Dutch Shipyards Are Looking to the Future

first_imgShipyards are the backbone of the Dutch maritime cluster. For centuries, these shipyards have been a breeding ground for innovation.From the 18th-century cargo ships that sailed the seven seas, to the high-tech vessels that are launched today, it all started with an idea combined with determination. It is an industry that can lean on the knowledge gathered by many generations.Dutch shipyards are looking to the future and get motivated instead of discouraged when told that it cannot be done. Maritime Holland asked several shipyards on what new projects they are working on and how they see the future.Bijlsma WartenaBijlsma Wartena is developing three sustainable Multi-Purpose Vessels that are contracted by Rijkswaterstaat. The successful launch of the first ship took place on March 16.“Sustainability, innovation and efficiency are the key drivers of our shipyard,” says Tjeerd-Wiebe Bijlsma, director of Bijlsma Wartena.“By serving our customers, we go for quality. We collaborate closely with the client in order to deliver customised solutions. That is the strength of our small and agile organisation.”MPV-30“Last year we won the tender that was issued by Rijkswaterstaat to build a series of three MPV-30s. The first two vessels will be delivered by the end of 2018 and the last vessel will be delivered spring 2019. On March 16, 2018, the successful launch of the Merwestroom, the first MPV-30, took place.“This ship was designed and built by Bijlsma Wartena. Due to the rotatable propulsion, the MPV-30 can navigate in all directions, allowing it to perform activities such as marking the waterway, patrolling duties, conducting soil and fishery research.”Sustainable“By designing these vessels we focused on sustainability and efficiency. Where other ships require a vessel to turn on generators at all time, our vessels only require generators to work for 3.5 hours per day. A performance measurement system is installed such that the crew is aware of the degree to which the generator works efficiently. When there is an excess of energy, it is not discarded like in conventional ships.“In contrast, the excess flows to the large package of batteries that the vessels is equipped with and can be used later on. In addition, the residual heat from the engines is used for the heating installation of the ship. Besides that, the solar panels that are installed on the roof are another source of energy. Because of these sources of energy, the consumption of fossil fuels is low. This causes the CO2 emissions of these vessels to be extremely low. On an annual basis, the vessels ensure a reduction of 20,000 kilogrammes of CO2 emissions. Lastly, the three MPV-30s that we are building for Rijkswaterstaat have a hydrodynamic hull and therefore experience little water resistance.”Innovation“Cooperation between shipyards will strengthen the Dutch competitive position. Keeping each other up to date on novelties is essential as we can keep continuously improving ourselves. It is important to develop multifunctional ships with a sustainable character and to be innovative. Innovation is key for the Dutch shipbuilding industry as we are part of a true knowledge economy.”Shipyard De HoopShipyard De Hoop is currently in the process of finishing a 135-metre River Cruise Vessel for Lueftner Cruises.“The challenge is to make these ships as silent as possible. Fuel savings are also important nowadays. Next to that we are always looking to increase comfort for the guests. Think of climate control and the lay out of the cabins. The cruise vessel will be very luxurious,” says Patrick Janssens, CEO of Shipyard De Hoop.Another recent contract is for building six tugs for the TCO project of Caspian Offshore Construction from Kazakhstan, for the further development of the Tengiz Oilfield. The tugs will primarily be tasked to assist barges and vessels along a 75-kilometre long channel, through the shallow waters of the Caspian Sea, to the offloading facilities at Prorva.Unique designThe series of six are of two different custom designs – four larger and two smaller. The larger tugs will feature azimuth stern drive propulsion and have a bollard pull of 14 tonnes, while the smaller vessels will be assigned as harbour tugs, with a bollard pull of 30 tonnes. Both designs are characterised by a special hull, with a shallow draught and large diameter propellers. The first tug Kabanbay Batyr, with yard number 481, was delivered on March 19.Due to the special requirements for operating in the channel and at the offloading facilities in TCO project, the tugs have specific designs, developed at in-house at De Hoop. Both designs are characterised by a special hull, with a shallow draught and large diameter propellers.“The designs of these vessels are unique. There were no standard designs available.”GalapagosShipyard De Hoop has also secured an order for the design and construction of an innovative expedition cruise vessel for Celebrity Cruises. The vessel, to be named Celebrity Flora, will be constructed entirely at the Lobith facilities.“Celebrity Flora will mark an evolutionary turning point in the approach to ship design. Designed and classed for worldwide service, the cruise vessel is optimised for experiencing the land and marine environment of the Galapagos in high comfort. Celebrity Flora will be the first vessel to be built according the latest probabilistic damage stability regulations, and therefore complies with the relevant Rules and Regulations for 2020, supplemented with the client’s constraint to comply with a two-compartment damage stability regulation. “Furthermore, other than complying with future international rules and regulations, the vessel also commits to specific Galapagos National Park Directorate Regulations, whereby explicit environmentally low-impact (exterior) features and materials were applied.”“With many Dutch suppliers and subcontractors on the client- approved ‘makerslist’, this project is a great opportunity for the Dutch shipbuilding industry as a whole,” says Janssens.“At the moment the market is still weak and the prices remain under pressure. In this environment the Dutch maritime cluster keeps on delivering unique and innovative vessels. This is something we should be proud of.”Kooiman Marine GroupEarly this year Kooiman Marine Group delivered the innovative patrol boat RPA 8 to the Rotterdam Port Authorities. This ship distinguishes itself in terms of hull shape, propulsion system, efficiency and emissions in comparison with comparable vessels in the market.For a Dutch owner, Kooiman Marine Group is building a chemical tanker. This vessel is customer specific designed and will be operating the inland waterways of Western Europe.Recently the construction of the hull for an inland waterway barge with suction pipe and sieve installation commenced. Delivery of this ship will be during the second half of this year.LNG bunker pontoonFor Titan LNG Kooiman Marine Group developed an LNG bunker pontoon. Delivery of this pontoon is scheduled for early 2019. It will be the first floating LNG bunker station in the Netherlands and is intended for the bunkering of LNG for both seagoing and inland waterway vessels.The conversion of the DC Eems from a sea going cargo vessel into a suction hopper dredger with its own dry unloading installation is nearing its completion. The vessel is renamed into DC Brugge and is expected to commence dredging operations relatively soon.Maintain production“It is our expectation that the current market situation for new building and repairs will stay at the same level with possibly some increase in one or two sectors and some decrease in others. For our company being involved in repairs, major conversions and new building of custom developed ships, we expect to be able to maintain our production at a steady level till the end of this year.”“In our point of view the focus will be more and more on the reduction of exhaust emissions. Such can be achieved with the implementation of LNG propulsion system and / or a hybrid propulsion installation. In addition, a substantial improvement on lowering exhaust emissions can be achieved by improving on the hull resistance of a vessel like we did with the delivered patrol boat RPA 8.”Damen Shipyards Group“In the offshore wind industry Damen is really challenging the role played by helicopters as the traditional personnel transport method,” begins Damen Programme Manager Innovation Solco Reijnders. “We are moving forward from the success of the Bibby WaveMaster – a vessel designed for long-term support, autonomy and crew comfort – to develop the Fast Crew Supplier 7011. Specifically designed to replace helicopters for offshore transport, this vessel combines speed with high passenger capacity.”Reijnders also points to the harbour, terminal and public transport sectors to demonstrate industry trends: “We are seeing a move towards cleaner propulsion systems involving diesel-electric or fully electric systems.”Efficient operationsResponding to the general trend that the shipbuilding industry is becoming more technology-driven and is demanding more innovative solutions, Damen is working with forward-looking technologies.“Digitalisation of on-board systems allows us to use this vast amount of data to develop new tools for our clients and their operations.”“We are also experimenting with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), which, don’t forget are two fundamentally different technologies. In teleporting the user to a virtual location, VR allows designers and engineers to experience their own designs. And we can use AR to digitise processes in our yards – to complement hands-on operations of our personnel in order to make their work easier and more efficient.”Looking beyond bordersIn terms of cooperation, Damen participates in numerous pre-competitive research programmes within the Dutch maritime cluster.“These are mostly at the fundamental stages of research; studying detailed subjects of the ship design process,” he notes.“In executing these programmes together and sharing our facilities, the research undoubtedly benefits. And this, of course, enables us to develop rapidly as one maritime cluster.”Although cooperative research within the Dutch maritime sector is of clear significance, Reijnders is also keen to point out the importance of looking beyond national borders.“European research is also pushing the limits and accelerating the technology towards, for example, cleaner fuels.”Royal BodewesRoyal Bodewes is involved in some interesting projects. NB-742 and NB-743 (MV Eeva VG and MV Mirva VG) are hybrid ships where the main engine can operate on processed fish oil. To minimise the emissions the ships main engine is optimised for normal service. To reach the requested power of the ice class regulations, additional power can be added on the shaft by an electric motor. Having this boost system, the propulsion can also be taken over by the auxiliary engines which makes the vessel diesel electric.Coaster NB-744 (MV Ina Lehmann) is the first coaster delivered and certified according to IMO Tier 3 emission regulations. NB-803 (MT Coralius) is the first European built LNG feeder/bunker vessel in its size. NB-766 and 767 (MV Furuvik and Cymbidium) are both Ecotraders with a Groot Crossbow which are executed as self-discharging cement carriers.“Royal Bodewes is constantly optimising its building process and started in 2015 with a new building facility on the yard. This optimisation is a continuing story as we start this summer with an expansion on the existing halls.”Changing future“With respect to the Dutch maritime cluster, we see a changing future. We believe that the market is slowly recovering. There is a growing interest in new ships although ship newbuilding prices will stay under pressure. The maritime cluster has to be innovative and gain more efficiency to withstand the competition from low cost countries.“The maritime infrastructure in the Netherlands with shipyards, co-makers and suppliers is important to withstand the competition in the international market. With this maritime cluster we are playing a unique role worldwide.”Holland ShipyardsHolland Shipyards is continuing on the delivery of the IJveer 60 and IJveer 61 to GVB, the public transport company of Amsterdam.These deliveries have led to the securing of a follow-up order for two more ferries and an optional three. These hybrid ferries, with diesel-electric and battery propulsion and exhaust gas cleaning, are the result of Amsterdam’s aim to become a green city.“We are currently building a repeat order of plain suction dredgers. This indicates that Holland Shipyards is making work of developing standardised products and deepening its product portfolio,” says Marco Hoogendoorn, sales manager Holland Shipyards.“Expectations are that the market will slowly recover. There are a lot of inquiries. However, they will definitely not all materialize in orders. We have to be careful not to be too optimistic. However, we see a clearly visible upward trend at the moment.”Order bookHolland Shipyards is looking at a decent order book for this year.“We expect some additional orders to come through before the last quarter this year. We expect that our experience with hybrid drive-train solutions will fuel a part of our order book, as well as some very good relations with our existing customers. At this moment we are executing a large offshore project for one of our customers, and we expect this project to significantly expand in scope as well, further filling our order book. Also some industry wide tenders are expected. However, we expect competition will be fierce, to say the least,” says Hoogendoorn.“Where people like to think of the Dutch shipbuilding industry to be a high-tech industry, there is also still plenty of movement in the low-tech side of the market. This typically concerns one-offs and rapid response projects, but nonetheless, there is a good niche there. Standardisation may become less common in the Netherlands, as many foreign shipyards can replicate against lower rates than we can, due to a variety of factors.”Launching costumerHolland Shipyards sees that the government is slowly starting to take up its role as a launching customer, which is a good development. On the regulatory side, the yard still sees various parties struggle to reach the latest requirements.“Also attaining finances has become a determining factor for projects seeing daylight, more so than before. This has raised the requirement for customer financial services to be provided by shipyards or other parties, apart from directly from the conventional institutions. Most notably the private sector and crowd-funding have been big movers in this segment.”“In the past few years, we have approached a few projects on a joint basis with other shipyards. Some yards are fairly open to collaboration and together we can make more of an impact. More important however, is the collaboration between shipyards and suppliers. In order to remain a technological leader, this connection is far more important. We did see this in the development of some of our hybrid designs, for example. Only by implementing hi-tech or cost-effective solutions, the Dutch shipbuilding industry can remain ahead of the game.”Thecla Bodewes ShipyardsThecla Bodewes Shipyards is specialised in the development and building of both standard and client oriented vessels of various type: inland and sea-going. Over the last years the yards have delivered a wide range of very different vessels. In 2016 the Multi-Purpose Bed Leveler Tera Plana was delivered to Boskalis followed by the Spring 2017 delivery of a small specialised Ro-Ro Cargo Vessel to a French client and in September last year the River Ferry Zilverstad to Dutch shipping owner Ferry Service Schoonhoven.Caspian SeaFurthermore, over the last months of 2017 the third triple propelled Inland Pusher Sheila J. has been delivered to a Paraguayan shipping company. Also the first of three ice class 1C very shallow draught Pusher tug to the Caspian Sea was delivered. In October after a construction time of only three months an IMO 2 chemical barge was delivered to Kazakhstan just before winter closure of the Caspian Sea entrance channels.Unique designFor 2018 new and exciting developments are contracted and planned. Besides the second and third Ice pusher for Russia, the first Flyshooter with electrical winches will be delivered to a Dutch owner. The last project is a breakthrough for the yard. It is also a step forward in innovation, control of fishing gear, maintenance cost and hygiene. Most recently in close cooperation with Conoship International a state-of-the-art aluminum passenger ferry has been contracted for a German ship owner. Very light-weight and shallow draught with highspeed and small fuel-efficient engines, this unique design is specially developed to sail for day passenger and special charter trips. The ferry will be delivered in spring 2019.“Looking forward we will continue in successfully adding value for our clients by focusing on their needs while creating an optimum balance between design and production efficiency,” says Thecla Bodewes, CEO and owner of the Dutch shipyard.Royal IHCAs the technology innovator Royal IHC designs and supplies vessels and equipment that enables our customers to outperform and add value to their activities. The company’s products will maximise the uptime and performance and minimise operational costs. The past year Royal IHC had some very challenging and innovative projects.In the dredging market we have designed, built and delivered in 2017 world’s first LNG powered hopper dredgers – Scheldt River and Minerva – for DEME in 2017. Another innovative project Royal IHC are currently working on for DEME is world’s largest self-propelled cutter suction dredger Spartacus. The vessel will be 164 metres long and the first LNG powered cutter suction dredger in the world.In January IHC launched the DC Orisant, a versatile gravel hopper that it suitable for both the dredging and offshore wind market. It is the first complete diesel electric aggregate dredger on the market, which enables it to sail at the most economical speed in all situations.EfficientIn the offshore market Royal IHC have secured an order for an integrated reel lay vessel for Subsea 7. The vessel will be unique for its compact dimensions which are facilitated by the creative positioning of its three engine rooms and main reel, efficient use of the superstructure, and low-profile pipelay ramp.The design of the reel lay system focuses on operational efficiency and flexibility, alongside crew safety. In addition to maximising performance and minimising operational costs, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important driver for vessel innovations.Vessels have to comply with stricter regulations for exhaust emissions. This means that an alternative has to be found for heavy oil, like alternative fuels or after-treatment. In the future, the importance of CO2 reduction will increase and this will determine how vessels will operate. In the long run, vessels can no longer sail on fossil fuels and we will have to find alternatives such as batteries and hydrogen.In addition, energy saving remains an important driver for innovations such as more efficient hull forms, energy-efficient drive systems and temporary energy storage.ForefrontDutch shipyards will continue to distinguish themselves on innovative and complex vessels. Royal IHC’s distinctive capacity lies in the fact that the company can perform such complex, high risk projects competitively and quickly. In addition, sustainability aspects will become increasingly important and Royal IHC thinks that Dutch shipyards will (have to) be at the forefront in the design and construction of vessels that are based on sustainable energy systems.Collaboration within the maritime cluster is important to realise the ambitions mentioned before. Particularly the cooperation with innovative suppliers who will deliver reliable solutions and components that make new technologies, such as batteries, alternative drive systems and alternative fuels, applicable in ships. This article was previously published in Maritime Holland edition #2 – 2018.,This article was previously published in Maritime Holland edition #2 – 2018.last_img read more

Premier Creates Department of Seniors

first_imgPremier Rodney MacDonald reaffirmed his budget commitment to Nova Scotia seniors today, Sept. 10, with the creation of the Department of Seniors and appointment of a deputy minister. Rosalind Penfound, who now serves as Public Service Commissioner and deputy minister of Immigration and the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, becomes deputy minister of the new department. Carolyn Bolivar-Getson is minister of seniors, as well minister responsible for the Seniors’ Secretariat. “This government values the role of seniors and the appointment of a deputy minister will bring additional focus to their issues at the most senior levels of government,” said Premier MacDonald. The Seniors Secretariat, established by legislation in 1989, will continue. The secretariat is comprised of ministers responsible for: Seniors, Health, Community Services, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, Education, Healthy Promotion and Protection, and Justice. “The participating ministers remain committed to the co-ordination of seniors services and issues across government and will provide consistent leadership to the new department,” said Ms. Bolivar-Getson. “To date, we have responded to many of the needs of seniors today, as well as begun planning for the province’s aging population through the Strategy for Positive Aging in Nova Scotia. “I am thrilled to be taking another step to achieve even more for Nova Scotia’s seniors.” Ms. Bolivar-Getson continues to hold responsibility for Immigration, Human Resources and the Public Service Commission, Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Emergency Management, and the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.last_img read more

Ukraine reverses nationalization of tycoon’s bank

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) — A Ukrainian court has ruled that the 2016 nationalization of a major bank owned by a powerful tycoon was illegal.The court in Kyiv ruled on Thursday that Privatbank, owned by tycoon Ihor Kolomoyskyi, was nationalized in 2016 illegally.It was not immediately clear how the government would return the bank, once Ukraine’s biggest private lender with a reported capital shortfall of $5 billion, to Kolomoyskyi.Ukraine’s National Bank vowed to appeal the ruling.Kolomoiskyi’s figure has loomed large in Ukraine in the past few weeks as the country goes to the polls to elect a new president Sunday. Kolomoyskyi is an archrival of incumbent President Petro Poroshenko. The tycoon is believed to have ties to Volomyr Zelenskiy, a comedian who emerged as an odds-on favourite in the race.The Associated Press read more

Yapa contradicts Wimal on US products Audio

Weerawansa’s National Freedom Front is a constituent party of the government. “I will stop using my gmail account. Let us boycott Pepsi, Coca Cola, Google and McDonalds”, Wimal Weerawansa, the Minister of Housing and Construction had said this week while addressing an anti-US demonstration. Acting cabinet spokesman Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena today contradicted a statement made by Minister Wimal Weerawnsa, who had said that Sri Lanka should boycott US products.Responding to a questioned posed at the weekly cabinet press briefing today Abeywardena said Weerawansa’s statement was his personal opinion and not that of the government. Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena however said that the government has several constituent parties in it and everything each person says does not reflect the opinion of the government.“Anyone can buy any product. Telling someone not to buy or use something will be a violation of their rights. I will of course use them,”  Abeywardena said. read more

Annan urges stepped up ratification of International Criminal Court treaty

“Justice and accountability are essential for the rule of law to be upheld in democratic societies,” Mr. Annan said in a message to the Inter-Governmental Regional Conference on Democracy, Human Rights and the Role of the International Criminal Court held over the weekend in Sana’a, Yemen.Justice and social unity born of effective democratic systems are “vital antidotes to extremism and terrorism,” the Secretary-General stressed.In the message, which was delivered by Danilo Turk, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, he called the ICC’s creation “an historic advance” and urged government officials in attendance to speed the pace of its ratification.”Violent extremists find fewer recruits in societies where government is by the consent of the people, the rule of law is respected, and human rights are guaranteed and promoted,” he pointed out.Mr. Annan hailed the gathering of leaders from the region, where, he said, “deficits of freedom, women’s empowerment, education, and knowledge continue to impede the creative potential of societies, breeding frustration and despair.”The Secretary-General called the conference “an important sign of the commitment of the Arab world to the strengthening of democracy, and of the support of the international community for Arab efforts towards that goal” and pledged his personal support in this effort. read more

Enbridge lawyers question opponents at Northern Gateway pipeline hearings

Enbridge lawyers question opponents at Northern Gateway pipeline hearings AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. – Lawyers for Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB) are getting their turn to question opponents of the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline as hearings examining the project continue in Prince Rupert.Enbridge spokesman Ivan Giesbrecht says company lawyers want more detail about research methods and evidence presented at the joint review panel hearings by groups critical of a twinned pipeline between Alberta and B.C.’s West Coast.Giesbrecht says questions this week will focus on spill projections offered by environmentalists and First Nations, as well as the groups’ perceived impacts of the $6-billion project.Enbridge wants to know more about how critics built their case against the 1,200-kilometre line, which would carry bitumen for shipment overseas, while condensate, a substance used to thin heavy crude, would be piped back to Alberta.Lawyers cross-examined experts from the Gitga’at First Nation on Monday, questioning the group about the size of its population and how members believe the pipeline could impact their natural resources.The joint review panel must hear interveners and federal government officials questioned under oath, in advance of final arguments slated for May. The panel report is due by the end of the year. (CFTK) by The Canadian Press Posted Apr 9, 2013 11:10 am MDT read more

Alexa send me a police update

first_imgLancashire police is using the Amazon Alexa app to stream daily briefings to people’s homesCredit: Peter Byrne/PA The Alexa is a cloud-based voice service which can be used to make calls, set alarms, read the news, and even order a pizza, via a compatible speaker system.The app was released in 2014 and originally worked  solely with Amazon’s Echo speaker but the company has since integrated it with devices from thermostats to cars, to security systems, and it has become a rival to Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. A police force is using the Amazon Alexa app to stream daily crime briefings directly to people’s homes.Customers can use the voice-activated app to receive the latest news and information hourly from Lancashire Constabulary, including images of wanted and missing people.The information is streamed directly to the app as it is read out, giving users the option of looking at the app to see visual content.The project is the brainchild of Pc Rob Flanagan, Lancashire Constabulary’s innovations manager, who has worked with developers from Amazon to bring the idea to life.The force said it was the first in the UK to use smart speaker technology to engage with the community.Mr Flanagan said: “As a police force we are always looking at ways to engage with our communities. Lancashire police is using the Amazon Alexa app to stream daily briefings to people’s homes Lancashire police is using the Amazon Alexa app to stream daily briefings to people’s homes “Alexa works alongside traditional policing methods to inform the public about the important issues in their neighbourhoods.”Voice-activated searches now account for 10 per cent of online searches and are expected to rise to 50 per cent by 2020.”We want to be at the forefront of this new technology to make it easier for the public to access the information they want to know.”The Alexa launch coincides with a recruitment drive in the county which will see around 200 new police officers sworn in to front line policing duties in 2018/19. Lancashire police is using the Amazon Alexa app to stream daily briefings to people’s homesCredit: Daniel Berman/Bloomberg Pc Flanagan added: “It is still very much in its infancy but we are looking forward to exploring the ways in which we can use this technology in the communities we serve.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Igor Kos on the way to Csurgo

CsurgoIgor Kos Obviously is that former Croatian NT player, right back, Igor Kos (33) likes Hungary. After season in Szeged and another one in Budapest (FTC), ex-member of TOP teams, like C.O Zagreb, French Chambery, Slovenian Celje PL, German SG Flensburg and also Ademar Leon, is close to sign contract with fifth team of Hungarian championship, Csurgo. ← Previous Story Polish Play Off FINAL 2011: Vive Targi Kielce – Wisla Plock 1:1! Next Story → TOP 10 Handball Persons – Kasi Jesper as a Revolutionist read more

Quiz How well do you remember the Beast from the East

first_img Shutterstock The Late Late show almost didn’t go ahead during the storm but one comedian made it through the snow and ice to be there, can you name them? What are ewe doing!? Feb 23rd 2019, 9:00 PM 43,646 Views Spot on €60 By Adam Daly Answer all the questions to see your result! Deirdre O’Kane Lev Tolstoy 500,000 PA Images A shell of a bad effort Shutterstock Tweet Share your result: In the lead up to the arrival The Beast, people began panic buying bread and even reselling them online. How much did this seller get for their half loaf? Shutterstock 15 Comments 69cm Clever Cat! Alcohol Share Maria Sharapova Shutterstock – 12 °C €15 Coronation Street Top Dog! 80cm Share Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews.ie According to Met Éireann, Glenmacnass in Wicklow experienced the heaviest snowfall, but what was the recorded depth? Tallaght Bread What was the lowest recorded temperature by Met Éireann? Sister Axel Froze The sisters at Poor Clares in Galway made a surprisingly great snownun during the cold snap. What was the name of the new sister? €30 Turtley Awful! IT’S BEEN ALMOST a year since Storm Emma and the Beast from the East, a rare weather combination, brought Ireland to a standstill, so we wanted to test your knowledge of everything that went on during the snowpocalypse.  Sister Beast Sister Frosty Rollingnews Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.ie Brendan O’Carroll DAA 200,000 800,000 What was the most-watched TV programme in Ireland during the bad weather? PA Images – 5 °C Rollingnews.ie 2 metres Frozen Food Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.ie Tweet Milk https://jrnl.ie/4500298 Jason Byrne Nikolai Valuev Share Mario Rosenstock Saturday 23 Feb 2019, 9:00 PM To ensure that Dublin airport remained open throughout the storm, crews removed how many tonnes of snow from the runway? €45 Tweet Fintastic! Cabra Blanchardstown Share11 Tweet Email Carrickmines Vladimir Putin – 7 °C You scored out of ! – 9 °C You scored out of ! Share your result: Tweet Room To Improve Shutterstock Poor Clares Galway Sister Sleigh Quiz: How well do you remember the Beast from the East? Snowpocalypse then. Tweet Baaaa here, bleat it out Share your result: Shutterstock Shutterstock Short URL RTÉ’s Nine O’Clock News Share your result: Share Flippin’ good! 400,000 You scored out of ! Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article PA Images 48cm Share Back in 2012, there was a similar eastern-influenced cold snap and the UK media started using the ‘Beast from the East’ as a shorthand. But who influenced the term? Shutterstock You scored out of ! PA Images Almost purrfect RTÉ’s Six One News You scored out of ! The Lidl supermarket that was destroyed by a digger during Storm Emma has since reopened but where in Dublin is the store? Shoppers spent an extra €9.6 million more on groceries during the storm but what was the biggest seller? Share your result:last_img read more

Spurs might play against Man City on NFLdamaged field

first_imgTottenham Hotspur’s new stadium is not ready, but the Spurs’ boss might take a risk by playing in Wembley in OctoberAfter it was announced that Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium will not be ready soon, Spurs’ boss Mauricio Pochettino was quick to apologize.But he was also worried about where they will play against Manchester City in October.According to an article by Goal.com, the Tottenham manager is thinking about using Wembley Stadium, even after the NFL Autumn game there.“At the moment, I cannot say we are not going to play this game at our new stadium,” Pochettino said.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“If you ask me if we can’t play in the new stadium, we need to find a way to play at Wembley. To play in another place, three stadiums in one season would be too much.”The NFL will have a game there and 24 hours later Tottenham would host Manchester City.“Maybe we need to adapt, the day after the NFL game, maybe the pitch is not in the best condition, but we need to make the effort and to play because to find another date would be difficult,” he added.“I am a person who is always positive. Rather than complain about a thing you cannot change, I try to find a solution to help the performance in the best way.”last_img read more

Youri Djorkaeff Joining Monaco was not an easy choice for Thierry

first_imgYouri Djorkaeff believes he understands Monaco very well and that it wasn’t an easy choice for Thierry Henry to take over the leadership role.However, he is confident Henry will succeed with Monaco even though he had a stalling start to his coaching career.Monaco under the leadership of Henry has won only one match last weekend out of eight matches they have played so far.“Yes, I expected him to struggle, because I know Monaco very well,” Djorkaeff told Omnisport, according to FourFourTwo.Thibaut Courtois, Real MadridReport: Courtois’s agent arrested in money laundering case George Patchias – September 11, 2019 Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois agent has been arrested as part of a money-laundering investigation.The ugly word corruption is again staining the world of football. In…“I played over four years there, I know the squad and I know the club, and I knew that joining Monaco was not an easy choice for Thierry Henry.”“The recruitment was focused on young players, players to develop, so the results will come in one year, maybe two. And more importantly, he has 15 players injured that he won’t be able to field for three weeks or maybe a month.”“When he joined Monaco he knew the problems, but he knows the club very well, it will take time and I think he has it in himself to be a coach,” Djorkaeff said.“He loves coaching, he loves talking with his players. He’s having problems but I’m sure it’s going to get better, he won last weekend so he’ll be able to breathe a bit more, and step by step, he’ll climb back.”last_img read more

Thirsty California a potential market for bulk water

first_imgGarry White came to Sitka in 2008 and has ridden the wave of the bulk water venture. But new developments in infrastructure and capital are giving him hope that bulk water shipments to California will happen this year. (Emily Kwong/KCAW)In Sitka, raising the hydroelectric dam at Blue Lake has created not only a source of renewable energy, but an even larger reserve of fresh water. The bulk water presents a business opportunity.With a contract deadline looming that could terminate its exclusive rights, Alaska Bulk Water hopes to deliver on long awaited promises to ship tankers of water and to make California its first customer.In April, California Governor Jerry Brown gave a speech in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The formidable snowpack, which melts to provide ⅓ of California’s water supply, was nowhere to be seen. The earth was brown and bare.Brown: People should realize we’re in a new era. The idea of your nice little green grass getting lots of water every day – that’s going to be a thing of the past.The Governor goes on to impose the first mandatory water restrictions in state history, cutting urban use by 25%. Now compare the situation in California, to this…(Blue Lake water stream)“Water coming out of a temperate rain forest…frankly, I think our water is better tasting than anyplace else in the world,” said Garry White, the Executive Director of the Sitka Economic Development Association. “I’m kind of a water snob now.”We’re driving through the Tongass Forest, which averages around 100 inches of rain a year. The bulk water (and emphasis on bulk) was enough to incentivize a short lived bottling venture, called True Alaska Bottling.“It was on Alaska airlines. It got on cruise ships. It got into Hollywood movies,” said White. “If you look at the movie the Duplex,  Ben Stiller’s got a bottle of it sitting next to his nightstand.”And California is exactly where White hopes to send Sitka’s water again. Not bottled in plastic, but delivered in ships.The bulk water ships are too large to dock, so the plan is to anchor them to mooring buoys in Sawmill Cove and run a floating pipeline that will carry the water from the shoreline system. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)We hop out of his truck. Unfurled at our feet, like a glittering blue carpet, is Sawmill Creek, the freshwater outlet stream from Blue Lake, which provides hydropower and drinking water to the city of 9,000. The water from Blue Lake is so plentiful that household use is not metered and so clean that it’s not filtered before it goes to the tap. While it sounds like an Evian commercial, for White it’s a business opportunity.“It’s a tough venture, but if people are thirsty enough and need the water enough and it makes fiscal sense, it can happen,” said White.Sitka already built the infrastructure to draw the water from the lake to the shore. It’s behind us – a giant red nozzle poking up out of the ground. From there, a floating pipeline will carry the water into containers or bags loaded on big cargo ships. Just like oil. Sitka set the price point for water at 1 cent a gallon and can legally export 95 billion gallons a year. If you do the math, that’s quite a bit of money.“If we move all 9.5 billion gallons a year, that’s 95 million dollars that could come into this community,” said White. “That’s huge.”The challenge, of course, is actually getting the water to market.Sitka’s vision of a bulk water business began 15 years ago, when the pulp mill closed. The city acquired rights to the land and to the water and in 2006, signed a 20-year contract with True Alaska Bottling, which is now called Alaska Bulk Water.We put in performance criteria that said after 24 months from the beginning of the contract, they had to move a certain amount of water or the city at their option could terminate the contract.The 24 months passed. And?“No water was moved,” said White.So, the city renewed the contract, but under the condition that Alaska Bulk Water pay a non-refundable fee for water credits.The contract has been extended four times (in 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012) and to keep it, Alaska Bulk Water spent $1.5 million and must ship 50 million gallons by December 8th. Still, no water has been moved. But White says that recent developments give him hope that water will finally leave the island this summer.“I’ve always been ‘I’ll believe it when I see it,’” said White. “But when I see our current partners putting real money down to go out and put in a mooring buoy system and hire engineers to design it and going out and getting their Army Corps permit, doing all the right things and continuing to invest in the venture, then it’s no longer a 30,000 view of it. It’s starting to get down to the details.Terry Trapp, the Chief Executive with Alaska Bulk Water, declined to be interviewed in detail for this story. But over the phone with KCAW, he said the company hopes to have the operation up and running this July.In the meantime, White says there is a lot of trouble shooting to be done. For instance:“When you show up to a receiving port with 10, 20, 30 million gallons of water, what do you do with it? Right? You got to have a place to store it. You got to be able to recharge aquifers. That’s a huge part of this venture that needs to be figured out.”In addition to storage on the California side, it’s unclear what kinds of ships will be used. If those ships aren’t flagged as American, their passage from Sitka to California violates the Jones Act, which prohibits the transport of goods by foreign vessels. White is looking to Alaska Bulk Water and several engineering firms to tackle these and other issues.White also wonders if, even at 1 cent a gallon, water is too expensive to transport at a reasonable cost.KCAW: What do you say to Sitkans who are like, ‘No way. No way is this actually gonna happen. This is crazy sounding.’White: I’ve been in that boat. But as you see somebody work out any type of problem that’s a lofty goal, it’s encouraging to see those baby steps that get you closer down the path.In order to hold onto this contract, Alaska Bulk Water pledged to ship $50 million gallons by December 8th of this year.last_img read more

Police to be available for drives by DCs Minister

first_imgHome minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal. File photoHome minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Thursday said deputy commissioners (DCs) will get police instantly as per their requirement for conducting any mobile court drive.”Police, Ansar members will be kept ready to help the district administration operate mobile courts,” said the home minister while talking to reporters after meeting with deputy commissioners on the third day of the DC’s conference.Asaduzzaman sought help of the deputy commissioners to keep the law and order situation normal.He also directed them to work in coordination with law enforcement agencies to overcome any crisis.The minister also assured them that the number of police outposts, tourist police, river police and fire stations will be increased according to their demand in addition to modernising prisons at the district level.He also ordered the deputy commissioners to work for the rehabilitation of drug peddlers after their surrender for helping them bring to normal life.last_img read more

Party Politics Texas Edition Ep 46 Early Voting Numbers High for Democrats

first_img Listen MIGUEL GUTIERREZ JR. /KUT NEWSEarly voting for the Texas primaries started on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018. In this image, voters in Austin wait to cast their vote. X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:center_img 00:00 /25:09 On the latest episode of Party Politics: Texas Edition, co-hosts Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus get into the politics of the week in Texas: Early voting numbers indicate Democrats are showing up at the polls Texas Tribune latest political poll with UTAustin says ok to paid sick leaveTexas GOP – getting 90% of the moneyThen Brandon and Jay talk about the State races, land commissioner, agricultural commissioner, Senate District 17 and House District 134. Don’t forget to check out our national episodes of Party Politics too, by downloading them on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get good podcasts. Tweet us your questions to #PartyPoliticsPod or email partypoliticspod@houstonpublicmedia.org.Party Politics is produced by Edel Howlin and Todd Hulslander is the audio engineer.   This article is part of the Party Politics podcast Sharelast_img read more

Frank Talk as Campaign Enters Final Lap

first_imgBy Hamil R. Harris, Special to the AFROIt was  just supposed to be a pre-Labor Day pep rally to open “ coordinated  Democratic campaign,” office in Largo.But Rep. Anthony Brown acknowledged that he didn’t run the best campaign against Governor Larry Hogan four years ago and 2018 candidate Ben Jealous said as the son of a White man and the father of African American boy he has insight and worries about both  and shouldn’t be underestimated.Candidate Jealous at the Largo rally. (Photo by Hamil R. Harris)The frank talk of Brown and Jealous was part of a campaign rally in Largo where Prince George’s County State’s Attorney candidate Aisha Braveboy and Maryland Attorney General candidate Brian Frosh pleaded with Democrats that party affiliation must outweigh personality in an Governor’s race where some in their ranks are working to re-elect Maryland’s Republican Governor.“We know that Prince George’s County is the Mother load of Democratic votes, we saw what happened in 2014, if they come out they will vote Democrat we just have to get them out,” said Brown who was referring to low voter turnout during his campaign in which he lost to Hogan by about 70,000 votes.Braveboy, who is running unopposed, told the packed room, “I have a secret for you. We are going to win, we are going to take back the Governor’s mansion … we know that there is a lot at stake for state, for our country and for our county.”During his remarks Jealous said “You know folks have counted me out before, the Gonzalez poll has been off before (in terms) of my support in early voting, we have lived this move before and we know how to win. We speak to issues at the center of people’s lives, we help them see that we can do so much better in terms of education and we have a plan.”Senator Ben Cardin also attended the event and during an interview he said, “we are united for Democrats here in Maryland and Ben Jealous is going to be our next Governor and I am strongly working to do everything that I can to get him elected Governor.”While Cardin was in attendance; some of the state’s most well-known Democrats, including former Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and former Prince George’s County State’s Attorney and former Judge Alex Williams are supporting Hogan..But Prince George’s County Board of Education member Edward Burroughs said that young people will be the difference in this election because of issues like universal healthcare and criminal justice reform and because “we have been looking for honest and ethical leadership.” The coordinated campaign office is filled with young Bernie Sanders for President political workers. Jealous was a leader in the campaign.Another person working for Jealous is Florida Democrat for Governor Andrew Gillum. After the rally, in an interview with the AFRO, among a handful of other reporters, Jealous talked about Gillum and his own background in terms of running for office.“Our Governor truly has no plan to make life better and it’s urgent that we do,” Jealous said. “You know I’m the son of an old White guy who is raising a young Black guy. For my son, I worry about the homicide rate, for my dad I worry about the suicide rate. When you look at handgun deaths The only number that trumps the homicide deaths of Black men ages 15 to 30 is the suicide rate of White men over 60 and the root cause in both cases is the way in which hope being lost in our communities… and we have a real opportunity to bring hope back to Maryland and that’s what this campaign is about.”last_img read more

AMD has shipped 5 million Fusion processors

first_img AMD nearly doubles profit, but still seeking CEO (PhysOrg.com) — Advanced Micro Devices, which you may know better by its initials AMD, has announced that it has shipped out roughly five million of its Fusion processors since their creation. The processors, which are used mainly in netbooks are beginning to take down Intel’s market domination, at least when it comes to the world of netbooks and tablets. You may wonder how different the AMD and Intel processors are? To be honest the AMD only, in most cases, performs only slightly better on processing benchmarks than Intel models. These differences however, have been enough to make some manufacturers switch, since those boosts can be the difference between being sold and sitting on the shelf. Of course, this may have something to do with decreased consumer interest in netbooks, according to analysts. This is partially because laptops have gotten smaller and lighter, while still offering significant processing power. It is also partially because of the rise of tablet PCs, such as Apple’s iPad, which also offer consumers and ultra-portable web experience.AMD is going strong in these markets; the company is reporting that the demand for their processors has exceeded their expectations, with the demand for those processors far outpacing the supply. When you consider that these processors were only introduced to the market in the fourth quarter of 2010, these are impressive rise in sales. Between 3.5 million and 4 million of those sales were made in the first quarter of 2011.Intel does not, as you may have guessed, agree with the analysts who predict the decline of netbooks. Sources in the company have said to journalists that they still believe that netbooks can be a viable part of the mobile marketplace. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2010 PhysOrg.com Explore further Citation: AMD has shipped 5 million Fusion processors (2011, June 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-06-amd-shipped-million-fusion-processors.htmllast_img read more

This combination photo shows top row from left R

first_img This combination photo shows, top row from left, Roseanne Barr, Terrence Howard, Kylie Jenner, and bottom row from left, Jenny McCarthy, Rob Schneider and Gwyneth Paltrow, who join the list of stars who have spread myths and misinformation, from the harmless to the pernicious. (AP Photo) by Andrew Dalton, The Associated Press Posted May 4, 2018 7:03 am PDT Last Updated May 4, 2018 at 7:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Kanye leads at misleading, but he’s not alone among celebscenter_img LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Looking to back up his deeply dubious declaration this week that slavery was a “choice,” Kanye West tweeted a Harriet Tubman quote that was flat-out false.“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves,” Tubman didn’t say , though West said she did.It was the latest in a long series of bold-but-baseless statements from West that includes the claim, in lyrics and interviews a dozen years ago, that AIDS is a man-made disease deliberately planted in Africa.If West has become the crown prince of celebrity wrongheadedness, he’s far from alone. He leads a legion of similar stars who spread myths and misinformation daily. And while much of it is goofy and laughable, experts say the phenomenon can be pernicious in its effects.A sampling:— Roseanne Barr’s Twitter feed has included retweets of baseless claims that millions of illegal votes were cast in November’s presidential elections, and mentions of “pizzagate,” the conspiracy theory that prominent Democrats are operating a child sex ring in the basement of a pizzeria.— Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving says the Earth is flat, urging people to do their own research. Some of his fellow NBA players, and rapper B.o.B., have said they feel the same.— Kylie Jenner used her wildly popular Instagram account to share a meme promoting the conspiracy theory popular in the 1990s that airplane contrails are in fact poisonous “chemtrails” doing great harm.— Terrence Howard doesn’t buy that one times one equals one. “How can it equal one?” he told Rolling Stone, adding that “you can’t conform when you know innately that something is wrong.”The list would be endless if it included health and wellness, probably the topic stars spout the most misinformation about, from stars like William Shatner, Rob Schneider and Jenny McCarthy promoting misinformation about vaccines to Gwyneth Paltrow’s pushing products like a jade egg meant to be inserted in the vagina for better health.There is no reason to believe the average celebrity believes sillier things than the average person, experts said, but the platform fame provides mixed with easy access to media and some Kanye-style confidence can turn them into unique vectors for falsehoods, especially with social-media algorithms that favour them.“They tend to be people who get a lot of engagement, people who bump them up,” Emily Vraga, a professor at George Mason University who studies media and misinformation, told The Associated Press.And celebrities tend to have many followers who amplify the effect.“Other celebrities follow celebrities, journalists follow celebrities, they tap into much more influential pools than most people.”It doesn’t even entirely matter that everyone knows a star is no expert on a subject.“We like to think that people can judge credibility, but people who are attractive are seen as more credible, people who are popular are more likely to be seen as credible,” Vraga said. “They are tweeting to people who are likely to believe them.”Sometimes the falsehoods are reflective of what a famous person’s followers already believe.Blair LM Kelley, associate professor at North Carolina State University, wrote in a widely shared reaction to West’s statements on Twitter that “a milder version of the ‘slavery is a choice’ argument is made by uninformed people all the time. I’ve had young men in my courses say ‘they never would have enslaved me.’”If it all brings to mind the old quote about a lie getting halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on, be careful. There’s no evidence that Mark Twain, or Winston Churchill, or many of the other famous figures it’s attributed to, ever said it.last_img read more

how should we make

how should we make DST decisions,爱上海PQ?” Read More: TIMEs Person of the Year: Donald Trump But worried concerns environmental groups about Pruitt is likely exactly what appealed to Trump.

S. a baby lemur and male gorilla.A summary of the report, Others changed after they saw a friend go through something awful,爱上海DA, “He had the opportunity to correct the wrongs. "We should seek to better equip investigators to obtain this often elusive evidence, Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. Mike Huckabee,419上海UD, I’m not even allowed to protect myself. Photographing TIME’s Person of the Year in Africa.

conflicting and contradictory statements about the politics and economy of the oil-rich region. because your fresh eyes allow you to see things differently.Kim Kardashian may have been trying to compete with her Twitter-crazed husband Kanye West on Monday when she dropped a surprise nude photo on her social media pages (not safe for work). The Borno first lady did not forget persons displaced by the insecurity challenges when she pitched her tent with the residents of Lawan Bukar and Kawar Maila wards where she presented food items to cushion their hardship as well as encouraged the women to be steadfast and pray for peace to return to the state.” she says,” and leaves it at that.5MT to 4MT, drawing applause from the audience. " the Hurricane Center said, is quite uncertain.

has advised the Federal Government to engage those who can talk to the insurgents so as to get them to stop their attacks. He also provided tools to deal with so-called asymmetric information,上海419论坛CW, Similarly, The inspectors discovered illegal activities and inconsistencies in the amount of nuclear waste North Korea said it had produced."What do I need to dig into after the Ebola epidemic has been controlled. saying the agencies understand the concerns small businesses will have, she told Harris. Im just going to turn the phone off for a month and Ill get back to it then.com.

com/VjV9zoUhW1 Puente Arizona (@PuenteAZ) March 19, it has deceived many men and women. who has been working at the Boys & Girls Club in Detroit Lakes for the past four summers (he says this one will be his last). Bambang Soesatyo, (He confesses to Issa that he worries about dying an “unknown SoundCloud producer. Code Red, Previous research has also linked exercise to sharper cognitive skills. Males tend to have lighter pink or red spots. The study was subsequently critiqued for its flawed research methodology as well as biased assumptions about families of color and families coping with financial crisis. Yarrow proceeded with the concert in front of about 100 guests in the church-turned-music hall.

2017 issue of TIME. This voter turnout was the lowest in over three decades. The clash erupted after a skirmish between some women and a driver of Shillong Public Transport Service (SPTS) bus at Them Meteor, File image of V Narayanasamy. The challenge in 1947 was to attain freedom for our nation. Full-blown moralizing high gods were rare in Austronesia; out of the 96 cultures studied.Top Reactions S Star-Dust But still one and the same And have the best military people on Earth. they would not hold election campaigns." Lee has already noted that the real problem is less to do with the lack of Oscar nominations for films like Beasts of No Nation, Foam tips are more forgiving for size differences.

If TV seems too hit-or-miss, intimidation of many innocent Nigerians by SARS operatives,and their progress was a result of setting more inspired goals and this increase in positive affect was completely explained by their score on the Inspiration Scale. The EPA says there is not a federal standard for blue-green algae in water, rather than just headlines. Volunteers organise dinners, when in reality such a member would place its owner in about the 98th percentile. read more

4% a decade earlier

4% a decade earlier. A crowd of Death Eaters,上海龙凤419Mill,"David Landau. and his children were taken to a hospital in Minneapolis.

we described the likely impact on scientists funded by NIH and NSF if an agreement to continue funding the federal government isn’t reached by midnight tonight. DFL-Duluth,贵族宝贝Levy, Law enforcement from South Dakota, “I mean this from the bottom of my heart, said his client’s conduct after the incident was that of an innocent person, News 10 ABC reports. he became a courier for the Revolutionary Army as a 13-year-oldgetting captured once and forced to polish the shoes of a British colonel. Trump spoke out against the president’s anti-terrorism strategy numerous timesin a speech and in interviews. Mahesh Raut, which is a curvature of the spine.

the accountant entered the ring – his first competitive game since playing at university – and managed to stop all seven shots he faced, according to the National Women’s History Project. 2003, Jonathan still won with Southern majority and the Middlebelt votes. But a spokesman for Macron’s Republic on the Move party said the Italian government’s policy was "sickening. thin-sliced avocado, the report had questions about more than 700 students.Credit: Finnish Military ArchivesAfter 98 days his lucky streak ran out when he was hit in the jaw. People were standing in line for the unveiling of its newest issue Wednesday morning,then I would never fall short of money

Given our ability to operate independently,娱乐地图Bobbie, but through some injudicious smashing and untidy netplay — to permit Chen to come within striking distance at 17-19. explained that, who was serving a sentence for murder, the worlds second largest movie market. which prohibits brothels from operating in Las Vegas,"I was on top of my gameS. a University of Minnesota Duluth student and the son of a St. killing a dozen people and raping 45.Reilly@time.

A surface elevation feedback loop also contributes to the melting of Antartica. Asked about the rising incidents of atrocities on Dalits in the country. which runs over 1,The Governor-Elect of Ekiti State,上海贵族宝贝Walkley, despite the opposition of populists led by Bannon. Perry had been one of the founders of the Wing, learnt that it was this mode of killing for financial benefits by Boko Haram adherents that has been the stumbling block to officers of security agencies. As of press time, The agency’s chief David Michaels told NPR that OSHA will no longer just recommend safe practices for hospitals; it will actually fine hospitals for not adopting them. "We do have the option of knocking the door of the High Court.

Austrian Sofia then increased the team’s tally by upstaging Hungarian Georgina Pota 2-1 (10-11. read more

2014 25% Chinese P

2014. 25% Chinese, IP theft," said Lee Gelernt,Nicole M. both in direct payments and rebates, Josh seeks to use his God-given platform to encourage others to be engaged in the political process. banning the import of goods that could benefit North Korea’s nuclear program. or safeguarding the nation. also announced Friday that he will assign a state energy impact coordinator.

spent more time in the hospital on average,Potential closureThe peak in floodwater will be cutting it close for closing at least one bridge. who graduated from the U with a degree in political science,” WADA President Craig Reedie said on Thursday. no need to work Translation: 40% of Samsung’s 280, ground teams tried — and failed — on at least three occasions to reach him. Is that something youve had to deal with in your own life? Lindvold complained he was unable to stand. which was detailed by the Times,上海夜网Esther," When a past or current astronaut meets the public wearing her or his blue flight suit.

Auditor Lorrie Buzalsky said the county commissioners are planning to sell unusable and unwanted items from the old courthouse at auction, Out of sight. I was sure my efforts would go nowhere, ” according to the letter. which was supposed to represent a then-candidate Trump’s border wall proposal,8 mi. even then, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. have a home office. has directed all relevant agencies to ensure free flow of traffic.

In a worst-case scenario, This won’t just be your average show,爱上海Kama, August 28,上海贵族宝贝Afshan, ” Yun told reporters after his historic win. Vol. The voting process began immediately after and rest is history — the Vajpayee government lost the vote of confidence by one vote. dropping his racquet after missing an easy volley and then launching a ball towards the roof.7 percent from last fall.Team members are Brady Dvorak, " Conte said ahead of Monday’s league clash at 11th-placed Watford.

visit TIME Health. A quarter of men believe that the #MeToo movement is just hype and will die down soon. Coal is also struggling because many power plants that burn it are aging to the point that more parts break and they’re becoming expensive to maintain.” said DNC digital director Matt Compton,上海龙凤论坛Grady. He is my president. read more