The thunder has come the end alliance continue to default owners Commission

many users once again reflect the thunder alliance defaults on their commissions. In December 2008, 19 Japanese stations reported that the thunder union official statement after the arrears to be paid in full in December.

I found that in the thunder union Settlement Board ( Fid=17), the thunder alliance blame the commission can be found everywhere. Thunderbolt alliance user "spark" and "create new styles" and "JmBaiHacker" on November and December 2008 in thunder Union Commission expressed surprise. read more

The 618 made their own double 11 Jingdong engage in this big promotion of the 20 day

you may have been on the roadside to see Nicholas Tse, Li Na, Liu Qiangdong big billboard, which is to celebrate the 12 anniversary of the launch of the Jingdong.

in Tmall created a double 11 shopping carnival, other electricity supplier brands also want to create their own main battlefield, for Jingdong, this time is "618" (June 18th).

but in order to attract more users, and disperse the peak pressure, the Jingdong’s "618" promotion is usually last a week, but this year, the Jingdong will put promotional activities stretched to 20 days, from June 1st to June 20th, to participate in promotional business sector includes global direct supply, intelligent life, finance, mobile social network and all the people entertainment, convenient 6 plates. read more

1 shop to buy a new phone accused of non original factory

Mr. Zhao bought a mobile phone in the No. 1 store, in a few months later, suddenly black screen mobile phone can not boot, had to go to repair. This practice does not matter, open the machine after the Engineers actually told Mr. Zhao is not the original mobile phone factory machine, not only screws are missing, even the seal is not original. On this matter, shop No. 1, said the mobile phone purchase channels normal, which will be investigated which link problems. Lawyers said, according to the existing evidence of business behavior has been suspected of fraud. read more

The whale founder Chen Ge then start from the music why intelligent hardware starting

Chen Ge said that the choice of business intelligence hardware is very normal. When Jobs returned to apple, the choice is iPod with itunes. Wearable devices and the trend, it is possible to start from the music wearable devices.

well-known legitimate music sites already stranded, whale whale founder Chen Ge did not stop the pace of entrepreneurship. Chen Ge has started the two venture, the starting point of the music to the wearable device.

The new company

Chen Ge called star poly technology, has received tens of millions of dollars of investment, shareholders include radium angel fund, Changzhou Li Excellence Fund, Changzhou property rights exchange, and was part of the Changzhou government subsidies. read more

Publicity in the invisible so that your publicity is not easy to receive the utilitarian

with the merger and reorganization of the telecommunications network, in our county, when the dust settles, they have not yet seen signs of construction of local information port. So I feel like I have another chance. If early before they do it, even if they could do to follow up in the local occupy a space for one person First impressions are strongest, portals. So I quickly sized up the situation where Hong Kong made out of frame.

but now due to various characteristics of site diversion, and Internet users age to a younger age (not too concerned about the home network construction) in the promotion of the early stage is undoubtedly difficult. read more

Suning Tmall double eleven mutual pumping face popular advertising

[global technology Roundup] eleven electricity supplier renewed strife. Yesterday, in the mainstream media Beijing, Nanjing City, Guangzhou, there are a number of full page advertising, advertising theme: the "TM double eleven you should have a choice". Netizens exclaimed, the advertising rhetoric style network, bold content directly, alluding to Tmall, a defiant Ali, all Tucao singles to promote the ills of


hours later, a group of "double face 11" poster broke close to fan version. Whether Tmall can not be determined. Netizens joke, here the red Tmall, there was a quarrel with Su Ninglan, not fun, rolling together is good (Ji) read more

Brand marketing is the first step in the construction of enterprise website

for the construction of the website of Shenzhen, the production of exquisite works for clients is only part of the service. The establishment of enterprises to obtain high value returns, it is necessary to expand the brand concept to a higher level of consciousness. As the focus of the brand website construction, the design can be divided into four aspects: understanding, attention, experience and sharing.

is the first step to understand the brand marketing

the birth of a brand, often embodies the enterprise in the development process of the injection of corporate philosophy and corporate content. To be a world never contact with things to create well-known brand, first of all, we must make the product positioning and customer service two links in the initial stage. Only make the target customer groups to understand and are willing to understand, so as to accept, in order to pave the way for the brand marketing. read more

The PR value more than 8 Chinese website summary

          recently do not know what to write good articles, suddenly thought of the recent googlePR value big update, I came to the statistics of how many Chinese websites have more than PR7 website. When you give yourself a long experience, but also to share with you. Just spent more than 2 hours of collection, found more than more than and 100 PR7 sites. This article first to share with you more than PR8 which web site.

        see chart: 25 PR8 above site read more

Analysis of hype in website promotion

nowadays the most popular topic is nothing more than Google’s exit from China, but a deeper look into, anyone will see some clues. As everyone knows, Google in the China share has been overtake Baidu, Google do during China government kept the pressure, the really enough to lead Google out of Chinese? If you are Google, you will in this case opt out? It will not quit, whether Google’s move is for what. Yes, it is in commercial speculation, and, as a result of this speculation has brought huge commercial profits and attention. read more

Network promotion skills and methods

with the development of modern technology, computer is almost essential household tools, and the Internet is also a hobby, a lot of people through the Internet, has achieved many homes can achieve the desire.

is a small hobby people online, but also a wide range of hobbies, on the Internet can not only learn new knowledge but also appropriate entertainment, watching TV, are happy good time playing games. Think of these, let people think of cyber source behind the story behind the Internet, these wonderful stories are a group of people who work, the development of network media to let more and more people to join the network. Here Xiaobian on a grilled steak network promotion of those things. read more