, once wrote a "a qualified website planning should know". Many friends and my QQ and my advice, and many problems are found in these friends in.

      site planning of the occupation should be regarded as a relatively new industry, it should start from the network in this industry, the early development of the website directly communicate design procedures, and even a lot of the website is a person and design and program, which is mainly manifested in some small personal site and enterprise website, some big the web site might be the site planning has begun to pay attention to. With the development of the Internet, the development of the site is also advancing rapidly, which is, more sites emerge, the site has a higher demand on the user experience and functional interaction. Compared to the early site we also know that a lot of Web site design is just looking at their own comfort, they can use a comfortable. There is no user experience (UE), there is no special user interface (UI) designers. This site has been unable to meet the needs of users. At the same time, enterprises and Internet companies have higher requirements on the quality and development efficiency of the website, so there is an urgent need for a position to coordinate the work between the program and design. Because if a company has both the program and the design, the direct communication between the program and the design will be a lot of problems, like the restaurant and the direct communication between the chef and chef. So as the most basic function of a website planning is to coordinate the work between design and procedures. read more

The former Amoy cattle station why has vanished

believes that Tao station friends know many famous cattle stations, such as the gem Tao home of Taobao, Taobao, 28 street, domestics etc.. These are the mom invited guest interviews, before this, their income although not in billboard, but the monthly income of 10000 yuan is not too difficult. And now, we can use Taobao guest partner links to check their website, the volume is not much difference with the ordinary web site, here are some of their own views.

: a station too much, in view of the present situation, the Internet is the lack of station, many people see and join Taobao billboard for guest (when he is). Which station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out of the cake, only so big, more and more people share. Income is hard to maintain. read more

Different tools App way the realization of the road threshold

Ge Xin

public utility class App realization of the threshold on the road more, more variables, cashing mode diversification.

from the beginning of 2012, the mobile Internet has entered a cooling channel. This cool, in fact, is not a player to exit the plate to narrow, but the overall pattern of industrial change. In the capital strength of the guidance and promotion, the advantage of resources towards the beginning of commercial applications with a clear future together, but failed to find clear business model in the application window, if there is not enough investment for continuation, it will exit. read more

Taobao shop to do free promotion ideas

We all know that Taobao

store cannot do without the network promotion, and promotion actually paid promotion and free promotion, such as compensation for the promotion of Baidu, Taobao express, advertising alliance, Taobao customers and so on, these good promotion methods, but also expensive, not suitable for the majority of Internet entrepreneurs start empty-handed. Today, Ling Bo talk with you about the free promotion of some ideas, we use the future, the effect is not worse than the charges. read more

The maximum of Witkey mode loopholes

I’m a professional designer, work, often go to some Witkey to undertake the task, to enrich myself, I went to the goal is not only for the money, but also to spend a little time, but recently I feel more and more Witkey makes me uncomfortable, the is Witkey network is how to avoid, you release task cheating?


I was recently in a Witkey network task, found a called "LOGO Hotel", the list is not large, only more than and 200 dollars, but a lot of people, there are more than and 20 people to undertake, but in the end, the successful bidder is a widely known as the college student, works a bit miserable not crazy feeling. Finally, this work was successful. This task has aroused strong controversy netizens read more

Senior practitioners talk about sea Amoy each node has entrepreneurial opportunities

editor’s note for cross-border electricity supplier import industry, many people are eagerly waiting to see, want to share a cup of soup, but I do not know where to start, I do not know how deep the water. Whether it is more and more clear policy, or more and more service optimization, a lot of positive factors, but compared to the domestic electricity supplier, the maturity of the industry is still far from enough. Import electricity supplier’s supply chain, customs clearance, logistics and other aspects are divided into many nodes, it seems complicated and cumbersome, but it is these nodes allow practitioners to see opportunities and potential. read more

A new channel to make money on grassroots webmaster

as a person who has just been engaged in the tourism industry, I am very pleased to be able to quickly find a way to get started, and successfully get commissions from the internet. Remember at the beginning, I am also an online vagrant, groping for a long time, constantly looking for opportunities on the internet. By chance, I met the live network customer service, I was exposed to the hotel distribution, hotel distribution agents these terms. Hotel distribution means: signed a contract with the hotel reservation center reservation center, help hotel sales, get royalties from the middle. read more

Web2 0 money floating in the lake

In June filariasis, the streets of Dongdan for a huge advertising on the pink and white chalk outline veil the fashion girl into a princess, and gave the boy wearing general armor. This is the interactive entertainment portal mop.com network advertising. The operation of the mop.com Qianxiang interactive group, in March this year has just successfully financing $48 million.

read more

A NB technology fails to continue to do business or to make money

this two days with a NB technology to chat, he was a well-known Internet Co in the technology of middle, good team with very strong ability, 3 years ago, with the other two partners together 2 million business, to be a world changing products. A few years later, products generally do, also did not make money, the key is money almost, can only rely on external support, nurturing team products.

in the end is to continue to do the product, or to make money. His entrepreneurial reflection:

1, too idealization. Always want to use the product to change the world, the early days of the company made a lot of Silicon Valley fan, put all the toys on the ground, a lot of free food in the refrigerator. Technical architecture is the latest selection of RUBY, of course, recruit people are not good trick. Always want to realize their ideals and dreams, but not down to earth. read more