E commerce sites have turned off the electricity supplier winter really coming

today, there is news that under the banner of e-commerce website product poly network is about to close, and the grand gathering of goods on the network in less than three months. Then think of these 30 days even with the closure of the three e-commerce sites, respectively, is a grand gathering of goods network, luxury website called ha network and NetEase Shang shang. Some media commented that the winter has come, e-commerce, then whether the real electricity supplier in the winter coming?

three reasons for the collapse of the electricity supplier website read more

Blog advertising becomes climate

  blog site Engadget published last month, Microsoft will work with the beverage manufacturer Pepsi to carry out promotional activities, sending thousands of new Xbox game console. In this video game enthusiasts blow a pond, caused a sensation.

but neither company responded to the report. The news first appeared in mid April, after numerous video games and electronic equipment have quoted a blog site, time Public opinions are divergent. the marketing strategy of Microsoft, the topic from what to how much soda can irrigation in this war, this is not the only one to win the bottle. read more

The benefits of plagiarism driven by the needs of your idea others are not copied

last week, PickRide anti plagiarism thing is quite serious. Although I tried the PickRide product, I feel very bad, but still support the founder of PickRide condemned plagiarism, the pursuit of their own rights and interests of behavior. But today we are not going to discuss this thing is true or otherwise, just to say my views on plagiarism.

plagiarism is available anywhere, including the internet. Apple apple from Xerox, Microsoft copy copy, now and then to a topic China Internet most criticized, plagiarism has become an ingrained Westerners on the mainland Internet opinion. And in particular, thanks to a gang of Internet heavyweights, such as plagiarism started Tencent, not only to allow the Chinese people to see plagiarism can be successful, but also opened the prelude to the history of Chinese Internet plagiarism. read more

Pat home to change the domain name to Jingdong pdj jd com

renamed China (eName.cn) April 16th news, today, the Jingdong will be this year’s focus on building the O2O platform "take home" was renamed "Jingdong home", and enable two domain pdj.jd.com station.


: Jingdong home page

it is understood that, when the film was launched, its website domain name is one.jd.com, is also a two domain name. Today, the Jingdong to shoot home changed its name to Jingdong home, but the one changed to pdj". Whether it is to shoot home or Jingdong home, the corresponding domain name has been registered. Such as domain name paidaojia.com/.cn/.com.cn, jddaojia.com/.cn/.com.cn, etc.. read more

EBay Greater China Lin Yizhang China’s electricity supplier export trends

reporter Yang Linhua Beijing reported

early in November 27th, eBay released the Greater China cross-border e-commerce retail export industry map. The report said: China’s eight cross-border electricity supplier retail outlets are Guangdong, Hongkong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Taiwan, Jiangsu and Fujian. Among them, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu were 76.1%, 56.1% and 52% growth rate to become the fastest growing cross-border export center. In addition, the most popular category in order of global buyers were electronics, fashion, furniture and gardening and auto parts, furniture, auto parts and gardening fashion has become the fastest growing category three. read more

Said Gaopeng and F group merger on the agenda


technology news April 13th evening news, although Gaopeng and F group of merger rumors have been silent, but media reports said the merger has entered the agenda: Gaopeng had summoned all the area manager to discuss the merger.

according to the owners of the house reported that Gaopeng (micro-blog) has announced a merger with the F group in the interior, and summoned all the district manager from the capital, discussing a merger. The official declined to comment on the matter is still high, which had previously stressed that Groupon will not withdraw from the Chinese. read more

Domain deletion list March 30 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0051@vip.163.com 0516–83777726


300000.cn 35hn.com
dol5.com / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

What is Taobao generation operation Business school for you to answer

In the Taobao

market, for the status quo between Taobao operators and enterprises, is still in short supply, especially for a reliable professional on behalf of the operating companies, is to grab the head broken and bleeding. B companies see the rapid rise of the A enterprises, through various means, A hired corporate trader C D spent a lot of companies see enterprise investment, but the results are not always on the go, the D business operation was sentenced to death.

called Taobao generation operation, as the name suggests, is a Taobao business entrust store daily operation, management, marketing, promotion and other work to professional on behalf of the operating companies, with rich shop management, and well trained operators Taobao for sellers of all-weather operating shops, effectively improve the visibility of the shop sales. And reputation, fast, professional and safe to improve store core competitive advantage, the seller shops entrusted to the generation of operating companies, is responsible for shipping and other simple work, all the rest of the work on behalf of the operating companies. read more

WiFi partner Lian Zhiyao 0 30 million users to gather input costs how to make

April 23rd, WiFi companion version V2.3 landing Tencent application platform grand treasure first, from the Tencent open platform data show that the WiFi companion episode downloads exceeded 600 thousand, an increase of 600% active users than the previous episode. After this spurt of growth, the number of users WiFi partner successfully exceeded 30 million. And to achieve this number, from July 2012 WiFi partner first version of the line less than two years.

looking back more than two years of business history, WiFi partner CEO Lian Zhiyao think, for developers, the early start is best not to think too much, because if you put all the difficulties and obstacles have thought of it, maybe I would not dare to begin". At the same time, as an innovative tool for the class of applications, WiFi partner successfully gathered 30 million users, 0 is the cost to promote investment. Next, let us walk into the story of the success of WiFi partners and mobile Internet era. read more

Squid network the pioneer of electronic business platform

The current

mobile phone, the electricity supplier industry develops like a raging fire, offline stores such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, mobile phone market is just under the line of dragons and fishes jumbled together, rampant fakes, price transparency is far less than the online business platform, but also deliberately guide sales may make you miss the good mobile phone. The third party business platform based on squid network flow, as a pioneer of electronic business platform, expand their business scope and the radiation service areas, providing a more affordable channel for mobile phone buyers. read more

Wisdom in the bid an entertainment on the rise of the electricity supplier to purchase virgin land

With the diversified development of the market, people’s demand for shopping is no longer stay in the acquisition of goods, more stay in the process of getting the goods and after-sale link

. Therefore, this year we saw more and more businesses began to fight the service campaign, the focus of competition to the transfer of after-sales.

in prevailing electricity supplier industry, in addition to the above mentioned "service campaign" in the sale of part of the virgin soil has been dug, the recent highly sought after in the younger age groups of "bid treasure" is the best mode of online shopping. read more

Taobao customers into the product segments in order to survive

has a group of people active in Taobao to promote products for others on the market, called Taobao. Taobao off, is currently a grassroots webmaster hope to earn a revenue model through the network. Clearly, Taobao’s charm lies in its high commission and high credibility. I believe a lot of people to come to the site once enough traffic, can not be linked to Ali mother products to promote the link, which is the use of Taobao passenger traffic sales of products.

however, as part of the Internet to make money in one of the Taobao model, in the past two years, the increasingly fierce competition, the promotion of poor strength is basically zero income, the execution is not strong basically do not make money. How to be able to get from the fierce development of Taobao passenger ranks? The pioneer that selection of products is crucial, directly determines the quantity of your income and the degree of competition. read more

A hundred good shop checked Pukou four crown the owner was arrested

police comrades, to reflect the situation with you……" In mid October this year, Pukou District, Taishan village police station community police visited the District, residents reported a family of abnormal situation. It turned out that this family rented here, a large number of parcels every day, and I do not know what to do, always feel strange."

four crown shop hiding residential area

community police went to see, found that the house has four or five young people, piled boxes everywhere, which contains a variety of styles of clothing. One asked, this is a shop, shop is a couple. Two people graduated from a university in the north, went to Nanjing opened a shop, business is doing very well. read more

Customer service is to improve the conversion rate you do it

The process of

in the Taobao shop, customer service will often encounter a variety of buyers, what time in the sale of fix buyers is a very important link, therefore, customer service needs from which to take orders for


first is the change of address. According to incomplete statistics, every day in the Taobao online shopping in the emergence of the "pro" more than one hundred million times, can be said to be a flood of culture, in fact, is not to say that the title of what is not good, the fact that there are some buyers are quite disgusted. Therefore, if it is in the beginning stage can use this title, until after a period of time, it is recommended to use you will be better, so that buyers can feel the sincerity of customer service. If you use a little bit of a correction in the past, the buyer will feel too much enthusiasm, for the United states. read more

The development of small and medium sized enterprises of electronic commerce must know some common s

is now small and medium enterprises to carry out electricity supplier business is simply a trend, even if the street inconspicuous small workshop, are likely to do the site. The hot E-business has penetrated into every enterprise bones. The reason to say so, because I had a network of Companies in a period of time to do a lot of sales, a lot of time with some business owners to talk about e-commerce, they immediately nodded, I have done the site."

so hear this answer always feel funny, from the site to the development of e-commerce is still a long way from the. Can be seen in many cases, they understand the e-commerce website construction. Some customers have little understanding of the electronic commerce, but on how to carry out, or clear the doorway. So I’ll tell you about the small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out e-commerce should have some common sense. read more

Ministry of Commerce expects 2015 electricity supplier turnover is expected to reach 12 trillion

said the Ministry of Commerce and information technology division deputy inspector Nie Linhai 29 held in Chengdu, 2011APEC SME summit, e-commerce has entered a period of rapid development in the "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year" period will usher in a faster development period.

according to the Ministry of commerce is expected, the next five years, e-commerce transactions will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, in 2015 will reach $12 trillion.

electricity supplier industry rapid growth read more

Amazon launched a free shop to take out the checkout without queuing

Internet giant Amazon in Seattle opened a shop does not need to line up checkout Amazon Go, is currently in the testing phase. Free checkout shopping experience relies on a large number of cameras and microphones, the technology used and similar to self driving cars. At the peak of the holiday shopping, consumers often have to queue up for a long time to buy the right goods. With Amazon Go, queuing checkout this drudgery will become the past.

took it without leaving the checkout

Amazon Go free checkout shopping experience is based on a series of technologies, including a large number of cameras and microphones, large cloud computing server and Alexa voice assistant. The entire shopping process is simple – into the store, take things, leave, no queuing checkout. Consumers need only Amazon account, smart phones and Amazon Go applications. They need to bind the credit card to APP, in order to achieve automatic settlement. In a video, Amazon uses a large number of terms to explain the working principle of Amazon Go, including computer vision, depth learning algorithm and sensor fusion. read more

To build the world’s largest e commerce Hangzhou e commerce sites invited

is known as the "Chinese e-commerce city" of Hangzhou, will host the "2010 Hangzhou electronic commerce industry policy interpretation and Hangzhou e-commerce Industrial Park project will be in April 22nd, let the national e-commerce site further understanding of Hangzhou, and all over the country to attract more e-commerce companies settled in Hangzhou, to lay a solid foundation for creating global electronic business affairs" and "Internet jingjijiangshi. At the same time, organized by the Hangzhou e-commerce Industrial Park project will be described, it is precisely for these foreign e-commerce companies to provide an opportunity to choose the best habitat. read more

A brief analysis of the survival way of local small and medium group buying websites

the author of an article "small group purchase website traffic where" about the traffic problem, a low cost flow, small group purchase site on the basis of survival, but long-term development and growth, but also pay attention to the construction of website content.

now has the most group purchase website code, earth dimension, love, among which the most popular is the soil, they first launched a free web site in the code, the majority of small and medium-sized group purchase cost considerations, most of them chose the soil free code, the code for the PHP, after a complete system upgrade repeatedly now has been basically perfect, because of its wide popularity, more web site templates. Buy the webmaster can be easier to find their own low-cost template, the site’s interface into a more popular mode now, to give users a better experience. read more

When parenting website encounters SNS


of the popularization of the computer and SNS platform and products, make small new life in the womb has the opportunity to participate in social life, which also spawned a lot of "child care" and "SNS" mode of the website, but the traditional maternal parenting websites have begun the transition.

said that the baby online social networking refers to the knowledge of parents to guide or transfer, that is, parents in their daily lives may have been conscious of the child into the social network. For example, you enter a number of professional parenting sites to find the experience of sharing parenting, you are using a blog to record the child’s growth. When the children grow up can use a computer, you will put the record growth blog turned to him, it can complete the initial handover, your child may be so interested in starting your own blog on the Internet, started their own record their life and communicate with others, which led to the start of social networking. read more