Province Businesses Deliver Fuelefficient Vehicles

first_imgNova Scotia will soon have more fuel-efficient trucks on the road through the transportation and technology programs announced a year ago. Bill Estabrooks, Minister responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia, joined Tom Schmitt, president and CEO of Purolator, in Dartmouth today, Dec. 2, to launch the company’s new fleet of 43 hybrid electric delivery trucks. “Purolator has made fuel-efficient technologies a priority and is setting a great example for other businesses in the province,” said Mr. Estabrooks. ‘We’re hopeful that the data they share from their hybrid electric delivery trucks over the next year will allow others to see how a commitment to green initiatives makes good business sense.” Purolator’s entire fleet in urban areas of Halifax Regional Municipality will be hybrid electric. This technology is most effective in areas with frequent stops. Purolator will monitor and share vehicle data, providing an opportunity to assess range, maintenance requirements, savings of fuel and emissions and performance in fleet situations, including cold weather operation. “As our company turns 50, Purolator is proud to continue to lead the industry towards green alternatives, said Mr. Schmitt. “In 2005, Purolator was the first logistics company in Canada to introduce hybrid electric vehicles. Today, we have the largest fleet in North America.” Last December, the province offered funding to encourage organizations to add hybrid delivery and bucket trucks to their Nova Scotia fleets, and to make fuel-efficient upgrades to school buses, and freight tractors and trailers. Organizations received a portion of the cost to upgrade to specific hybrid or fuel-efficient technologies. In exchange, they committed to monitor and share vehicle data for measurement and evaluation. In total, $4.4 million was contributed to partially fund fuel-efficient technologies for trucks and buses by Conserve Nova Scotia and the ecoNova Scotia Fund for Clean Air and Climate Change. The ecoNova Scotia fund distributes funding from a $42.5 million grant from the federal government. All ecoNova Scotia funding has now been committed. The fuel-efficient transportation programs were administered by Conserve Nova Scotia. Other fuel-efficient transportation investments through the fund include a hybrid electric bucket truck, fuel-reducing technologies for 900 school buses, 125 freight tractors and more than 600 trailers throughout the province.last_img read more

Ontario researcher among global team unveiling first image of a black hole

first_imgAn international team of researchers that includes an Ontario scientist is to unveil the first captured image of a black hole.The picture was compiled by the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, a group of scientists around the world bent on proving the existence of black holes and documenting what they look like despite the fact that they cannot release light.The team includes Avery Broderick, an astrophysicist and associate professor at the University of Waterloo.The image was compiled with help from eight earth-based telescopes around the world.Researchers say their findings help offer further support of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, first announced in 1915.Broderick and other researchers are to show the image of a black hole at a news conference in Washington D.C. at around 9:00 a.m.NASA says a black hole is a region in space where the pulling force of gravity is so strong that light is not able to escape and that some black holes are a result of dying stars. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Morocco to Build a Mosque in Spain

Rabat- The Moroccan government wants to build a mosque in Spain’s autonomous region of Catalonia, according to Spanish daily La Vanguardia.According to the same source, the government of Catalonia has accepted the construction of a worship site after a number of meetings in Rabat between officials of the Catalan government and Moroccan authorities this summer.The Catalan delegation in charge of studying the project held meetings with one of the King’s advisers, as well as with Mohamed Taoufik, the Moroccan Minister of Islamic Affairs and Endowment. With over 280,000 Moroccans immigrants, Catalonia hosts the largest Moroccan community in Spain, which totals over 850,000 people.With a growing number of Moroccans who live in the Catalan region, Rabat aims to build a mosque to preach the moderate Malekite version of Islam, followed in Morocco, thus preventing prevent the spread of a fundamentalist interpretation of the religion.According to the Spanish newspaper, Moroccan authorities have developed a plan to obtain the support of the Catalan authorities and enable it to open a mosque in Catalonia before Gulf countries do it. However, they still have not provided any details on the project or their sources of funding.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

Football Spring Game offers Ohio State glimpse at next pillars of the

Ohio State defensive lineman Nick Bosa (97) takes down USC’s quarterback in the third quarter of the 2017 Cotton Bowl against University of Southern California on Dec. 29 in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Ohio State won 24-7. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorFor the past several years, Ohio State has counted on J.T. Barrett, Billy Price, Tyquan Lewis and Chris Worley to be the pillars of the team. Those players were not exactly the foundation of the football program itself, but they were the next step of the support system for the team.None of those players will be on the team in 2018, and the Buckeyes do not have an easy answer to who will fill those positions. There is no one who perfectly mixes talent, starting experience and leadership that can be counted on to be one of the true pillars of the team.At least, no one who has made that jump yet.Head coach Urban Meyer always says that when there is no clear leader on the team, someone needs to step up. A cliche for sure, but also correct. There are talented players on the team at every position, and most are very young with an opportunity to take on a starting role currently vacant.On the offensive side, the lack of a starting quarterback means someone else will need to take the mantle as keystone offensive player. The most obvious choice seems to be running back J.K. Dobbins, who was the most dynamic offensive player last season but is only a sophomore. Though he will be competing with redshirt junior Mike Weber for touches in the fall, he has at least two more years left in the program and is in a position to be a leader.It appears, too, that after an inconsistent sophomore season and a much improved junior year, senior left tackle Isaiah Prince is poised to become the premier lineman — in both leadership and performance. The defensive line lost nearly all of its veteran starters from last season. However, a pair will return in redshirt junior defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones and junior defensive end Nick Bosa, with exciting former five-star sophomore defensive end Chase Young joining them. Behind them, the linebacking corps has only one starter lined up and is still waiting for a pair of answers.Safety Jordan Fuller has the chance to step up and be the leader of the secondary, but there does not appear to be any clear “pillars” among the cornerbacks — unless sophomore Jeffrey Okudah takes a drastic step forward.These players are not necessarily going to be captains. Though Meyer hinted on April 2 that Jones and Fuller might both be captains, the leaders on the team might be fifth-year players like wide receiver Terry McLaurin and H-back Parris Campbell, and redshirt sophomore linebacker Tuf Borland.But all those players are going to be counted on to support the rest of the team with a mixture of talent and leadership — even if it is more of a lead-by-example style.This group of players is going to be different than the last. There is still no clear group of players that combine vocal leadership and talent similar to Barrett and Price. There is not the same large group of redshirt seniors in prominent roles. Instead, it is a young group composed of members of the 2016 and 2017 recruiting classes. Without necessarily being viewed as vocal leaders of the team, these players are going to be the ones that carry the team to success.If the offense starts slowing down, it will hand the ball off to Dobbins. If the defense needs a big play, it will try and rush with its star-studded defensive line.The team will be put in a position where there aren’t many veterans to lean on —at least, certainly not as many as in the past.The Spring Game will not be the debut for any of these players mentioned. They’ve all played impact minutes in the past and will be expected to do so again. But what the Spring Game will be is the first glimpse of those players as the true leaders of the team. When people think of Ohio State, they will no longer see Barrett, Price, Lewis or Worley. Those four have graduated and passed the team on to other hands — the hands of Dobbins, Prince, Bosa, Young, Jones and Fuller. There’s plenty of potential future leaders of the team, but that is exactly as it should be. Ohio State again enters 2018 in position to make a national championship run and it will come on the backs of a much younger core of players. read more

The Evening Fix now with added nuns on a plane

first_imgTHINGS WE SHAREDLocal news captions can be a very funny thing, as this Buzzfeed round-up demonstrates.How can we encourage healthier eating? In Hungary, they put a salt tax into place. The New York Times looks at how it is doing.Where is the worst air in the world? John Upton examines the facts in Slate. Chinese military band members rehearse before the opening session of the National People’s Congress at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, in China.  (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)HERE’S ALL THE things we learned, loved and shared today.THINGS WE LEARNED#CROKE PARK II The UNITE union has recommended that its members reject the Croke Park II deal. It advocates a No vote in an upcoming ballot.#ELECTION The Meath East by-election is to be held on 27 March. It will fill the seat vacated by the death of Fine Gael TD and Minister of State Shane McEntee last December. McEntee’s daughter is among those likely to run, with Fianna Fáil senator Thomas Byrne likely to be her closest challenger.#DEFAULTERS The Revenue Commissioners has published details of €27.7 million paid in taxes, interest and penalties by 135 tax defaulters. The highest payment was made by Michael Healy of Co Wicklow, whose settlement amounted to in excess of 2 million.#IKEA IKEA said today it is investigating faecal bacteria that was found in almond cake made in Sweden. The Taarta Chokladkrokant cakes were destroyed after being intercepted by Chinese customs in November.#CRASH An elderly pedestrian was seriously injured after being struck by a car on the Clontarf Road in Dublin at around 8am today. Gardaí are appealing for witnesses.#OFF THE BALL The team formerly behind Newstalk’s Off The Ball sports show have released a statement saying they are determined to be back on air together as soon as possible. They said that “fundamental differences of opinion” with management led to them quitting the station.Olympic gold medallist and winner of nine world titles, cyclist Victoria Pendleton (centre) rode into Dublin with some fans Isolde Moylan and Mick Brenn (at the front) to lend their support to The Irish Cycling Show. Photo: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland.THINGS WE LOVEDThis footage of a walrus just chilling out on a beach in Orkney, off the coast of Scotland, is lovely. He’s so relaxed, even with people taking photos.This illustrated life advice from astronaut Cmdr Chris Hadfield is just wonderful.Is Knobs and Knockers the best shop name in Ireland? Slash says it is, but we asked our readers if they could do better. Here are their answers.Do you like a good photo mystery? Here at we do. Age Action is looking to reunite two photo albums with their owners. Here is one of the photos – the rest can be found here.last_img read more

Sydney developer makes a killing

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram In another reflection of the booming property market in Sydney, investor Theo Onisforou made a $500k windfall earlier this month after selling a derelict church in Newtown, which he bought for $2.01 million in February.Built in 1943, the property at 158 Australia Street, sold for $2.55 million at auction.Apart from Mr Onisforou’s four-month ownership the property has been in the hands of religious groups since the 1940s.Continuing its spiritual heritage the winning bidder was the Tibetan Buddhist Group Rigpa who plan to turn the dilapidated building into a temple.Four months ago the former investment adviser to Kerry Packer paid $3.15 million for a working glass factory with two-level residence.Mr Onisforou is credited with reivitalising an area of Paddington with fashion labels that is now known as The Intersection. He made his name working as a chief investment manager for Kerry Packer’s Consolidated Press Holdings. 20 years ago. Onisforou, who owns a harbour-front home at Elizabeth Bay, set out to diversify his revenue streams as a grazier, after acquiring a 242ha Angus stud at Bowral. His wealth is placed at between $100-120 million.last_img read more

SWTORs glaring weakness Space combat

first_imgEver since I had the pleasure of playing the original Star Wars: X-Wing back in 1993, I have found myself longing to once again take the controls of the now legendary space vehicle to blast imps out of the nether regions of the galaxy. When Star Wars: Galaxies was announced I was hopeful that some sort of space combat experience rivaling the award-winning video game would be part of the package. When the expansion Jump to Lightspeed was finally announced, I had high hopes that were ultimately bantha fodder because of the lackluster effort Sony had put into the package. It just wasn’t the same white-knuckle experience that I remembered when hoping my forward shields would hold against the oncoming barrage of TIE-Fighters. As a result, when BioWare announced they were putting a space combat mini-game into Star Wars: The Old Republic, I was understandably skeptical. Turns out, I was right to be since it’s the weakest point of an otherwise stellar game.The space missions in the MMORPG put you into the cockpit of your very own ship when you hit level 15. This not only allows you to travel to other systems, but also gives you access to a variety of space missions that will let you earn amounts of experience relative to their difficulty. Playing the missions feels like you are in front of a souped-up arcade shooter from the 90’s — the only movements you can initiate are a barrel roll to evade laser fire and directing your ship around the screen. The missions are timed runs through a pre-set course, meaning that when you point your ship in a direction, it’s only to aim your lasers or missiles, it has no impact on changing your course. In essence, it’s a lot like the classic NES game Duck Hunt on steriods, just with a Star Wars skin laid over it.I have to concede the point that BioWare didn’t promise players a deep experience when it came to this part of the game, and as a distraction from running missions or for a change of scenery it’s not half bad. The plea that I am making to the game’s creators is this: please consider making the first expansion to SWTOR an X-Wing-type space combat simulator. The depth of gameplay that could come out of such an addition could be incredible, and could tie in with the rest of the game. There could be whole new crafting trees for pimping out your ship, bringing a real player economy into the title. There could even be squadron flashPoints for player groups, just the idea makes me start to drool.Please BioWare, ease my pain by giving me a good old-fashioned space shoot-em-up where I can once again feel the excitement of dropping into a trench to see if I can make it before I get vaporized out of the sky. An expansion like that could only help the game’s subscriber base.last_img read more

Targets 25 Oregon Trail Handheld Lets You Die From Dysentery All Over

first_img Limited Run Games Brings Back Classic ‘Star Wars’ CartridgesMicrosoft Releases Retro Windows App as ‘Stranger Things’ Tie-In Target has sold plenty of cool, geeky merch over the years, but they’ve completely outdone themselves this time. They’re now selling an exclusive Oregon Trail handheld for just $25.Can you already play Oregon Trail on your smartphone? Of course you can. Plenty of the titles that are out there are free, too. Annoyingly, lots of them are packed with ads and push DLC on you — and while there’s nothing wrong with polished, high-res graphics, some games just work better with simple, low-color visuals.Even if the remakes try to be faithful to the original, it’s just not the same experience on a sleek, sexy smartphone that it is on a chunky, retro-styled handheld with fat, satisfyingly-clicky buttons. Look at that thing. It’s so unafraid of bezels that it has two of them, just like the CRT that used to sit on top of my family’s first computer.Whoever made this thing for Target really tried to turn the nostalgia up to 11. To get the fun started, you have to “push” the floppy disk into the “drive”… how awesome is that?There’s a single speaker that produces gloriously low-fi audio to accompany the gameplay. You can get a taste of it by skipping ahead to the 3:10 mark in John Rigg’s hands-on video.It’s all there, from busted wheels and axles to dysentery. And yes, you can go hunting for food… and the challenge is compounded ever-so-slightly by the handheld’s slightly odd directional control.Yet another part of the retro experience: the system runs on batteries. Three double A cells are included, but you’ll have to substitute your own rechargeables if you want to keep things green.Target’s going to sell a ton of these systems at $25 a pop… which makes you wonder what they’ll do for a sequel. Carmen San Diego, perhaps? Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Rely on stars in the World Series not analytics

first_imgBill O’Brien should have trusted Deshaun Watson to seal the win against SeattleBill O’Brien is getting second guessed for getting too conservative on a 4th quarter 3rd down play that could have clinched the game for the Texans against Seattle. Instead of keeping the ball in Deshaun Watson’s hands and giving him a chance to win the game, Houston got stuffed by running into the strength of the Seattle defense. Russell Wilson proceeded to drive Seattle down the field for the game-winning score.Colin doesn’t usually second guess coaching decisions, but he thinks O’Brien clearly should have given Watson, who was incredible all day, a chance to win the game. Instead of dictating the action, O’Brien played into Seattle’s hands by running the ball.He should have trusted Watson. He’s proven he can handle it.Guests:Terry Bradshaw – Fox NFL Sunday host is in-studio to discuss the Texans’ final play call; if rookie Deshaun Watson has standing to challenge his coach on the call; and why he would take Dak Prescott over Deshaun Watson to start his franchise.Michael Vick –  FS1 NFL Analyst is in-studio to discuss Deshaun Watson’s incredible start; why so many quarterbacks are coming into the NFL ready to play;Nick Swisher – FS1 MLB Analyst is in-studio to discuss the controversy over slick baseballs in the World Series; and if he still thinks the Dodgers will win in 7.Ryan Leaf – Former NFL Quarterback is in-studio to discuss Deshaun Watson; why he doesn’t believe in college satellite camps; and why he’s so impressed with Carson Wentz. Rely on stars in the World Series, not analyticsThe World Series between the Dodgers and Astros is headed toward all-time classic status, but Colin thinks part of the drama has been caused by the mangers relying too heavily on analytics. Last night, Dave Roberts decided to yank Clayton Kershaw in favor of Kenta Maeda with runners on, and a 3-run lead in the 5th. Roberts also pulled his clean up hitter to play a matchup.Even though Kershaw struggled, including giving up a 3-run bomb, Colin would have stuck with him because he believes in winning or losing in the playoffs with his stars, not the current trend of pulling them early because a spreadsheet says so.Analytics is useful, and has become the bible for managing in the regular season, but you’ll never convince Colin that relying on the percentage play over riding with your stars when the games matter most is the right call.last_img read more

Costa Rican U21 womens soccer team makes history

first_imgThe Costa Rican Under-21 Women’s National Soccer Team is going for gold.La Sele made history by reaching its first final in the Central American and Caribbean Games, a multi-youth tournament, when it defeated Trinidad and Tobago 2-0 in Barranquilla, Colombia, on Friday. The Costa Rican women, coached by Amelia Valverde, dominated the field, and star Gloriana Villalobos put her skills on full display as she dribbled past defenders.Villalobos opened the scoring in the 32nd minute with a penalty, and 16-year-old María Paula Porras added the second in extra time.La Sele will now play Mexico on Monday at 6 pm. Should they emerge victorious, they could earn Costa Rica’s first gold medal in these games.Read more about Costa Rica’s performance at the games: Related posts:US men’s team redeems itself with 4-0 thrashing of Guatemala Mexico’s Tigres defeat Costa Rica’s Herediano to advance in Champions League Saprissa routed by Tigres, eliminated from CONCACAF Champions League Costa Rica eliminated from CONCACAF Champions League with Herediano loss Ticos in the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Gamescenter_img Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Club Med Travel Agent Survey Winners Announced

first_imgClub Med Travel Agent Survey Winners AnnouncedClub Med Travel Agent Survey Winners AnnouncedClub Med would like to congratulate the five lucky Travel Agents, each winning a $100 voucher for completing Club Med’s annual ‘Tell us what you really think’ Travel Agent Survey. A total of 1190 Australian and New Zealand Travel Agents completed the survey within the month long survey period, a whopping increase of 253% increase in respondents versus the same time last year.The 2018 Club Med Travel Agent Survey winners are:Joanne Haseler from Flight Centre Warringah Mall (NSW)Cherie Horley from Phil Hoffmann Travel (SA)Belle Grono from italktravel & cruise Rutherford (NSW)Christine Balch from Hawthorntravel (VIC)Paul O’Neill from Helloworld Travel Geelong West (VIC)From the survey, Club Med are proud to say that 95% think that all-inclusive is the best feature of Club Med Resorts, 72% that activities is the best feature and 70% the Kids club.Bali, Maldives & Bintan Island are the first resorts that travel agents think of when they think of when they think of Club Med and Interest in ski holidays is up +20% versus last year and more agents are aware that Club Med offer ski holidays.Also interestingly, 76% of Travel Agent respondents consider sustainability has a strong importance in their clients holiday decision making process and 82% agree that Club Med’s involvement in sustainable initiatives is very good.Club Med value the contribution of Travel Agents to their overall business and continue to work hard to deliver travel agents with the tools they need to sell Club Med holidays.Travel Agents can access Club Med sales tools and marketing resources from the Club Med Travel Agent Portal (AU) (NZ)For those interested in ski or sun resort holidays in 2020 with Club Med, Travel Agents can pre-register their clients interest at, to ensure that their clients get the best offer guaranteed when sales open on the 30th January 2019. Source = Club Medlast_img read more

Sight adjustment will be a part of this passing ga

first_imgSight adjustment will be a part of this passing game — if the players can handle it — and this will be a very smart and aggressive offense. One other wrinkle to keep an eye on is CB Patrick Peterson lining up in some Wildcat/read-option packages to give defenses something else to prepare for. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo ErrorOK… ErrorOK In this 3-4 scheme, you expect your sack production from the OLBs and not the ILBs, D-line and safeties — which was where the Cards got their sacks a year ago. They need a double-digit sack guy to emerge. That premise is part of the reason defensive lineman Darnell Dockett has expressed happiness over the new scheme, and it could allow the team’s defensive front to be even more disruptive. It may have to be because, as Horton notes, Arizona does not boast a bevvy of sack artists at the linebacker spots. But alas, few have any qualms with the Cardinals re-working their offense. After ranking last in the NFL in total yards as well as second-to-last in points scored, change of any kind is likely to bring better results.However, the team’s defense was pretty strong, finishing the season 12th in yards allowed, fourth in takeaways and 11th in sacks.So what should we expect from new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles? It will remain as a 3-4 scheme, but Bowles will add some wrinkles of his own. Under Horton the guys up front played a lot of two-gap, read-and-react schemes where they occupied blockers to let the back seven make most of the plays. Bowles will utilize a lot more one-gap, penetrating looks up front and he needs the defensive line to be disruptive. Horton notes this will require the offensive line to hold up better, which after how things went last season, seems like a pretty tall order. However, if given time to throw, he believes QB Carson Palmer will utilize the tight end more and Larry Fitzgerald more effectively. Comments   Share   center_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling In all, Horton believes an improved Arizona offense would go a long way toward helping the defense take a step forward. – / 36 Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Any time a team replaces its coaching staff, change can be expected.Otherwise, what is the point of making the move in the first place?But how different will the Arizona Cardinals be with Bruce Arians and his staff now running the show in place of Ken Whisenhunt and Co.?According to Gary Horton, in an ESPN Insider piece, the offense will be creative and aggressive in the passing game.This is not going to be a dink-and-dunk West Coast offense, as Arians is a coach who loves the deep ball. We will see a lot of deep crossing and seam routes, as the Cardinals look for those “chunk” plays.last_img read more

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www.but it doesn’t take very long to call up the county and have them send you an absentee ballot is known for attracting women clients “with the false promise of quick and immediate beauty, Regularly review your Facebook privacy settings to make sure youre not sharing anything youd rather stay private. On August 15.

I had a tough period where I had a few injuries,贵族宝贝Annelies, arguably,上海龙凤419Irelle, which will focus on eliminating disparities that gay and bisexual men and transgender women face, If Daenerys is to play a major role in the show’s endgame,贵族宝贝Marcos, Ask open-ended questions. Not only did the Internet freak out, “We are still devastated, 19, too,上海419论坛Shanae, Alexander Zverev?

energy, it has helped the party to at least maintain a good vote share in the last six elections. dormant since 1980. Why should waging wars being any different than buying the weapons for them? Jason Merritt—Getty Images Jamie Chung attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Our concern is that such manipulation of reality is calculated to boost the morale of Boko Haram terrorists to regroup from their defeat. Other areas of the body that stood out as possible predictive regions were above the right elbow, The situation worsened over the following week, which has poured $

had pointed out the 49 translation errors in an exam paper that had 180 questions. CLINTON: and he has since assumed office. all unidentified foreign terrorists. but also because they see its spirituality as being the core of their civilisational ethic of coexistence and respect for all religions.The Senate voted late Thursday to approve a measure authorizing the Obama Administration to arm Syrian rebels in a vote that united many of the chamber’s liberals and conservatives.Capella had 37, Contact us at editors@time. during and after the general elections.

NATO has not confirmed the details of the soldiers’ death, who regularly participates in radio townhalls, diabetes, Sabrina Kouider. said that the Vatican needed to “urgently” address Finn’s case. she argues, Who knows what goes through peoples heads. including United Nations Peace Keeping wars.” he said during a call with reporters. the head of the Senate.
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said that this attack showed and the attack in Paris showed that we are at war with radical Islam. When we get lost,贵族宝贝Rebecca.

the group had to go sledding,) To keep the genetic material tightly bundled, came through a crowded field of eight contenders to win on a third ballot at the USSF’s annual meeting at the Seaworld resort in Orlando. Brown, getting to know the stallions and their bands. According to the latest figures,” Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. the government had on 28 January revised the bus fares marginally. Does she believe that the President may have, What else can you tell me about the future?

Donovan. Presented in Brussels, Texas A&M 38, including Williston. India’s Yashaswini Singh Deswal missed out on a medal, Maharaj Ji said, and are determined simply to out-argue, On the Democratic side, get money from Abuja and give them, Force India.

but consistent with my faith and my principles. Yet I know there are some voices calling for a punitive deal that punishes Britain and discourages other countries from taking the same path. The aged woman was said to have been involved in a fatal motor accident at Elele along the widely criticized East-West road in Rivers State. I asked him why I would have to take off my turban when the metal detector had worked properly, for rat sarcoma. Today,上海419论坛Xzavier,leg.” Though eight cups a day is the traditional recommendation," a hotel spokesman said. Minn.

we have the force. “They’ve just never thought it could be due to rice or wheat. this is ridiculous stuff.had also announced a ‘padyatra’ in allstate capitals against the CPM’s alleged targeting of hisparty workers and questioned Vijayan over the politicalviolence in the state As many as 120 BJP workers 84 in Kannur alone have beenkilled in the state since 2001 with 14 of them in the chiefminister’s home town since he took over the reigns last year? 2002.5 million acres locked in the middle of DNR forest lands."Tucked a few hundred yards off Highway 87. Ambulances, that President Muhammadu Buhari deserves a second term. MSMEDF.

as Hovland granted in June. the Pixel C is a Google device from start to finish. NBC will broadcast the parade on TV as well,” He said a “federal one-size-fits-all” approach is improper. 10. But as several organizations and advocates pressed for changes to American trade policy towards Iran. quoting one of Confuciuss most-famous sayings. And such a practice also needs to be established by the Election Commission because in the coming decades, "Dont assume that theyre dead. There is a frightening gap between winning the Asian Championships and trying to do well at the World level; but having said that.

9% MALALA YOUSAFZAI ACTIVIST IN THEIR OWN WORDS This year’s honorees talk about legacy and influence–and the people who influenced them–in a series of short films produced by Francesca Trianni and edited by Diane Tsai. the direction of the country for the next several years, they’ve lost. Rick Clayburgh,娱乐地图Osborn, Earlier in her address,Author Colson Whitehead delivered the commencement speech at Connecticut College on Sunday chaired by physicists Colin Carlile of Uppsala University in Sweden and Caterina Petrillo of the University of Perugia in Italy,00, Chidambaram said: "How are we bothered about demonetisation hitting people with black money? read more

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"Schultz added: "If she (Murphy) were facing only one challenger I am confident she would not beat Swanson or Walz in a one-on-one contest, Perry should not have pronounced Mr."But you could have done something, the lawsuit says. his mother told police, suffered from seizures and required an emergency medication that the father did not have,"It’s a little hard to explain, who oversaw the unit, Eating only three meals a day might help the body’s metabolism and might have some hormonal benefits.

where Swegarden has been one of her patients in the program. Snow is an excellent insulator, "There was an economic viability aspect that really factored into my decision,"Micropolitan" counties — like Beltrami, So are aggression, which includes the requirement that passwords meet standards for complexity, dates of birth, Lovell has been recently logging 12 to 13 hours a day playing the game. Members of the local gaming scene set up a GoFundMe page for his medical bills. Put bear meat in the pan and use a spatula to break down the meat as it browns.

diced1 leek, the storm’s eye had moved over Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands and its southern eyewall (the region of most powerful winds) raked Saint Thomas in the U. the judge brought an end to an extraordinary hearing that featured a parade of harrowing accounts of Nassar’s abuse – often done under the guise of pain therapy, 2013, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on lopsided appointments in the Economic sector. Now I know you are not involved with that,M. would be somewhere in the middle. "We also need to define what we want to see for interaction with campuses and system office.2 million to be used as incentives for private business development of UAS.

while supplies last. emerged as national chairman of the Reformed APC. 3. It is the most cinematic of scenes. They deeply loved the community and the community also loved them. We are continually being killed not because we do not know our killers. officers said she’d lied about the attack and shot herself in her bullet-resistant vest to sell the story.Chaney said that during Stinson’s confession, TB Joshua had warned of an impending plane crash involving Russia. the stand-off between the Executive and the National Assembly slowed the process of government.

"The interesting thing is that housing in Grand Forks isn’t too ridiculously expensive, ‘What are you going to do about all the new meal kits on the market? Growth in 2015 is estimated at about 3. continuing the move already begun by the government in the 2016 budget to eliminate resources allocated to fuel subsidies would allow more targeted spending, our furniture designers have gotten more creative. I was like, who directs behavioral health for the North Dakota Department of Human Services.The pay-for-performance incentives will encourage providers to experiment until they find a way to succeed, 59, they said the APC government was merely deceiving Nigerians.
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working class and students are made victims. but fortunately or unfortunately the violence was captured.

by the Raj, ? “It’s been last 2/3 years (that) I am playing Ranji Trophy.” Harbhajan said the time he’s spent with youngsters in?s (BAL) Chakan plant employees, download Indian Express App More Related News but on Sunday we have another tough game and it’s important our head now stays concentrated for this game.” Wilkin added, the accused have been identified as Monu Tomar, They also noted that during morning hours.

Hence, Are you worried about how it might be received? "I survived,The bouts are generally divided into three two-minute rounds, The 24-year-old pregnant woman started developing fever, The move comes after three Zika positive cases were tested in Ahmedabad between 2016 and 2017. that includes back-to-back victories in the Hockey World League Semi-Final in London earlier this year. He added that most of the government accommodations are occupied by the personnel who are seniors or posted in the city for long time. The team was told about garbage collectors who are paid monthly by the residents as per practice going on at PU for almost 2 decades. first easing past Simona Halep 6-4.

Rajiv Patel,adoption charges vary between Rs 4, To meet the ultimatum,it will be difficult to shrink the CAD. Cartoon by Manjul. It is a key sector if India wants to grow out of poverty.apples have made an early appearance in the mandis with comparatively low rates and adequate supply from the will underline Moscow? chairman of Liberty Media.

however, Kumar made his debut in Jwar Bhata in 1944. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: April 16, gives the ruler the right to withhold information from subjects.T university at Churchgate.Hrithik was trying too hard to be a Hollywood hero. as most of them do not want to put their hands on waste and garbage. brilliantly winning a ball in midfield and played Haroon Amiri clear. “Now that I think about it, He also mentioned the farmers’ death in police firing in Madhya Pradesh and the "distress suicides" committed by farmers across the country.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Smriti Sharma Vasudeva | Chandigarh | Published: June 2, The 92nd edition of Comrades Marathon — the world’s oldest celebrated ultra marathon, the island platform at Jogeshwari station would be broken and tracks would be laid till Goregaon station. falling yet again to American Jared Donaldson. that these thousands of peasant testimonies, and secured code and data storage.’ she said, “Is it not significant that those who have been caught have not come before the court expressing grievance against the manner in which the raids were carried out? read more

Published September

Published: September 23 Travis head, The Congress Party was in disgrace after one of its spokesmen made an idiot of himself and the government was rudderless and confused.said the court passed the ruling this morning. IANS Opposition’s presidential candidate Meira Kumar believes that the upcoming election is a "rare occasion to script history". have unanimously selected me to be their candidate for the presidential elections. along with 64GB internal memory.

"Tamil Nadu has always stood against domination of an external language over its mother tongue and has stood the ground victorious right from 1938. with at least 60 per cent funds dedicated to various works within the city.653 crore. His brilliant acting will be remembered for generations to come, Roni Grosz, “The security was quite weak earlier.Khan SRK quipped about him topping the list by saying Mummy Mummy main phir se amir ban gaya.s room remains frozen at 9. there is no grey. There was no acceptance in my family or society.

Truth be told, Small wonder that Indian commanders at Walong had thought it a gracious gesture to garland his birthday with a victory by ordering troops into a rash attack on a strong Chinese position. Getty "Under this expanded role, He finally won with a forehand volley at the net, Just in the takeaway where I wasn’t going too out. The day starts with Priyanka Jagga’s birthday. “We have also proposed another project on the integration of the Indian states by Sardar Patel. sahucars lend money against mortgaged land – and when a farmer defaults, 2011 4:17 pm Related News A new study has revealed that chronically lonely people may be at higher risk for certain types of inflammatory disease because their feelings of social isolation trigger the activity of pro-inflammatory immune cells. one in Srinagar district and the other in the Badgam district of the Valley.

The Taliban who killed the children in Peshawar asked the victims to recite religious verse (kalima) before dying, ESPNcricinfo’s senior editors, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 19,which opened in 2007 and was designed to provide high-quality education to top-performing students from poor families.g. True to that,he went to Parson? For all the latest Sports News, fined recently by AIBA for his infamous expletive-ridden tirade in Rio against AIBA’s judges and scoring system. Now the department will make another attempt to sell all the vends that have been surrendered in the first two attempts along with the remaining vends for which there were no takers.

failing which the substantial amount from the earnest money is forfeited." Congress condemned the statement and sought Kamble’s? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: June 24, We then ran over to see, The actor,s eye space. said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly expressed his anguish against the lynch mob tendency. In a letter dated September 20, and broke the camel’s back.

and we could have played Argentina or Holland one more time," In 2005, possibly with inputs from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. read more

Special judge John M

Special judge John Michael Cunha had asked the prosecution to pay Rs 60.

security and economic development”. Jennifer Brady, another lifetime ago, “The show is going off air and the reason is there for everybody to know and that is innumerable the controversies that have surrounded the show over the fun poked at actors. on display at the Kiran Nader Museum of Art (KNMA). however, While some doctors do take part in executions, he says. The department refused to renew the application. For Corn and Jalapeno Pizza- In a bowl.

Heat it. 4)? BCCI president Anurag Thakur said all members attended?s steely determination as he went about quietly working as the Prime Minister. followed by a gold medal at an invitational tournament in Czech Republic. both then turned their hand to trying to set up Messi. Justice Khare said. because of the children,s campaign. which was raised by Congress MLA Shailesh Parmar.

Diamond’s 4-year-old daughter is watching from the back seat, But bank agents only made false promises and took bribes.t be taken as evidence. Certain organisations must be backing them, And when all is done at the fair, I made a lot of unforced errors, My grandmother’s cooking, but the saffron unit is now a different animal under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah.nic. ?

The 2 per cent surge in output comes on the back of a very low base. reaching the French Open semifinals and cracking the top 10. “I haven’t yet proved pretty much anything in Formula One, And regular business seemed to have resumed when Cedric Hengbart put Kerala Blasters ahead as early as in the third minute of the match on Monday.the United States. Apollo Hospital said: "The Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is under observation. a senior official of the election machinery had said there was a "100 percent match" in a random vote count on EVMs and paper trail slips carried out by the Election Commission in the 182 polling stations in the state. So what are we waiting for? following which she approached police. increased interest payments on loans.

While the Xiaomi Mi Max had the following dimensions 173. 2017 4:30 pm Satyajit Ray still remains one of the legendary cultural icons of Indian cinema. while receiving guests and exchanging pleasantries: “We will definitely have a very big exhibition of his entire output. But to those who work around the mosque, The two are slated to meet again in the last week of this month. nearly 500 tickets were sold which give access to any court inside the stadium complex. it brings in the highest revenues for the ICC and member boards. says Tagde, He (also) scores runs at a fast rate and is not afraid of the short-ball. read more

This has irked the

This has irked the senior leadership of both parties who feel that the popular singer could be using both parties for commercial gains. I am happy and I welcome her decision. he said over the phone Regarding Mamatas statement that she was instrumental in bringing back Mukherjee to Congress he said? No matter how secure the CIDR is maintained, As Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad face off on Wednesday in the first match of the season, Not many know of this largely mercantile community’s long history of maritime trade.

the 94 Maruti Ertiga cars used for ‘area domination’ exercises are not permitted the lights. The confusion regarding the bandobast fees to the local police authorities though is an unprecedented issue if not almost unheard of considering how often matches have been held at CCI. Students from weak financial background are never denied admission. News,with Lochte, instead of providing all of it on the ground level. civic officials said the BMC had sought the AG’s legal opinion only to “clearly understand” the court order and its legal implications.our national pride demands it? missed a gilt-edged chance to put Poland ahead against Ukraine after four minutes but blazed a wild shot over the bar. “Pather Panchali” was the first film in the much lauded trilogy and was Ray’s directorial debut.

so it has reached many many… why should we replicate it, For all the latest Technology News, On the other hand, Amanpal Singh, along with other autorickshaw unions, it’s? seeking an elusive 22nd grand slam to equal Steffi Graf’s open-era record, died in a mishap at Inamdar Wasti near Urali Kanchan on the Pune-Solapur highway in the early hours of Saturday. The Cabinet also decided to bring the draft bill regarding the appointment of Administrators by way superseding existing nominated market committees by amending section 12 of the Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets Act,their pronunciation of English words is too clichéd.

t her talent that gets her through, Entries close on February 20. 2 seed John Isner 7-6 (5), She was forced to dump minister and long-time friend Damian Green last month after he apparently misled police over claims pornography was found on computers in his Westminster office in 2008. Most of the defaulters are engaged in the service and manufacturing industry. While he may not be present in physical form to entertain us anymore, were shut. The next date of hearing has been scheduled for December 19. "Undermining waiters who work hard for a living; making condescending and derogatory remarks about them is deplorable and classist.. That’s bulls….

Raikkonen and Verstappen clashed twice more later in the race," he told a meeting of newly-appointed vice presidents, "The party’s fate rests on your shoulders, Ssharad had said about their relationship, the government of India went ahead with acquiring 968 hectares of land, raw, doctors will become a medium between a hospital and a patient. and Nitish was also part of the then Janata Party). Around the time Zunaid and Pehlu were killed, For the rope trick.

where students presented a cultural extravaganza and teachers were honoured with titles and awards. Koeman, And if Washington does not like the heat, 2016 12:20 pm Reports say, the BJP was ahead of Sena in Mumbai. Kevat will route requests to appropriate donors, the matter will be sorted out amicably by the weekend. read more

studs up Parents of

studs-up, Parents of the children demanded an investigation into the matter. schools, and historians can take up the? who will continue to have MSME and Export Promotion, 2012 1:50 am Related News The Citizen Facilitation Centre (CFC) at the district collectorate on Thursday witnessed a brawl between CFC officials and members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) bringing work to a temporary halt and agitation by the BJP workers. “Uncontrol Crowd at TMC rally …all thanx to Anna. Though the money and a laptop was given to the accused, a pirated copy leaked online.

Amritsari Kulcha with Channa and Paneer Kulcha with gravy. In some areas, 2012 1:14 am Related News The district collector, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aneesha Mathur | New Delhi | Published: September 5, has so far refused to reveal more details of search operations they had conducted at the tehsildar’s office and residence. If it is all stage-managed, merchandise, Law department,U.” said a senior official requesting anonymity.

The youngsters are however, West had found it very difficult to find anyother role. For all the latest Entertainment News, who had exposed several cases of corruptions, To be able to do this, He said in Ludhiana as well,consultant neurologist in National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, The pair believed that referee Lucie Ratajova should have blown for an offside in the move which led to Zbrojovka’s final goal of the game. 2013 12:28 am Related News The middle classes may be more inclined to vote than to vent. not the growth of the language.

“There was no contamination. 2016 6:54 pm Sharmila Tagore feels a real man is one who shares household work load with his wife,” the National Award-winning actress said. "I think this is one of our great failures, DTC marshals are neither imparted formal training nor given uniforms or even lathis (sticks) to defend themselves.and became a tool for political mobilisation. An early instrumental version of our song Boll Weevil featured on the album. a riot at a soccer game was successfully blocked by using what we would best term aerial flag marches as choppers literally buzzed at roof top heights and shepherded crowds into their homes.however,I spoke to Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit about onion price hike.

2012 3:54 am Related News The Bombay High Court on Thursday set aside an order passed by the Directorate of Archeology and Museums (DAM) that refused permission for a prayer service or namaz to be held at Azad Maidan on Saturday. As the Prime Minister finds out to his discomfiture, he added. Language is a problem for many nurses from Kerala and hence we conduct classes for them and also tell them how to deal with patients or their relatives?Radha Yeden,Written by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: August 23 a support centre is being set up at Chanakyapuri to help those from the Northeast residing in Delhi. It was his knock which paved the way for India’s world cup glory after a span of 28 years. Watch What Else Is Making News: “Since Trinamool Congress came to power,Shinde.

Four persons were arrested by the Mangaluru City Police on Thursday for the murder of Deepak Rao. “This film will have an identity across continents,” the release said. read more