The station advertising experience to talk about money

Make friends is to make money, I begin to do a website to now has been a year since last year, summarize the experience in advertising on the station:

1, the station put into operation in about three months, IP no more than 300, did not think of and alliance advertising, later because the search engine has included, more than 1000 IP and with some experience on the site do not need a lot of energy, began to consider some alliance.

2, the alliance is hard to find, favorites probably add more than and 20, also tried a few, ha ha, everyone laughed! It’s impossible to receive money! More than a month on the IP1000 station, from the Union over the income of more than 5 yuan are not, so all of them, to give them a contribution, do? Haha, it’s all the same! read more

Literary website to make money

‘s personal website can be said to be innumerable, but I am afraid not to make money the personal website of the total number of 30%, why is there such a big gap, the key is our personal webmaster not find the right direction, but did not find the right way, the site was built, but the way to earn money to go without me! Also take a lot of detours, but I am willing to share my experience! If you think is wrong, please correct me, a piece of communication. My group: novel network official group: 57205041. read more

Mytime mode of service will lead to a new round of O2O business tide

a few days ago I wrote an article "the integration of idle resources O2O case" article, which initially referred to the Mytime model, recently found that some friends are interested in, a lot of people to discuss the related problems and I decided to research our goods transit network in this team to share out.

what is Mytime?

products have a shelf life, but the service has timeliness". A piece of clothing sold today, tomorrow can then sell, but similar to Manicure / foot service like this, no one really took that day today. Just on the line mytime is a local business services booking, booking platform. For businesses, its significance lies in making services with time new sales, according to the different level of the peak period of dynamic price adjustment, a bit like a "special offer services". Or that it is going to buy the opposite direction, do fragmented sales segment. Do you want to say a foot recently, you can expect the scheduled time of the screening of a series of service businesses at that time to open, you have chosen a specific time can be directly paid to pick a reservation. read more

Golden Wangzhuan small talk using e mail marketing

before writing this article, I would like to ask you a question? What is the e-mail marketing? I think most of my friends would tell me that email marketing mainly refers to the transfer of invoices and other junk information, actually we just say a small part. This is far from the mail marketing to do. Real network marketing should be based on the user’s license. In the western developed countries, e-mail marketing is a very important means of marketing, it is closely related to everyone. read more

Ali Copper Street entrepreneurial employees a fun nternet Financial

He Jun, copper street, the average amount of investment of about 20 thousand yuan, while the average transaction over the balance of treasure in the amount of 3000 yuan

financial weekly newspaper reporter Huang Jie / text

from Alipay after third years, He Jun returned to Hangzhou, at a distance of Alipay building 10 minutes Tianmushan Road No. 398, he started a company named copper street network science and technology company.

The name

APP on the line at the end of last year, six months after the operation, copper Street finally open up the transaction payment function, users can buy some goods based products on its platform, He Jun will be called the product copper Street 2, the balance of treasure Bilaodong home even in the morning line for several days, is also is the first domestic mobile terminal transactions platform. read more

Ceng Yirong starting from the dream you and are the same kind of people

contributed by the author: Ceng Yirong, read ( founder, incumbent Nurun Shanghai.

micro-blog: Sapherise, currently seeking investment and partners.

are you in the same class as me,


my university four years just to play the game, big 4 was suddenly shouted to friends start to do B2C, do what two weeks didn’t get out to die, go to a friend and practice, I keep a heart get out of hand, and finally embarked on a road of entrepreneurship.

a person, not PS and CSS, PHP will not have heard of jQuery, will not promote the operation, not to mention the virus marketing, I do not know what the server and cloud concept. Three months later, my personal website on the line. read more

Linktech warmly celebrate the new on line shopping is linktech provide Internet users of an online shopping platform. The maintenance company is linktech shopping, shopping mall, linktech are signed by CPS model and trustworthy business cooperation. Registered shopping users will own a two level domain shopping, for example: shopping. You will get cash back shopping mall, allowing you to purchase a province again, and can use it to realize your dream shopping money


version of the new shopping bar to make it more simple and fresh, to provide a more colorful content, more convenient use of Internet users are welcome to support and support the use of read more

How to do the new online education entrepreneurship project in old bottles

today, Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan and the famous angel investor Xu Xiaoping online education continues on micro-blog for their investment of 91 teachers net campaign, Xu Xiaoping at the beginning of this year that "after two years of online education may be as ubiquitous as electricity supplier". Today, online education platform Tutorspree received $800 thousand in additional investment, and Donews founder Liu Ren also entered the last year for the online education institutions, and directly predicted "online education in 2013 will be the outbreak of the year……" read more

Do personal Adsense to learn to make money

personal webmaster a proud name! From that day since the birth of network we have, than big companies that cash rich we may not be what, but precisely because of our existence, or promote the prosperity and progress of the network, accelerate the popularity of the Internet in the process, so our contribution is great. However, a number of individual owners fell, a batch of stationmaster again, there are many webmaster for the difficult development and sold their hard business station every day, every day and many of the new owners was born, this is the Internet every day, the interpretation of this story read more

How to let Baidu union advertising price super Google

for the majority of our home owners who, through advertising alliance to make money is definitely the main part of the site’s revenue. Because now in addition to several domestic Sohu like Sina, the super portal to worry about advertisers directly to home, a lot of sites (particularly those who are not content flow advantages of the site) is not possible to directly find your advertising. In this case, the advertising alliance advertising has become our (including with art their own) these small Adsense is almost the only source of income. Even some of the more well-known sites in the advertising alliance advertising. This also shows that the owners of the helpless and the reality of the situation. read more

How to sell a good price Networking is sometimes more important than the product

mobile Internet industry mergers and acquisitions in recent years. Some startups at a high price married at the same time, some products have a good startup company, but eventually put up the shutters. Why are these companies completely different fates? According to the analysis of American news website BusinessInsider, a new record for the company hopes to be acquired, sometimes, people is more important than the product. For different scales of mergers and acquisitions, the network and the weight of the product has a different impact. read more

Google Adsense collection of cheque collection 5 30 2007 details of different city collections

We are trying to establish a list of the most complete collection of checks, please have the experience of the collection of your actual situation in the reply list, I will regularly organize them and join here. So the people who provide information will be added, and more importantly, all the people who benefit from the information will be grateful to you. Please provide information in the following format, even if there are differences in the same bank as long as there is a difference can be provided. read more

Personal webmaster network to make money two new way out

      the Spring Festival in 2007 is over, many personal webmaster are considering a new way out  

      one way out: earn foreign money! Although the domestic advertising alliance a lot, but the flow into the money conversion rate is too low, and poor integrity, the original income is not much, but also often exploited by the advertising alliance.

      if you do have the level of the station, the promotion of the experience of the site also have, then consider to do foreign language station. Take English as an example, click on the ads in English click on the most of each click is more than 10 times the chinese. read more

The fundamental brand culture of entrepreneurship development

our business is to what? A lot of people would say the money, this is indeed one of the most direct and most superficial things, so there are a lot of people to make money and deceive customers, the brand do stink, and then go to register another brand then, they really can make in the beginning money, but to those not reliable, not practical, you walk in a wrong way how to go wrong.

when I started, I thought so, but a friend of mine told me not to, he said: Although we are making money, but we need to do is how to make money, how to make money to be sustained and reliable, this is the most important, and this is today we are going to talk about the brand culture. read more

Do a little Amoy four months experience

I am from March 2009 15 to start doing Taobao guest, where I was also dismissive, I think: do this which can earn any money ah. But there are no other things to do, so I will try to hold the psychology began to do.

first, the beginning of the Taobao

wanted to do it, I spent more than half a month. Careful analysis of the Taobao guest, found that there are a lot of promotion model, suitable for different people to do. There is a single product promotion, shop promotion, search promotion, and later also a API promotion. Single product promotion and shop promotion for a blog, a wide range of communication, time enough to do, I go to work 8 hours a day, want to play games, so it is not suitable for me. The search for the promotion of the site, and there is a certain amount of visitors, and not with me. So I can only think about API’s doctrine. API is equivalent to the inside of Taobao, do all of the goods to the promotion of their own site above, so there is a good advantage is: search engine can search a lot of my web site. This can bring a certain amount of traffic through the search engine, just for me so that it will not promote, no time to promote people who are too lazy to promote. read more

Three basic ways to make money

since I was 18, I felt like I was starting to make money. Over the years, I have studied a variety of ways and means to make money, get to know a lot of really make money friends. Later, I summed up all the ways to make money in the following three simple ways:

1, selling services
2, selling products
3, engage in investment

1, selling services:

is working on selling services, providing website, providing consulting and training services for others is also sold. The biggest feature of selling services is: low cost! read more

Rely on advertising to make money on the site in the end line

I have been vigorously promoted in many posts to run their own e-commerce site. Maybe some people will misunderstand the site to make money by advertising. In fact, advertising is one of the ways in which the site profit model, not not, but more difficult.

website to attract traffic, and then sell advertising, the threshold is not high, many owners use the free CMS software, around to collect or gather some content on the ad code, it. This way to make cigarette money, no problem. wants to make a living, even want to grow, it is more difficult. read more

What a good part time network suitable for women Wangzhuan recommended

looking for a project to be their own boss, is now a lot of young people’s ideal goal. At home to start their own business, the risk is low, not only flexible time, eliminating the time on the road, but also to take care of the elderly and children at home, very suitable for graduates and women’s entrepreneurial projects. What do you do at home? Use a computer can make money!

do what entrepreneurs at home? Open the rebate mall windfall profits

what is a double Taobao guest please go to or add QQ381713669. read more

Application of joint founder Yuan Cong review the path of profitable exploration

mentioned in the app store, the majority of developers and industry insiders think they are dominant in the advantage of a party, call them to the mobile Internet Era "channel", and will master the application of life and death last ring corresponding to each other. But in fact, and Groupon of 2010 brought thousands of war heat, app store is an instantaneous influx of hundreds of game player but the last remaining few areas, the survival of the fittest applies to them. For large companies are not born, the resources are not so rich start-up companies are more difficult. Application of exchange incubator innovation works on the profitability of groping my way to many way, after walking several detours and mature industry chain Mobile Games eventually hit it off, has now achieved millions of monthly earnings. This article is an interview with the application of the joint founder and COO Yuan Cong, he shared with us a few times the application of profit earnings, as well as the future trend of the application store view. read more